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Most of us know O’Shea Jackson as either the controversial rapper or the Hollywood actor. O’Shea’s stage name is Ice Cube and he built his musical career on what has been termed gangsta rap. In fact, on several occasions Ice has even taken credit for creating the notorious form of rap music. However that claim, like much Ice has rapped about in his 20-plus-year career, just isn’t true.

According to his biography, he graduated from high school in Woodland Hills California, the same school rapper Everlast (House of Pain), actress Dana Plato (Diff’rent Strokes) and actor Jason Bateman (Silver Spoons) also attended. From his San Fernando Valley high school, Ice went on to briefly attend college in Phoenix. After that, since 1987, his life has been one large act all at the expense of his audience, who naively takes what he says as gospel. All the while, he laughs his way to the bank while denying any accountability for his dangerous music. Does his music teach young people to stay in school? No, as you will see, this former child star has an agenda that is far beyond that.

Gangsta Fairytale

When Ice Cube became a member of N.W.A. (N!ggaz Wit Attitudes), he was the primary writer. What is problematic with Ice Cube’s writing is that N.W.A.’s rap focused on what 50 Cent would call “the harsh realities” of an environment and lifestyle that Ice Cube hasn’t lived. Since his teenage years, he has been earning a living as a musician in a very successful career. Yet, to this day he still features himself pictured with a gun on his 2010 I Am the West album cover while wearing clothing (Dickie suit and Chuck Taylors) that has been traditionally seen as gang wear. Not only is the 40-plus-year-old man out of touch with today’s fashion, but also he’s out of touch with reality. Just as West Coast artist Crooked I has recently said in a BET interview:

The consumer, they really love the West Coast of yesterday, and I ain’t mad at that, but it’s a new day on the West. It’s not all about the ’64 Impalas with hydraulics and the khaki suits and Chuck Taylors. There’s a brand-new energy, there’s a brand-new swagger.

I don’t know if Crooked I was taking a subliminal shot at Ice Cube or not. However, this “West Coast of yesterday” is exactly the false type of image that Ice Cube continues to push, which in turns keeps newer artists with fresh swagger out.

Ice Cube’s lyrics that untruthfully paint a picture of past hardships could perhaps be forgiven if he used his position to help support up-and-coming artists on the West Coast who have endured real struggles. However, Ice Cube has failed to do so, and New West artists such as Jay Rock and Glasses Malone have called him out on not doing enough to support West Coast rappers. Just as is the case with many older rappers, Ice thinks he’s exempt from any form of criticism since he “helped paved the way.” Despite his lack of support for new artists, he has hypocritically dissed West Coast radio for not showing support for his new works. If he had stood with artists who went after the radio stations in the past, maybe things would be different today. Although Cube claims to be the West, he hasn’t shown any leadership skills that come along with making such an outrageous statement.

Cube’s gangsta fairytale, which portrays himself as an original gangster, ex-convict, and gangbanger, never ends. The roots of the fantasy trace back to his role of Doughboy in 1991’s Boyz n the Hood, in which he found his calling. The idea that Ice may psychologically be trapped in the role of Doughboy shouldn’t be dismissed very easily. The late rapper/actor Tupac Shakur was also said to have adopted a persona in his music that he discovered in a movie, playing the role of Bishop, a thug-like character in Juice. Whether this is true of 2Pac is debated in hip hop circles, but what is not debated is that Cube’s portrayal of himself in his music is entirely fictional.

Unlike Cube, Jay Rock actually has real street experience. This is probably why Ice Cube was afraid of Jay performing at the Paid Dues Festival with him as confirmed by the show organizer, Murs. Since Jay was absent at the festival due to Ice Cube’s fear, Cube decided he was safe in talking about Jay while on stage. What else would you expect from a 40-year-old man with millions of dollars in his bank account who comes from a two-parent household and some college experience? Certainly not what he raps about! Cube wouldn’t jeopardize his fame and money by doing anything other than playing the 20-year-old Ice Cube “gangster” role. In a sense, Jay Rock was blackballed due to Ice Cube. The criticism New West artists level at Cube is absolutely correct.

Murs Explains Jay Rock Ban at Paid Dues Festival

Like Father, Like Sons

Even though Cube claims to be the West, many newcomers to the West Coast hip hop scene have accused Cube of not doing enough for the up-and-coming generation. What’s sad is not only are the allegations true, but also most of the artists who need the boost from a powerful figure like Cube actually look up to him.

But unless you are one of his children, you probably won’t get much help from Cube. OMG (Oh My Gosh) and Doughboy are Ice Cube’s rapping teenage sons. The song “She Couldn’t Make It on Her Own” features Ice Cube along with his sons. What would you expect for this multi-millionaire to rap about with his two teenage children? Well, pimpin’ of course! Just as Ice Cube’s music has been misogynistic and violent his entire career, his kids are following in his footsteps. Doughboy raps: “I keep a bad b***h with a fat derriere/and you know that h@e fresher than a new pair.” Meanwhile OMG and Cube continue with the foolishness on similar verses. The hook goes: “She had to get a pimp, she couldn’t make it on her own.” Is it fair to say that Ice doesn’t have any daughters and doesn’t respect women?

Although Cube has been married for sometime, he loves to talk about b***hes the same way he did back in the late ’80s when he was a teenager. He recently dedicated “Nothing Like LA” to his wife, whom he says has been down since 1989. She must be so proud of the way her husband has her boys following in the family business.

With all due respect, Cube’s sons aren’t anything special in today’s music climate. Even though their dad is a bigshot in the music industry, they still haven’t done anything major, which should tell you something.

Music of Death

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ice Cube—”Featuring Ice Cube”Ice Cube—”Kill at Will”Ice Cube—”Greatest Hits”Ice Cube—”Lethal Injection”Ice Cube—”I Am the West”
Ice Cube—”Featuring Ice Cube”
Ice Cube—”Featuring Ice Cube”
If Cube isn’t talking about b***hes or h@es, he’s talking about violence and death. Nearly every album cover he’s come out with has some reference to death it in. His albums include not only symbols for death, but also the single eye commonly associated with Freemasonry and the Illuminati. At least eight of his album covers show him depicted with one eye. Some of you may think that this is a coincidence and that he isn’t attempting to associate himself with the Illuminati, but when you study the subject, you will soon see how many artists send the same message with obvious or subliminal all-seeing eye symbolism.

His first EP, Kill at Will, pictured him handing you a gun—the title speaks for itself. The next one, Death Certificate, shows Uncle Sam dead, covered in a sheet; again, the album title speaks for itself. Next was The Predator, where Ice is smoking a pipe with a skull on it. From Straight Outta Compton to I Am the West, Ice has utilized death in his artwork. Smoking, guns, skulls, and needles are all indications of the type of material his albums contain. Some common themes of his discography are racism, misogyny, murder, and profanity.

I could go on all day showing you from his lyrics that Ice isn’t someone to look up to. Even the few rare moments when he tries to educate his listeners aren’t enough to counter the negativity that he has already promoted. Since his reputation precedes him, I won’t spend much time on his lyrics.

