The wheels fall off Ted Gunderson’s credibility

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Stew Webb

By Stew Webb and Al Martinraw updated Oct 29. 2002

Stew Webb says: Beware: Ted Gunderson is dangerous.. he supplied Osama bin Laden with stolen Stinger Missiles, and other weapons taken from China Lakes Naval Facility in California, in exchange for narcotics imported into the United States during the 1980’s. 

I had stayed at Ted Gunderson’s home for nine months, and he would speak of his activities while drinking vodka.

Art Bell
Nationally known radio talk show host Art Bell filed suit against Gunderson, after he called Bell a child molester on a Radio talk show, Bell won the lawsuit and collected a ton of money from Gunderson’s insurance. 

1. Ted L. Gunderson was an ex FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge Los Angeles, and was forced into early retirement for performing satanic ceremonies in his FBI offices 1979. 

He has publicly stated he is the only ex FBI agent to be kicked out of the FBI retired agent’s alumni, in his early years at the FBI he was a Cointelpro agent. 

As well he was FBI Bureau Chief in Dallas Texas when the assassination of President John Kennedy took place, in the Memphis Tennessee FBI Bureau when Martin Luther King was slain, and in the Los Angeles FBI Bureau when Senator Robert Kennedy was murdered!  

The FBI Cointelpro program was initiated in 1956, its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities” of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed. 

Tactics included: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged letters designed to promote strife between groups, initiating politically motivated IRS investigations, carrying out burglaries of offices and unlawful wiretaps, and disseminating to other government agencies and to the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and groups.

2. In 1998 Ted L. Gunderson married the widow of Anton Lavey, Diana Rivalry, the founder of the Church of Satan in America, she kicked him out after two weeks because he could not perform in bed, the marriage was annulled in 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada.

3. In Feb 2000 Ted Gunderson was caught stealing $150,000.00 from the trust of Mary Schiebe of Las Vegas, Nevada, to keep from going to jail Gunderson agreed to a plea bargain to allow the repayment to the trust of $1,500.00 per month from his early FBI retirement of $ 62,000.00 per year.. he continues to con more little old ladies out of their life’s savings to this day, his high level associates keep him out of jail.

4. According to two retired LAPD detectives, Gunderson was in charge of the Southern California FBI from 1977-1979, whence he protected the George Bush Sr. CIA narcotics for weapons smuggling operation that was hauling Narcotics in from Costa Rica, and transporting weapons out of the docks in Santa Monica, CA., where Gunderson’s daughter Laurie Hern lives, and where he stays for months at a time.

The Detectives further state that young girls from southern California, were being kidnapped and put onto the smuggler’s vessels then sent to Costa Rica, to be used as sex slaves.

Gunderson’s role while he was in charge of the LA FBI, was to protect these kidnappers and drug for weapons smugglers, the Costa Rica end was managed by Carl Lindner, of the United Fruit Company. Costa Rica still has outstanding indictments and arrest warrants for Oliver North, George Bush Sr., Carl Lindner, Assistant US Attorney William Richard Scruggs, and many others for their drug for weapons smuggling. 

Other Gunderson ties are to General John Singlaub, who had offices across from Charles Keating – Lincoln Savings and Walter Bush Securities.. See: Affidavit by: Former LAPD Detective Below
5. After Gunderson’s early forced early retirement from the FBI, he began working for George Bush Sr. full time, dealing drugs and guns with Ollie North and General Singlaub, to Afghan rebels, Costa Rica and had involvement with the Iran/Contra affair, and many other Illegal CIA drugs and guns operations. He was partners with Michael Reconishuto, now in jail, Raymond Lavis NSA, now hiding out in Canada, who were stealing stinger missiles from the China Lakes Naval Facility in California.

Danny Casolaro

They were further involved in espionage involving the Government of Canada, by sliding the Inslaw software into the Canadian National Security Computers.. read Kelly O’Mear The Inslaw Affair.. 

Their base of operations was the Capison Indiana Reservation in Indio California, ABC Reporter Danny Casolaro, got killed over Inslaw and his book The Octopus, Gunderson said he spoke with Casolaro prior to his death.

6. In the mid 1980’s Gunderson was caught selling property, and robbing the bank accounts belonging to a nurse with whom he worked with on the McMartin preschool case, she had developed cancer and was sent to a clinic in Mexico owned by an associate of Gunderson, which gave laetrile treatments at $5,000.00 a time. 
Steve McQueen
She died in Mexico, and her body remained there after her death, Gunderson was caught when he tried to sell her house, he did a plea bargain with LA DA’s office to keep out of jail ..another patient at the Mexican clinic was the actor Steve McQueen, who was conned out of $50,000.00 before his death! 

Gunderson was affiliated with Kroll & Associates, later to achieve notoriety as a lynch pin in the false flag 911 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, September 11 2001! 

J Edgar Hoover 

7. Ted L. Gunderson claims he investigates Satanism and Child Kidnapping, this is a front to identify those victims of MK Ultra, to identify and eliminate those who know too much. 

Gunderson works with George Pender who ran Operation Brownstone, the Blackmail of Congressman and Senators using children as sex slaves in Washing DC. 1980-1990.

