“Pocket Monsters”


The name Pokémon comes from Pocket Monsters

“There is something that has captured the minds of every child. It started as a cartoon, went to a comic book, collectible card games. It’s called Pokemon. It stands for Pocket Monsters. When this creature first came out it was called hypo. This is an interesting character: Mewtwo. Mewtew looks like an alien and when i looked at the eyes, it kinda looked like thing we used to pray to inside that circle. He’s in this pose and has 3 fingers win the left hand (Satanic side). If they were the 3 on us, they’ll be the devil horns. It’s the Satanic salute all Satanists identify themselves with. Pikachu’s tail is the lightning bolt which is the Satanic S. Pokemon trading cards are distributed by Wizards of the Coast. What is a wizard? Male practicer of black magick. The same company that made the best selling game: Magic: the Gathering. Magic: the Gathering is a heavily occult laced trading card game that has been very popular in the 90s. Inside the pokemon ball, you catch the monster and harness the power in the thing. We’re told that these pocket monsters inhabit the world with humans. They can evolve into bigger creatures. The object of this game is “Gotta Catch Them All.” And if you catch them all, you become a pokemon master. If you are the master of something, you can become a god. It’s designed to do that. The main character Ash is described as wanting to become a pokemon master. We’re told that these beings also have supernatural abilities. They get their energies by energy balls which have the all seeing eye, lightning bolt, symbol for anarchy, witchcraft symbol. There is war going on for children cause Satan wants them bad. Got to catch them all? Who do you think feels that way? it’s the enemy. Got to put these monsters in their head. I believe that the energy balls mean that the pokemon get their power by supernatural occult ability. What made that even more evident was two cards. Abra-cadabra. He has a Satanic pentagram on his forehead and SSS across his chest which stands for Satan’s solemn servant. Cadabra also gives the Satanic salute with its left hand. What is the magic behind the whole Pokemon?” – Former Satanic High Priest Stephen Dollins

a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves. synonyms: lord, overlord, lord and master, ruler, sovereign

Japanese cartoon (Pocket Monsters) triggers seizures in hundreds of children: “The show, based on characters from Nintendo’s popular “Pocket Monsters” video game, is Japan’s most highly-rated program in its 6:30 p.m. time slot. Tuesday’s episode, “Computer Warrior Porigon,” features characters fighting each other inside a computer.TV Tokyo declined to comment on what part of the cartoon caused the seizures, but most of the children developed the symptoms about 20 minutes into the program.  News reports blamed a scene in the cartoon that followed by five seconds of flashing red light in the eyes of “Pikachu,” a rat-like creature that is the show’s most popular character. This show is witchcraft.

TV Cartoon’s Flashes Send 700 Japanese Into Seizures: “Television Tokyo announced Wednesday that it will investigate the problem and said it would cancel other broadcasts of this episode of the program, which is nicknamed “Pokemon.’‘”

Pokemon Go Direct Link to CIA

Pokemon Illuminati Symbolism Exposed

Wizards of the Coast was responsible for translating and distributing Pokémon trading cards

Pokemon: Occult Agenda

 "Gotta catch em’ all”: “Wicca, or Witchcraft is popular and a fast growing religion throughout the world today. symbols and signs used in magic. (Runes.) Like Witchcraft, and sorcery Pokémon trainers must go through training and ritual type actions to become ’Master Trainers’, become powerful in the ‘craft’ with the ability to control the Pokémon and their powers. participating in magic means demanding that a spiritual force, spirits will do ones bidding. Ash summons the Pokémon from the ball. Pagans use nature powers and demonic spirits, shamans use animal spirits. In the Pokémon game trainers summon one of their Pokémon to battle other monsters and they use them as guardians. In Wicca, guardians spirits are called by them to protect them from (other) ‘evil’ spirits as they during rituals stay in the ‘safe’ area circle, the pentagram, The similarity is the Pokémon monsters are held safe in a Pokeball until the trainer summons them and they use natures powers. ”

Pokemon Witchcraft in your Pocket

Pokemon Truth

Pokemon song Reversed: “Gotta Catch em all=I love Satan

Pokemon Go – The Devil’s Agenda 

Pokemon Backwards Message

Pokemon Monsters

Ex Satanist speaks out on Pokemon

Pokemon: Symbolism, Conjuring Illuminati Monsters and Pokemon Go


Satanic SSS – Satan’s Solemn Servant


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Harry Potter



“ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8 

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