Doin’ my own (own) thing (thing).
And if you got a problem with that,
Then the nina go bang (bang) bang (bang).
And I be everywhere on the map, but
I rep that West.
— Ice Cube in “I Rep That West”
Burn, Hollywood, Burn

O’Shea has made songs bashing Koreans, whites, Christians, and Jewish people as well as his own people. To this day he has never apologized and even continues to spread his hostility. Ice Cube is a hateful man to whom many people still continue to look as some example for black power.

However, it would be a stretch to believe that Ice Cube’s prejudiced rhetoric stems from a philosophy of black power. His very presence in Hollywood and in the music industry cries the exact opposite. The same Jewish people he has called out, the same white women he hates, and the same African Americans he has bashed are some of the very people who employ him, star with him, and write his scripts. Ice Cube is not only a fake gangster but he’s also a fake revolutionary. Some like to cheer him on as he talks about “the man” in his music but fail to realize that not only is he a part of the system, but also to a large degree he is the system. Who is the top rapper in Hollywood if not Ice Cube? Ice has risen to the top of the music and film industries, which have not yet changed to embrace true equality. The only way he could succeed in them is if he compromised in order to fit in. If Ice was any threat to the status quo, he would be blacklisted and put on the shelf just as others have been in the past.

Even though he rarely puts his own views up for public scrutiny, he has no problem with ridiculing others. For example, anyone who thinks “We are all praying to the same God” should take note of how Cube has portrayed everyone who doesn’t practice Islam. A prime example is Friday, a film written by Ice Cube that included a corrupt, adulterous, weed-smoking preacher played by Berrnie Mac. Just imagine his outrage if an Islamic Imam were shown in such a light!

Radical Islam and the Nation of Islam

Ice Cube has promoted the Nation of Islam beginning on his 1991 album, Death Certificate.

Please note that the Nation of Islam teaches that the white man is devil; this separates it from most schools of Islam. When Ice Cube speaks about devils in his music or as he did in the video clip, he’s talking about whites. Even with all of his talk he still went on to do a couple of commercials for St. Ides beer, part of a company with no African American leadership! I guess this is his idea of Black Power.

What’s amazing to me is that it’s common knowledge that African Americans don’t own the music or movie industry. He can’t have it both ways by hating and advocating separatism while at the same time working hand-in-hand with those he says are the oppressors. Although the clip below is some years old, Ice still continues to profess views in his music that are completely opposed to those he lives by.

Ice Cube Speaking at Nation of Islam Function

But since Allah is apparently working with New Age minister Ice Cube, it’s important to see what he is ministering to the youth.

Message to the Youth

Since the early ’90s, Cube has infused gangster rap stories with the teachings of the Nation of Islam in order to indoctrinate the youth. Some of their views have included anti-Semitic rhetoric, the belief that Wallace Fard Muhammad, the religion’s founder, is the Savior, as well as some nutty UFO teachings. This alone should tell the reader that Ice Cube’s music is beyond something that could be brushed off as simple entertainment. Here is Khalid Muhammad’s intro to the song “Cave B***h,” to which we will go back to later in this article:

Give me a black goddess sister I can’t resist her. No stringy-haired, blonde hair, blue-eyed, pale-skinned buttermilk complexion. Grafted, recessive, depressin’, ironing board backside straight up and straight down. No frills, no thrills, Miss Six O’clock, subject to have the itch, mutanoid, caucazoid, white cave b***h…

Now That We Know Who the Devil Is

Ice Cube Disses

Here are the top five Ice Cube disses in no particular order.

1) Monster Kody Scott Disses Ice Cube

Former Eight Tray Gangster Crip Sanyika Shakur, aka Monster Kody Scott, has spoken out about Ice Cube’s fake image harmfully leading people to think that being a gangster is an easy life.


2) Tupac Disses Ice Cube

Here is the late Tupac Shakur shortly before his death discussing Ice Cube’s fakeness.

3) Shorty disses Ice Cube

Here Shorty, one of the former members of Cube’s Lench Mob crew, disses him in a song titled :Fake Azz Gangsta.” Ice being a fake gangsta seems to be the reoccurring theme here. That and the fact that he falls out with so many people close to him, as you will see.

4) DJ Pooh and Kam Diss Ice Cube

Like Shorty, Kam and Pooh are also former Da Lench Mob members. Like everyone else, Kam speaks on Cube being a fake gangster. In it you can hear Kam say that Ice Cube’s wife wears the pants in the house. This is relevant because Ice Cube was once part of a rap group called Westside Connection, made up of him, WC, and Mack 10. Since the group has gone separate ways, Mack 10 has said that the reason they broke up was due to an incident he had with Ice Cube’s brother-in-law. From what Mack says, Ice Cube’s wife played a major role in the group’s breaking up due to Mack 10 and her brother having problems.

5) Common Disses Ice Cube

Even Common has called Ice Cube a hypocrite in his song “The B**** in Yoo.” The entire song breaks Cube down, calling in St Ides and Cube’s Muslim posturing as examples of his fakeness.

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that Ice Cube’s time is up in music. This was evident when his last album was outsold by Waka Flaka Flame. This new generation doesn’t want to see 40-year-old men wearing Dickies and Chuck Taylors and telling gangsta fairy tales. Neither do his past fans because they have all grown up and are trying to raise their children not to be like what Ice promotes in his lyrics.

Some of what he was saying in the past was true and relevant to a certain segment of the community. However, the overall message and image that he likes to portray is harmful. His role as the primary writer for N.W.A. almost single-handedly made terms such as b***hes and n!ggas popular and acceptable to the youth. He must be held accountable, and we can’t continue to view people who make money at our expense as “making it” any longer. Just because in his films he, as a black man, may be the writer or leading actor or he may bring onboard a black director doesn’t mean that the way we are portrayed or the overall system isn’t exploitive. His music has steadily gone downhill and it’s time for him to apologize to the past generation and retire. Stop buying his music, stop going to his shows, and stop supporting his movies. It’s over for this guy!

F@ck You, Ice Cube

Should Ice Cube Go Away?

Yes of course. After he says he’s sorry to us.
No, not before offering an apology.

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RappersExposed 5 years ago Author

I have updated the article with another clip of Shakur speaking on Ice Cube as well as several Ice Cube St. Ides Malt liquor ads. I have seen this article posted several places and I’m quite surprised by the response. Please continue to post this, tweet it and like it on Facebook etc.

To all of those Ice Cube fans out there whining and picking and choosing parts of the article, you need to wake up! These facts can’t be refuted. It’s not about Ice going to college, or how well he raps, or freedom of speech. Those excuses I have seen in regards to this article fail to look at the bigger picture just like Ice Cube’s music!

Also, I never said that Crooked I was dissing Ice Cube you Crooked I fans! But you have to admit his comments could easily apply to Ice Cube.

Anonymous 5 years ago

Great article.

H2o0 5 years ago

You destroyed ice cube with this!

diamond 5 years ago

lol, u feel like u acchieved somethin by spendin 3 hours on writin an article that didn’t prove anythin?

speculatin/gossipin ass geek.. hahaha

Wayne 5 years ago

Cube never claimed to be a gangsta

RappersExposed 5 years ago Author

Your comment has to be approved before it shows up. Why would I care if it’s seen? None of you can show anything that isn’t true from my article. You are just Cube fans and you don’t like it, that’s all.