Pender and CIA man Clint Murchison had direct ties to closet homosexual J Edgar Hoover, Gunderson brags he was one of the last Hoover boy‘s. 

See the book “The Last Circle” by: Carol Marshall, she interviewed Gunderson and found out about his involvement with Michael Reconishuto and Ray Lavis, both from the CIA, she says Gunderson’s apartment full of children’s toys, after CIA Clint Murchison died, Gunderson lived in his house for over a year, while he had a radio program on WWCR Shortwave, from Dallas, Texas. 

Anna May Newman who was a house maid to CIA Clint Murchison, now lives with Ted Gunderson in Las Vegas, and pays his rent out of her Social Security, she loaned Ted Gunderson her $ 68,000.00 retirement. 

Gunderson told her he had a client, like her has other little old ladies.. who was paying him $100,000.00, and that he had breaking news on kidnapped kids and needed the money now. 

Rene a woman who paid Gunderson $10,000, suddenly found herself in jail, in Feb 2001 she wanted to go on Radio and tell everyone who Gunderson was, she died three weeks later! 
Gunderson helped destroy evidence and cover up the Nebraska Franklin Savings case.. the Boy’s Town Orphanage at Omaha Nebraska was by no means the only where children came from that were taken to the White House, they sent in Ted Gunderson to destroy evidence, to identify victims, so they could be either killed or jailed? 

Black Panthers

8. Ted L. Gunderson admitted that he broke up the , he said that he sent love letters that turned Panthers on each other, that resulted in the murder of one Panther, making him a conspirator in murder as a FBI agent in 1970. 

I talked to Bobby Seals the Panther at length about this, and have copies of those letters, a Senate investigation of Ted Gunderson resulted, for violating these American’s Constitutional Rights.
The FBI was sanctioned by the Senate 1971-1972, the Gov. settled with members Seals and others for $3 1/2 Million, because the FBI-Gunderson team tried to frame three of them for this murder, they were not involved with. Ted L. Gunderson should have been prosecuted for murder.
9. Gunderson tried to frame Stew Webb on false burglary charges, a form of assault in Nevada, to extort documents, so Ted could be paid for Perjured testimony in the Murder of two innocent men by convicted killer Tom Gaule of Las Vegas. 
Gaule is on the streets on probation even though he was convicted of murder, as a result of Gunderson’s lies under oath, to get paid $ 200,000 promised by this killer from his mother’s trust, who the Public Administrator in Las Vegas controls.
Gunderson and Gaule wanted documents I had access to for $4,000 that proved the Public Admin had problems in the past. I believe they intended to use these documents to extort the Admin, out of the control of the trust, so Gunderson could get paid. Gunderson put this killer on the streets for $600 cash and a promise of $200,000.
Without a Nevada P.I. License, I was first accused of assault upon this killer.. charges dropped in August 2000, then I was accused of theft from Ted Gunderson, a swat team stormed into where I was living, and tore the house apart, they left after five hours, then brought Gunderson there to search for boxes he claimed I took from him. I never stole anything in my life.. the police cleared me of this and left.

Sept 2000, the day after the swat raid, I received a threat by phone from Ted Gunderson, he was going ballistic that I had been on a radio program and told everyone what Gunderson had done to me. Gunderson said to me.. “you will not out think me”. 

I have made several copies of this threat, I will be happy to play it on any radio program, after the threat I filed a restraining order against Ted Gunderson, Tom Gaule and Anna May Newman in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2000.
In October 2000, an attempt upon my life occurred, I cannot discuss the details at this time to protect the witness, however it was ordered by Gunderson. 
November 1, 2000 I was arrested for supposedly burglary of Ted Gunderson, and charges were filed by the convicted killer Tom Gaule, because this is how they both were playing this game, of extortion on me. I took a lie detector and had witness, I never did anything wrong.
The prosecutors knew this and ask the Judge to dismiss the case, leaving liability on Las Vegas and Gunderson Gaule.. November 7, 2001 the phony burglary charges were dismissed by Las Vegas Prosecutors, Judge Mosley dismissed the charges with prejudice.
NOTE: The attached Affidavit by Colleen Lloyd a Investigative Journalist: In support of myself Stew Webb, that she witnesses perjury by Ted Gunderson, and convicted killer Thomas Gaule, in Court in Las Vegas, Nevada pertaining to these false charges of burglary. 

The police and the District Attorneys refused to take statements and charges from me Stew Webb, because Gunderson works for the Government and is protected from prosecution. I have been falsely arrested over thirty times to silence me, my track record of exposing The Bush Crime Family is impeccable.
Ted Gunderson plagiarizes news paper articles then puts in the disinformation, an example his OK City Bombing Report, the only truth was the seismograph two explosions, and the Cary Gagan immunity paper I gave Ted Gunderson, which tied the Iranian or Iraq terrorists to the bombing, which was released to the media by myself in early 1996, so it was already out there. 

Ted Gunderson’s Illegal Capison Indian Reservation co conspirator partner Michael Reconishuto is in jail for manufacturing meth, and Michael is a witness against Gunderson, because they were partners. is Gunderson’s dump site, Mike Blair of the old Spotlight Newspaper publishes Ted Gunderson disinformation.

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