Here is an example. I will try to explain what to look for within your surroundings. First of all you need to know some of their doctrine. Once you know a few things, try looking for those who obey. Ever heard of the sign of Harpocrates? It’s this hand sign, a ritual sign. Okay, they also teach about the elements. Notice earth, wind, fire. So that’s two things so far. Notice how “earth, wind, fire,” has 13 letters. That could be the numerology of 418. “Here we go again,” also has 13 letters. Notice the red, yellow, blue, and green on the stele of revealing. Some use the stele as an altar. Have you read what is said about Crowley and the stele? Learn about the images they worship and you may see other things along with them. They worship a God of war. So don’t be surprised if they wear a lot of camo or make toys that resemble tanks or guns. They may wear military gear or even join things like Isis. They will support war since they worship it. Do you understand? They also worship the sun. Therefore don’t be surprised if they make a video game with a sun god or sun temple. They will even invent symbols that represent the things they worship. Like a circle with a dot in it represents the sun. They may even talk about the many idols that represent the sun. Like Horus or Ra. They may talk about a holy light that is the sun, not the son. A holy spirit that is not the holy spirit. They have also been commanded to do drugs, drink blood, and drink fine alcohols. So don’t be surprised if they do weed, smoke cigarettes, or like champagne. They party a lot and do things the Almighty forbids. To them, sin is restriction. Ever wondered why so many celebrities do drugs? Or commit suicide? Remember, traitors are to be destroyed. Do you understand? They support yoga, magick, and if you study them closely, you may see that they are wolves in sheeps clothing. They may support one religion why serving a completely different God. For example, Islam. Study those who worship Horus and you might see that many claim to be Muslim, Hindu, or even Christian, while pretending they know nothing about Thelema. It’s like a Trojan horse. The servants have been commanded to be secret. They create and infiltrate many outlets to influence the world to conform to their way, truth, and life. It’s like singing about drugs, getting drunk, and being gangsta. They are promoting riots as well. Seen all those music videos of people Rebelling against the government? They are influencing millions to worship their God. See, to worship the Almighty, one must worship in spirit and truth. To love God is to keep the commandments. Therefore that could apply to other gods. Many may not know it but if they are obeying the commands of Heru-pa-kraath, like getting drunk, doing drugs, supporting the images that exalt him, and other things, they too, worship him in various ways. They also like hand signs that look like the letter V. They have also been commanded to eat rich foods and dress in fine apparel, while the servants of Christ have been commanded not to outwardly adorn themselves. They have also been given the right to sexual immorality and divorce. So they might decide to support gay marriage. They are commanded to fear nothing while Christians fear God. They love money and luxury while Christians do not. They support war, Christians hate violence.  Christians are to be at peace with everyone as long as its up to them.

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