Knuckz 5 years ago

Cube claimed to be a gangsta. Waka Flocka’s sales have nothing to do with Cube’s status. Ice T and Cube are still friends. Shorty is wack!! And Pac dissed everyone so what’s your point? And Pac (may he RIP) was one of the biggest hypocrites in hip hop. He wasn’t even from Cali. Why is it whenever a black man reaches a certain level, crabs always try to discredit them? Jay Z , Diddy and Cube are all victims of the crabs. Guess what? Hate all you want, not many of todays artists can achieve their level of success.

dru 5 years ago

Your article is pretty bad. All your supposed exposures are things that are already known about Cube, most of which he himself has said in interviews. Its known his parents sent him to a nice school. Its known he attended college briefly. You can read this in any article on the history of N.W.A because that’s the reason they added MC Ren. He’s never claimed to have invented gangsta rap, in fact there are interviews where he gives credit to KRS One and Kool G Rap for coming before him:

There’s many other such examples of misinformation in your article.

Also I just had to laugh at you including diss songs by artists he beefed with. Beefing is a huge part of Cube’s legacy as a great rapper. It’s pretty foolish to be using that as part of your argument, especially considering most of those artists respect Cube, despite their brief feuds.

The one part of your argument that holds any weight is when you discuss the negative affects of his music and the racist tone of some of his lyrics. Unfortunately this same thing has been said countless times all throughout Cube’s long career by hundreds of people. It’s a stale and old argument which you didn’t add anything new to. So your article accomplishes nothing. You didn’t expose anything about Cube, made some stuff up, and rehashed old arguments from the 90s by rap’s critics.

I’m going to end this by saying there are many ways of writing a really scathing and affective article against Ice Cube. He’s not a very hard target and there are many things you could say about him. But your article is very shoddily written and contains many fabrications. How are people supposed to be convinced when you’re saying things that aren’t true? I suggest you learn the skill of writing a good persuasive essay. In particular work on doing your research, making sure the complaints you have are valid, and try to anticipate counter arguments. Because right now you just come off as a kid who is mad that Cube talked about the New West.

savg 5 years ago

HA! this guy drew ethered your article.

RappersExposed 5 years ago Author

“Your article is pretty bad. All your supposed exposures are things that are already known about Cube, most of which he himself has said in interviews. Its known his parents sent him to a nice school. Its known he attended college briefly. You can read this in any article on the history of N.W.A because that’s the reason they added MC Ren. He’s never claimed to have invented gangsta rap, in fact there are interviews where he gives credit to KRS One and Kool G Rap for coming before him:

There’s many other such examples of misinformation in your article.

Also I just had to laugh at you including diss songs by artists he beefed with. Beefing is a huge part of Cube’s legacy as a great rapper. It’s pretty foolish to be using that as part of your argument, especially considering most of those artists respect Cube, despite their brief feuds.

The one part of your argument that holds any weight is when you discuss the negative affects of his music and the racist tone of some of his lyrics. Unfortunately this same thing has been said countless times all throughout Cube’s long career by hundreds of people. It’s a stale and old argument which you didn’t add anything new to. So your article accomplishes nothing. You didn’t expose anything about Cube, made some stuff up, and rehashed old arguments from the 90s by rap’s critics.

I’m going to end this by saying there are many ways of writing a really scathing and affective article against Ice Cube. He’s not a very hard target and there are many things you could say about him. But your article is very shoddily written and contains many fabrications. How are people supposed to be convinced when you’re saying things that aren’t true? I suggest you learn the skill of writing a good persuasive essay. In particular work on doing your research, making sure the complaints you have are valid, and try to anticipate counter arguments. Because right now you just come off as a kid who is mad that Cube talked about the New West.”


RESPONE: Dru if you would like to comment on the content of the article I would appreciate it but you trying to critique my writing style is tedious. You are clearly here to defend Ice Cube so save the critique angle. I’m sure this isn’t an exposure to you and other die hard fans since you follow the artist. For someone who doesn’t follow him or who just knows him from movies, it would be an expose’. Get it? Another senseless argument you and others have raised in regards to this piece. I have read similar things at various web sites this has been posted at. No, I haven’t posted it anywhere! There is a reason I’m saying that.

Scarface ft. Ice Cube, Devin – Hand Of The Dead Body

Ice Cube clearly says he started this gangsta sh!t in ’86. What do you mean he never claimed to have invented it? Why do you think the interviewer you posted even asked him about that particular artist in the first place? It’s because Cube has taken credit for it while others attribute the person he asked Cube about. What you have shown is that Cube backed away from his previous stance probably due to the fact that it simply isn’t true and he has been called out on it.

The point of using the beefs songs was to show that I am not the only one telling you this information. Real gangsters from Cali such as Shakur, rapper’s such as Common and even rapper’s he was once close to have all said the same thing. It adds validity to the arguments this article makes. Every step of the way I provided corresponding evidence to show that what I was writing wasn’t just opinion based. Nothing in this was made up at all. You go on to tell me how the article could have been written but I’m sure you would have a response waiting no matter what writing style I used, right? Are you a fan or his publicist Dru? Where are the made up things, fabrications and the misinformation? You are trying to change the subject from the many valid points in this article to my writing style and add lies you have presented which I have just refuted.


“Cube claimed to be a gangsta. Waka Flocka’s sales have nothing to do with Cube’s status. Ice T and Cube are still friends. Shorty is wack!! And Pac dissed everyone so what’s your point? And Pac (may he RIP) was one of the biggest hypocrites in hip hop. He wasn’t even from Cali. Why is it whenever a black man reaches a certain level, crabs always try to discredit them? Jay Z , Diddy and Cube are all victims of the crabs. Guess what? Hate all you want, not many of today’s artists can achieve their level of success.”


RESPONE: If you meant Cube never claimed to be a gangsta then you need to watch the Today Show clip. I would say that music has changed in 2011 and the fact that a rapper’s debut could outsell the once dominate Ice Cube says a lot about his status. I never said that Ice-T and Ice Cube weren’t friends. I said that Ice-T dissed Ice Cube for the same thing others have. Tupac didn’t diss everyone either but even if he had what he said is still relevant to the topic. My point was the same as the Ice-T point. As far as your black man question, here’s one for you. Why is it that when a black man makes money he can seem to do no wrong I the eyes of some people? Is money that isn’t even yours really important enough to make you turn a blind eye to the serious points made by this article?

Ayby17 5 years ago

Look man. Things you said in here are true, and some of ’em are not. But Cube always says he’s not down with Gang violence. Check his song ‘Concrete’ out. ‘I hate to see Blood on the concrete, I hate to see Cuzz on the concrete.’ Ok, he grew up in a nice school, but HOW THE HELL DID HE MET Dre and Eazy then huh? What do you think, Jerry Heller came to pick him up by his house? NO! Cube lived in the hood, just as Dre and WC. And the hood is where they from. Check out ‘Hood Mentality’. He says ‘The hood is where I’m from, but it’s not what I am.’

Think again…

Dubcc 5 years ago

All real talk. Cube’s always been a hypocrite.

1.He was on that Public Enemy track “Burn Hollywood burn”, now he’s making corny Hollywood movies.

2. He said R&B was soft corny and wack in 1991 and 1992.

In 93 he directed a video for WHITE R&B group called “Color Me Badd.

snowman 4 years ago

You are the definition of a hater lol u spent all this time trying to research this mans life just to discredit him. Fact still remains is if it wasn’t for cube none of these new west coast rappers would be here. He influenced the new rappers as well as some of the old rappers. And most importantly cuz got them bankrolls . If you spent more time working on gettin you some instead of downin somebody who never has to work again maybe you can get you some money pimpn

Slang D 4 years ago

Im from Houston and I guess you can say I’m on the outside looking in. Dude cube is the reason everybody had to respect the west, he was above all others kicking hard lyrics at one point,we knew that rappers wasn’t actually doing everything that they rapped about. Kid cubes legacy is way to heavy for any of you out west to carry period. Dude we all can be proven hypocrital at times, it’s life he’s a street cat just like us we just can’t dodge bullshit, and y a nigga gotta go out and prove he can really do a drive bye, aint nobody make Arnold punk ass prove he was really a terminator robot, or any of them white boys from movies, wrestling what ever they do no one puts them to the test to show how true they are to what they claim, man let him keep making his paper and you hoe ass niggas shut up.

Sneaktyp 4 years ago

Im from San Gabriel Valley. Trust Ice Cube doesn’t and didn’t ever keep the Wesside goin. You don’t kno anything about our music cause you would say what you are saying. Ice cube didn’t pave anything. I can name so many artists you never heard of. Sf ont talk if you live in another state because you truly have no I dea. Cchecc this out. If you don’t kno you.Killa Tay. B Real or Dj quik is sit down. Not just on all so don’t talk like you kno. He didn’t pave anything!

Slang d 4 years ago

B real,dj quick. I like quick and I love cypress hill shit to, just not heavy enough lyrically to out weigh cube.its like these boys down here thinking they can fuck with scarf ace because they sale records in this new era. It’s about the impact of the records they made. History will prove who’s great. My kids know who cube is,they don’t know B real, or quick.don’t get me wrong I love the hell outta me some hill now. Be open minded, Cube was lyrical and fearful at one point, BAM west coast got its official stamp in1989. Strait outta Compton, take it or let it alone.

Bong Hits For Jesus 4 years ago

If you listen to early NWA interviews, the guys say they were like hood reporters. They took what was going on in the streets and put it on wax. They let people know what it was like. They were story tellers, not necessarily their real life experiences but what was going on in hoods of Socal. I always looked at him as the Johnny Cash of West Coast Gangsta rap, one hell of a good story teller. People that take artist who express themselves through hip hop too seriously , are the problem with hip hop. A great lyricist, you can’t deny that. Fans demanding street credit over talent are fans of the gang life not music.

Jim 4 years ago

man y is this guy hating on cube so hard??? just accept the fact he was running shit throughout the 90s, how do you even know he was living a fake life, he never claimed to he was lived these lives he told in his stories hes a story teller not a fake thug who uses punchlines to impress people if you wanna diss or expose a rapper do Lil Gayne please

jim again 4 years ago

i like how well you wrote & researched everything thoroughly though just do a Lil Wayne one please lol hes a fake blood who dissed crips on that old ass “They Know” remix when before the carter days he was a crip rapping about selling crack, now hes a gangsta rockstar whatever, just use that talent on a deserving fake thug

baphomet 4 years ago

bob marley did fall for a white women to the dismay of his wife rita whowas in his band… hurt her heart when she was singing all those love songs of bob marley dedicated to that white woman… anyways from what i understand bob marley converted to christianity from rastafarianism before his death and was baptised… im not religious but those are the facts…. so i don’t know what icecube meant with that bob marley and barbie line… bob marley was trifling… great read!!!

David 3 years ago

I agree with this article 100%

Mcnader69 3 years ago

hood mentality… Listen and weep

britnee 3 years ago

Do any of you know cube personally? …..point made none of you know him your going off rumors and hear say. Grow up, and shut up til any of you know him personally

Ta’von 3 years ago

Oh so the new version of rap is any better????? Now a days rap music is Degrading towards women. Its still as violent as it was before. They talk about drugs and sex. Now how is ice cube any different from this?

ybuck 3 years ago

Today’s rap music is Jake we need cube face

JAllen 3 years ago

I saw cube last night at the Super Bowl with his son. He seems like a respectable man and father. He is an entertainer providing for his family and building a legacy. There is nothing wrong with this. He only gives/provides what people want.

Rootafari 3 years ago

Ice cube found a life and wanted to do somtin better with his music, preach a word that would bring the youth close to the creator. Diss for all he cares. He is happy with the new life he’s found and will not want go back to the street, where satan finds job for the weak in heart.

mac 3 years ago

I just wanted to find out if cube was from compton. Bottom line is he can write, or at least he could. His old stuff is good. Today was a good day, check ya self, no vaseline etc

John Radix 3 years ago

Ice Cube is CLASSIC, and you can`t PHUCK with that!!!!

ed40 3 years ago

i think its funny the whole “they aint gangsta” argument. if you think that ice cube fans listen to him because they want to hear about his “gangsta” exploits, you have sadly missed the point of the majority of his work. the ice cube appeal is in his social commentary, its about his observations and he speaks of the problems in society, weather it be from a first hand perspective, or not. a lot of the problems you are addressing are over 20years out of context aswel, cube was the voice of his generation in the 80’s and 90’s, he addressed major social problems of the time, and being that he started his rap career at the age of 15, you cant expect to look at a teenager for wisdom or enlightenment. you are an idiot if you expect every musician to be everything they talk about, do you expect arnold schwartzenegger to have killed hundreds of people, and ridden his harley off an overpass while shooting a sawn off and listening to guns n roses?

og green eyes BKS KC CALI 3 years ago

Short and simple ! Cube grew up with WC , I’m sure dub wouldn’t keep a fake coward around him all his life and not drop him at sometime. Those 2 have been around each other almost all their lives. That says a lot by itself.

Loch121 3 years ago

I bet you wouldn’t say none of that to his face

Cubehater 3 years ago

Cube one of the biggest hypocrites in hip hop.

RTF916 3 years ago

The women from that morning t.v. show bringing his street cred into question have what high ground to question him about the streets? Are they from the street? You criticize Ice Cube for being fake but not the tv hosts that tried to humiliate him on national television, who had zero basis for doing so? Since when do a couple of girls from sheltered, upper class enclaves get to decide who’s gangsta and who isn’t? And in doing so, they are, at the very least, inadvertently promoting the gangsta lifestyle. Did you somehow miss that? Ice Cube never banged, that’s common knowledge, but he’s still talented and has made great hip hop music. And, he is from south central Los Angeles. A lot of high school students from South Central were bussed to the valley in the ’70s and ’80s….including Monster Kody Scott, who you also have featured above (he now goes by Sanyika Shakur). He talks about it in his “Monster” autobiography. Ice Cube is no real gangster but it’s clear to me that the phoniness of his critics is tenfold.

lildavis54321 2 years ago

very good artist and good actor, i seen him in Are we there yet and played a good role, coming from his ganta style too step father.

xanat0s 2 years ago

This author lost -all- credibility upon claiming that rap is quote “dangerous music”. Right. I suppose all non-peaceful or wholesome movies/t.v. shows are dangerous too right? And let’s not forget violent video games, those are dangerous too right?

The X amount of hours the author spent writing this crap would have been better spent tying a noose around his/her neck and ridding the world of yet another brain dead automaton.

And BTW, all of these “earth shaking exposures” can all be found on his Wikipedia page you oblivious tool.

salt dog 2 years ago

Ice cube was the sh@t bacc in the day. I can say that he had money. He didn’t have to fucc around with color me bad tho! Damn loc there has to be a limit.

Garthur 2 years ago

He still is one of the best rappers around.

bad killa 2 years ago

oh and by the way the only great diss to cube that most people will admit is the common diss ill admit he owned him on that one but still do ur research man cube back in the 90s was a legend btw ya don’t even know that cube was affiliated with 111 neighborhood crips but never actually gangbanged he grew up there so he aint completely fake like this complete overexaggeration.

bad killa 2 years ago

(he grew up in south central)

Quanna 2 years ago

Who has time trying to be a “real gangster” when he can make millions. What is the prize of a “real gangster”….prison letters, flowers at the funeral, a broken family? ….I respect the man that instead of being a menace he chose to leave a legacy!

The Dragon Fly 2 years ago

This is pure hating on Ice Cube.

JUMP 2 years ago

I think you would have done better by just sticking to the facts and not throwing you sensitive hurt feelings into the article. You sound like a lil baby. Now, as wack as Cube may or may not be today, your article made him sound like a successful, super rich, glorified potential jerk who’s haters can’t get of his nutz AND it sounds like most of his haters (except for Common) are haters cuz HE’S RICH and he wont put them on or further their career, or their friend’s, family or other favorite Bay Area rapper’s career.

As for my personal feelings, (since I’m not writing this post and calling it an “Expose”), Cube in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s told it like it was. As a writer and an artist, he didn’t have to get shot and die in the streets to rap about the harshness of street life. While he may not have lived that lifestyle to the approval level od a hard core gangster, they can’t ever say the stuff in his music wasn’t real to someone. It spoke to a lot of people. It was empowering to a group of people who’s voices were seldom heard. People who KNEW Cube wasn’t out there killing his own people just to make a good song one day, respected him because at least somebody’s story from “the hood” was being told.

YOU HAVE TO GIVE PROPS WHERE PROPS ARE DUE!! If you don’t well, any negative facts you actually DO have will be drowned out by the sound of you sniffling and crying over your keyboard.

Grew up on Cube. 2 years ago

Dude you are a Hater and a Buster!

Rodric29 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

This is not information but one long show of dislike for Ice Cube. As long as there is a market for this type of person, he will remain. It would take a “fake gangsta” to spew all the hate Ice Cube does. A real one does not speak.

Endorphin Junkie 2 years ago

The vote to keep or get rid of Ice Cube is complete BS. Ice Cube shouldn’t apologize for anything. He should keep on rapping and keeping it real till he is 80.

Mr WesternAve 2 years ago

Cube is cool and did grow up by Imprrial & Western. Monster Cody grew up a 3 minute drive up Western Ave from cube. Both neighborhoods have nice homes. But you can get killed walking in either hood if you don’t belong.

BitchKilla 2 years ago

I can tell that the writer has good facts about Cube he is still a little punk bitch who needs to tuck his skirt in. What you DO NOT understand is that OLD dudes from back in the day are a different breed versus these young cats who are pussies dressing like females. That time and era you had to be hard unlike nwoadays where people are soft including you the writer. What YOU(the writer of this article)needs to do is start a new article about Lil waune fake ass blood bitch,2 Chainz College degree good family Clarence having,Rick Ross nuff said about that fat ass clown,Dr. Dre lipstick closet h-mo jacked beats from other producers while Pittsburgh PA and New Jersey-Funkadelic shaped The West Coast sound.etc,etc,etc…Most rappers are fake so deal with it. Ice-T,Kool G Rap, Big Pun,Fat Joe,DJ Quik,M.O.P.,Heltah Skeltah,so mnay that are not fake too.

jgg 2 years ago

I hate when people try to diminish others careers just because u don’t like the artist…ice cube might not be what he says he is..who knows..but at least he stayed true to himself throughout most of his career… if he has the same hood mentality ..who cares? At least his not faking it? Unlike these fake studio gangsters we hear nowdays in the radio… cough cough lil wayne, drake, rick ross? Another thing…people need to understand that an artist job primarily is to make money…without it u cant do music… ice cube aint selling out..just because he came out in a few hollywood movies…he needs the paper.. he needs to what he needs to do,,.nowdays is hard to make money based on albums only…its all about pr marketing…and making yourself available to the paparazzi.. or as others say keeping yourself relevant…y u think all these artists are suddely not private with there lifestyle no more..exactly..thats a huge shift on what music turned out to be compare to the 90s…at least cube is not a self hater like gay z i mean jay z? Selling himself for the white masses…like beyonce is…bleaching and changing her herritage to appeal to white people talk about some major self hate… oh and y do people gotta hate on tupac…are people still trying to say hes fake just because he went to baltimore school of arts? Or because he aint from the west? Common…seriously tupac was a smart gangster…or should i say thug…his music was poetry…and he spoked about political and social economic events…he earned the respect from millions and at the same time garnerd millions of fans worldwide just by music alone…he is a legend… like mj…people of all colors listen to their music.. not just black people…back than it was hard to make it through the charts if u were a person of color..they broke those boundaries…they opened doors for these new “artists”…. tupac is and always would be a legend.

smoothking 2 years ago

Actually brother you wasn’t stating facts you were shooting out your opinion like what was said earlier about you. Anyone that can shoot out an article so much vigor as you is definitely using their own opinion, especially when you said real gangsters like 2Pac. I love Pac but all true Pac fans know a gangster Pac never was and to keep it real Pac was as fake as your article. And to get it out the way before you say it when someone challenges your opinion. No I’m not a Cube fan so save that one chief. I just know bullshit when I read it .

noble 2 years ago

200 million in the bank… This article just bankrupted him

YungBlood 2 years ago

Dude, seriously?..

You really think people will actually believe this shit, huh? Nobody’s gonna stop buying Cube’s albums or going to his shows after reading this. Ice Cube is a living legend. ALL rappers respect him whether they hate em or not. Remember, he’s the self proclaimed “nigga you love to hate”. But Cube changed and mellowed himself a lot. The younger generation even love him because he made family movies that kids and adults can enjoy. You won’t find too many rappers that are truthful in ALL of their lyrics, so why only target Ice Cube?.. What many rappers now days don’t possess is the ability to tell stories. Cube has been tellin stories for over 20 years. And he’s one of the best damn story tellers that ever did it. We loved the stories he told when he was younger and we love the stories he tells now.. And you can bet your bitter, hating ass that we will continue to listen. Haha

Bill and Hillory Clinton 24 months ago

He did say it.

By the way…

…Cube thanks us all for the free publicity.

Duece B.T.G

Scarface 24 months ago

For one of MY HOMIES

Define Gangster?

Is Cube not really living that life? Has he not always lived it? Not only did he speek on it. He did it. True Gangster.

How does anyone know, but GOD and Cube, really?

Seeing is believing.

That’s using your mind.

Think about it.


Scarface, EasyE, 2Pac, Dre, Snoop, Ice T, 50, EMNEM, “I”, etc…blah, blah, blah 24 months ago

For one of MY HOMIES.

Seeing is believing. Does he not live like a Gangster? I ye of little faith. Has he not lived like a Gangster? I ye of little faith! Has he not always broken down the game? O ye of little faith! Can he not pretty much do what he wants, when he wants, to whomever he wants, however he wants? I ye of little faith!

If it looks like a G. Talks like a G. Walks like a G. Acts like a G. Stacks, stacks like a G….IT’S A G!!!





Eye of the beholder 24 months ago

Blind leading the blind.

I should have been a leader not a follower, a coach not a ball.

Some don’t think Cube can flow, so here He go, to the next track to show the wack. ..shake my hand, and make it a firm shake. Say what’s up Ice cube and then brake. Cuz if your hanging there he’ll tell you loud and clear. Stay off my ….and tell your… come here.

“Drink a beer, bust a rap, and kill another carrier.”

Listen to No vasoline before you flex again.

“He makes doe, but don’t call him doe boy.”

Straight legit, while … like …just sit.

It’s all about survival. All about getting yours.

Something wrong with being a family man?

Judge not, let ye be judge first. Walk in his shoes, hurt our feet. You think all that he’s done is easy or landed on his lap. Why? You blame him for being, smart, strong, gifted, out spoken, free willed. Everything you wish you were nut aren’t.

What qualifies you to write about anything? Are you a gangster? Do you know what it takes? Do you have what it takes? Define gangster? You’re an expert? Why you writing articles about others?

That all being said. You did mention some Interesting things. Good effort. Keep at it. Thanks for the forum and you uninformed, informed opinion. It is a free country. You did speek your mind. Thank Cube for doing his part in that for you. And for at least giving you something to write about. And the community to discuss and reach some form of consensus. Unless we agree to disagree too. All good. All hood.

I know we should discredit individuals for going to school. Attempting to better themselves. Taking care of there family and women. Making money. Yet we all participate, we all condone. You made money for this article based on gangster rap too. So if in weren’t for Cube. You’d have nothing to write. No food on table.

You don’t work, you don’t eat, you don’t eat, you don’t sleep. You’re a hypocrite yourself. We all are. Cube isn’t hiding it. You are. Big Difference. You hate him because you really want to be him. Just be u. The real you. Not some sellout Judah hater making money on spreading hate yourself.

Thanks again.

Love you! Keep up the great work! Keep it real too. Write about real issues. Not propaganda your editor forces you to in order to make ends meet, barely put food on your table and feed the mouths you need to with your minimum (slavery I thought was abolished) wage. And no health care (we don’t count) trap of a system).

“Hey nurse I’m getting kinda worm. B….Still makes me fill out the f….. form.”

Opwn your eyes who’s your enemy? The m. ..dieing or the m… killing you.”

How can you say they’re not Gs?

Coom by ya never changed things. Infact, thanks to Cube and his homies. Issues never herd of by main stream, or ignored by sellout, bought and paid for media types like yourself are written about, are in the social collective conscious. Problem is, you are a suppressor. Yet you are suppressed yourself. No Obama otherwise. A start

Think about it.

Try writing a real article sometime. Leave something that you don’t know about. To the people you know. At least check your stats. Does Cube owe you. It’s people like you that makes him not want to help.


Ezekiel Morel 23 months ago

This was written by a hater it’s full of facts and fiction…

LatashaDove 21 months ago from san gabriel valley

I think O’shea Jackson/Ice Cube has been criticized too harshly in this article.Let’s look at Plato and Socrates. One experienced life the other recorded his observations in what took place in the experiences of the other. I know he was very much apart of gangsta life, but one does not stay alive in the midst of kaos and being deep in the cut around different sets in the hood. His weapon of choice was his pen. Most kids in their youth was bussed to schools in the valley to get out of the hood and have a chance to thrive academically. He was separated from the neighborhood for this very reason. To minimize his affiliations with his friends or associates in our neighborhood that were thuggy gangsta’s. At a time when our youth are struggling to read and write, his creativeness to lyrically express in the persona he portrays to save his own neck from being killed senselessly. The cool part about growing up in Los Angeles is the opportunity to become an entertainer, but that does not make a person any less gangsta than the rest. It meant the opportunity to earn an income to get out of the hood became possible. With the ability to articulate the undeniable unique sounds pulsating beats in West Coast rap has it own flavor. All ghettos are not the same. I think when a man has to choose between being trapped in ignorance and immaturity, he had to decide is that the way a boy becomes an established man. Entertainment kept him busy so he would not have to sell drugs. Earning an income beyond minimum wage for a young black man was the best thing that kept his gangsta closer to home, for good reasons, he was a husband and father at an early age. You cant knock a man for his hustle. Because his greatest weapon has been his mind and pen, not a gun. But I am sure with all the haterism that comes with volatile people. He probably has to keep one at home. That is gangsta. By the way he did pave the way and open the doors for many artists to be heard, whether their opinions in the lyrics were relevant or not. Art is a depiction of life and he could not have rapped it if he did not live it. A thug has to evolve into a Don or just end up broke, in jail, and dead in the game. Historically, the gangsta rap movement was a distinguishing cry out from our communities deprivation from drugs, violence, and lack of education. I think even now he has solidified himself as a businessman and artist. We can have rappers that can tell it like it is without being caught up. Freedom of speech does not mean we are going to like or agree with what everyone says in song or speech, but to be a modern day storyteller takes courage. I can appreciate his raps because its lyrically at home for me growing up it is the sound track to our journey in life on the west coast.

M.R. 21 months ago

I’m one of the young rappers that’s tryin to come up. And I idolized Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Biggie Smalls and all the rappers you clam to be negatively influence young minds. But if these kids are already growing up in these situations, it makes young guys like me feel better about the place I grew up in. To know, where all the greatest rappers in history grew up in, came up from bein that low. Makes it feel possible for people like me. Ice cube wasn’t putting down young rappers in that concert, he was tellin us to not fuck with an original like him. In my own, I wouldn’t mess with an icon like Cube and Dre. They put all this on the map for young rappers like myself, you have to respect the innovators that brought you what you have today.

Yo Mama 20 months ago

Some valid points. Ice Cube is primarily an entertainer. I don`t have a problem with that, that`s why we have movies. Nobody hates on Al Pacino for not being a real life gangster.

E 18 months ago

Plain & Simple if you want the truth follow no man. Get on your knees and repent and pray to The Holy God it will lead you straight to Christ that’s a Promise, that’s if you honestly want and need the Truth!!! The truth hurts but lies kill!!! ICE CUBE is lost and is just out for his own! He could care less of you!!! Christ is pure love Satan is pure Hate. There are two path the right one and the wrong one..Choose wisely!

Rap Enthusiast 17 months ago

Everyone knows that Ice Cube wasn’t born or raised in California. He himself told people in the late 80s that he was going back to Arizona to study. The amazing thing was that he left his old life of middle class affluence to experience and report the streets of Compton, the most dangerous area of LA. So, yes he is a real G. So many people dress like gangstas in the suburbs, but how many have left and lived that life? Only after joining Westside Connection did Ice Cube start rapping about being gangsta. Until then he talked about social issues and hood problems. Even now he raps about social issues. Also what is wrong with him being old school. He was the face of the West for nearly 15 years, he can do whatever the heck he wants. Also, you conveniently forget to mention that Tupac modelled himself after Ice Cube and Common had and still has mad respect for Ice Cube. Also, don’t tell me you wouldn’t star in a movie if you got paid at least a mil to do so. The only legitimate arguments that you can bring on Ice Cube is that he is known for jacking beats. But don’t run your mouth on Ice Cube and gangsta rap, like you know his life. Like the famous rapper once said, “9 out of 10 of you guys hating on gangsta rap don’t know what the fuck y’all talking about.” You comment on him being a poser and on his personal life. He has avoided any major scandal and has been married for 25 years with 4 kids who all seem to be doing well in life. A celebrity his status shouldn’t have that cordial of a personal life. I think his wife is happy with him and their family, because she still lives with him. Don’t try to make yourself relevant by dissing a guy based on your opinions and pretty well-known facts about Cube.

PlainTruth 16 months ago

The only thing that I found surprising in this one-sided pure hatin’ on article is the fact that he dissed the new west coast rappers but if the blogger of this article claims to be tellin’ the truth, then he would have given us the benefit of the doubt by giving us the other side of the story ‘coz we live in a factual world where we deal with facts and proofs. This article is just hearsay in my opinion (say for the video clips) but Ice Cube is the real deal and as an avid fan of him, I’ve never heard him tryin’ to pretend or claim that he’s gangsta so long story short, please stop tryin’ to brainwash people ‘coz let’s face it, you want to get more views & clicks to this page for publicity.

Ibrahim 16 months ago

ice cube is the only rapper who is keepin it real

not like now days rappers all they rappin obout is money,b!tches,cars…

check out the last video of ice cube exposing the illuminati

give one rapper still doing this kind of rap.

RSA 16 months ago

Everyone knows Cube wasn’t in a gang or was really out in the streets like Eazy was, per se. However, he was still from Compton and simply wrote about things that happened around him or things that was happening to his friends. And who cares that he went to high school in the valley or whatever? What’s wrong with your parents wanting to send you to a decent school? I know plenty of guys who came from the projects or the ‘hood’ and went to very good high schools out in the suburbs…I guess they can’t claim to be from the streets or urban areas. Give me a break.

Your article poses some valid points, but nothing nobody already doesn’t know.

As for Cube still wearing Converse and Dickies…again, who cares? He’s representing from an era which many people are still fans of and also the era frm which he, himself, came from. Nobody would hate on the Rolling Stones for being old men and still wearing t shirts, jeans and boots while performing…wait, they should be wearing Members Only jackets now, right?? But if Cube was wearing 50 gold chains, big ass Jesus piece chains, Louis V belts, a Gucci leather snap back hat, and tight ass fitted pants, he would be deemed a sell-out and not staying true to his roots…he can’t win no matter which way he goes… Again, Cube was no killer, no drug dealer, nothing but he was simply rhyming about what was happening around him. As NWA called themselves, they were street reporters, reflecting what was going on around them through their music.

romeoo 16 months ago

Ice cube help put cali on the map as number 1 in gangsta rap,i seen him in my hood a few times,old is better,new booty are into that gay shit most new rappers thats out are,forget our history,neva an African American will always hate ,but love what them euro love,homosexuality ,etc.

Annonymous 14 months ago

So I think whoever the hell wrote this article got some major problems with the facts. He never claimed sh*t, never asked for sh*t, and he doesn’t practice any radical form of anything. Whoever’s white ass that wrote this needs to look in the mirror and set straight. Raw footage talks bout doing the right thing and not making mistakes others have made from the past and learning bout yourself and examinining the reality around you. If yall agree just holla.

Carlos 14 months ago

Agreeing with all the people who think this article is bullshit. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with America’s perception of Ice Cube and all other West Coast (particularly LA rappers) is that you guys think you know what it means to live in the streets of South Central. In South Central we love Cube and Dre not because of their gangster lifestyle(they’ve been accused of adopting). that’s where you critics fuck up. you think they are fake because they didn’t live their words out but they did. by simply growing up in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the world. you guys din’t know what it is like to walk the streets of LA and feel what we feel. The rappers (like Ice Cube) we love do. and most IMPORTANTLY i believe we love these rappers from LA because they prove it’s possible for any of us in the hood to rise above our status in our city and be equal to the “rest of Los Angeles” (ie. hollywood/white los angeles). Ice Cube grew up and saw all the things we saw every day of our lives in South Central and had the brains to write and capitolize on it on top of making our part of the city THE MOST MAJOR INFLUENCE on american culture in the past 20 years. Lastly. don’t knock our fucking style, believe me people still dress G as fuck in LA. the thing about LA(South Central) is that we continue to be ourselves and not follow trends. That style that you joked Ice Cube is still rocking is the style that dominated white suburbia for a couple years.

Carlos 14 months ago

Also it seems you really don’t know anything about the “hood”. Hundreds of black teens were bussed to the valley from South Central so that white schools could have more diversity. you see finiacially blacks couldn’t afford houses in better neigborhoods in LA so they couldn’t attend the betters schools in those neighborhoods. so that part destroys you middle class theory about Ice Cube. if his family had any money it was because they were working class. don’t try to set up some class bullshit that proves Ice Cube isn’t hood. and please don’t try to knock one of South Central’s own again.

Sherrysweetcakes 13 months ago

Well the fact that this writer does not know that Ice Cube has a daughter speaks to the strength of the fact checking. Ice Cube was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, being bussed to high school does not negate the impact of being raised in South Central Los Angeles. Being from La comes with an awareness of facts wether you actively contribute yo the facts or not the culture and climate that surround the residents is constant. Please do not discredit a person solely based on the fact that they come from a two parent home or were bussed to school, that is a typical theme in Los Angeles especially in the 70’s and 80’s. We dont want everyone to be murderers so if he was merely infuenced by the street that’s cool because the streets have an enveloping impact on most even closely tied to them.

LA 12 months ago

I understand everyone has a different view of what REAL MUSIC is. You stated that Cube went to a school outside his district. He was raised in a two parent household. He was not a gangster. Ok, what is wrong with this. As a parent, I work Hard so my children would have and live in a better environment. Cube knew he wanted more in life then to repeat the same era in life. Yes, his rap has explosive language but that what sales. You have the right to buy the CD or not. I also, think Cube has a softer side of him and that shows in his movies/films. Rap will never die, another artist will come alone a repeat the genera.

Ice Cube is a Rap Artist, Actor, Filmmaker, a husband , a father, an more. We all have done things in life that we are not proud of but the choices he made were business decision. I’m sure you wouldn’t put all your hard work in a job and not get paid for it. I and all of America would love to get paid for what I WORKED HARD FOR. Please lets stop putting each other down. We can’t talk about the white man killing us and we are killing each other. Please explain to me why Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and many more have passed on. Don’t let there memory become senseless. They passed so we can achieve today… Read this quote –The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense

OtisTheTownDrunk 12 months ago

Wow – so he did not live the life he rapped about, so what. He was a musician, I enjoy his music. So he never robbed people, sold drugs (Eazy), hit women (Dre), I respect him more as a person for it. I don’t see the point to this article, A lot of country singers never rode a tractor, it don’t take away from the music. Would you be happier if Cube had shot a few people growing up?

MJ 12 months ago

This article is Wack….everybody knows cubes affiliation is with the 111 NHCs. Cube fell out with a couple people so what sgit happens.As far as living what he raps.If you grew up in South Central LA trust me you lived that life. And there is not 1 Gangster Rapper in LA that says he is not reputable. He just happened to come from a 2 parent household and was smarter than the streets….his parents bussed him out of the hood to go to school which is common in get a better education he was alsi smart enough to take his ass to college!And when they say he never helped young westcoast artits. Thats not true. He had the Lench Mob. He helped Mack 10 get on. WC…..somebody mad abt something and trying to hate on the Don Mega..

Terry Dow Jr. 11 months ago

I’m with carlos on this one

eedd 11 months ago

NWA made excellent music. They invented a new genre called gangster rap. This genre is about gang-bangers but none of NWA were gang members.

In 1980’s -1990’s, from a gang-banging point of view, if you claim “you’re from Compton” gang-members from L.A. automatically would assume you’re either blue from Grape Street or Compton Crips. Red — Piru Bloods or maybe a few African Americans joined the Mexican gangs in Compton like Tortilla Flats or Little Watts. (Nowadays, Hispanic gangs control Compton and Watts.)

NWA members were saying “STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON!” . . . but none of them gang-bang in Compton. They only lived there (some).

It’s like saying “STRAIGHT OUT OF LOS ANGELES” but they’re not really gang members from L.A., they just live in LA (some) while wearing Raiders Jackets, LA Kings caps, wearing dickies and having Nike cortes.

Meanwhile, the real gang-bangers in Compton were killing each other. Also, the other gangs outside of Compton were blasting because they’re just as crazy. Some dead, others in jail; others cripple for life; others survived. Meanwhile, these dudes from NWA are singing “STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON!” to the entire country and world.


barrio claimer!

I see no ink on you, ese.

Gangs from Compton not only had problems with gangs in Compton but with the other gangs from L.A. For instance, DIECIOSCHO (EIGHTEEN STREET), FLORENCIA 13 (FLORENCE 13 STREET), or CLANTON 14 STREET.

If you lived outside Los Angeles you would think NWA were gang members.

If you lived in Los Angeles but born after 1980’s you would assume NWA were gang members because they dressed like gang members and they talked like gang members.

NWA members have no real Los Angeles street credibility.

Half of NWA members were rapping, dancing and Dj’ing in “World On Wheels.” That was back in the days when KDAY (a local radio station from Los Angeles was AM radio, now, the station is FM radio) played dope music on the weekends. Dr Dre was a DJ there! He could sing, dance and DJ, too. The same is true of DJ Yella from NWA.

“THe Fly”

“Dr. Dre, Dre, Dre, Dre, Dre”.

“He’s Bionice!”

On the other hand, Ice-Cube has rap credibility but is NOT a gang member.

He was was doing this Beastie Boys style rap in a group called CIA “My posse, my posse, my posse” before NWA.

ICE CUBE music is dope, but you fake gang-banger!

In 1980’s -1990’s, in Los Angeles, most gangs would jump you in; not too many people were like in ICE CUBE position just “hanging around” or being “affiliated” with them. Maybe that would work in Compton but outside of Compton, in the greater Los Angeles, you were getting jumped in, ese 13 seconds, 14 seconds or 18 seconds.

This harsh reality describe in Ice Cube songs, he never lived.

This fool didn’t even go to a High School were gang members went, he went to an “all white school”. So, he had the luxury of not being hit up.

“So, where are you from, ese?”

That never happend to Ice Cube in High School.

“See you after school, ese.”

That never happened to Ice Cube in High School.

“Let’s follow this majete home, I wanna know where he lives”.

That never happened to Ice Cube in High School.

“Walking up to another barrio and telling them them, “We’re you from, ese?”

Ice Cube didn’t do that.

“Crossing out another gang’s name and putting your neighborhood and your name.”

Ice Cube didn’t do that.

So, the younger generation are believing all these lies from NWA and ICE CUBE wanna-be gang members.

banana now or later 10 months ago

Questions: Was Ice Cube bused from South Central to Woodland Hills High School? Is Ice Cube another entertainer who is an illuminati puppet?


banana now or later 10 months ago

I ask the question about the illuminati because there are some who believe that a person can’t reach a certain amount of success in the industry without repping them and the occult to the public.

Tony 10 months ago

Theres a comment that says Ice Cube is not from California lol. And im tired of journalist talking about gangsters and the hood. Most black or latino neighborhoods are considered the hood, and are full of a variety of people. Monster Kody said Ice wasn’t putting in work, because Monster Kody was in think of color wars, and was a killer himseld. John Singleton has already admitted in an article that Ice Cube was surrounded by Crips. Its annoying that people who didnt go to school with trouble making teens, some who were in gangs, but grew up and became tax paying citizens, believe that people like this are a fairytale. Its even more amazing that they are given this platform.

Hardcore13sd 7 weeks ago

Cube been do it for a long while now. Yes I am a fan. Even back to NWA. Most rappers now days can’t even rap. They mostly all suck. They all vote each other style. I bet you one of them so called rappers. Wearing them dumb skinny jeans and sagging with a little ass shirt on. This new style rap is whack. Can’t get more thug then the 80’s and 90’s. This is why I don’t listen to mostly all new rappers. They burnt. People like you don’t even know what it’s really like. Where you grow up at?

Funketeer 4 weeks ago

Straight bullshit!

Cube is a legend. You youngsters dont have a clue about that golden era. Cube ran shit and had love all over the globe. He marginalised himself by taking that West stand with the WSCG, Sure, hes not the lyrical power he once was but who else is? If you actually knew dude and the history of the LEnch Mob you would know he changed up his focus around 94. He went from political reality rap to ignorant gangsta. An for one damn reason. Hits out on his, his familys and his crews life. The Lench Mob got infiltrated. JDL. Its touched on in the movie. Ask anyone down and they will tell you.

As for petty little money fueds, yeah. Cube had beef with a few. A lot of that shit was dumb too. King Sun got at him for using ‘wicked’. everbody was back then, cypress talking shit like they invented the words ‘throw your set in the air’ . And BTW, Pac idolised Cube. Ask anybody who was down. Straight up geek style.

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