“EEUU está pintando sus F-18 como los cazas rusos para organizar un bombardeo del falsa bandera en lugar desconocido aún. Campos de concentración para africanos en Israel”.



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“The US is painting its F-18s as Russian fighters to organize a false flag bombing in an unknown location.Concentration camps for Africans in Israel “.


The Pentagon painted their F-18s in Turkey, to be mistaken for height and speed in Aleppo as if they were Russian fighters. Painted the painters and their paint cans.


US fighters escorting the Pentagon UFO unit over its secret Izmir base in Smyrna, Turkey, made in Los Alamos by McDonnell Douglas. 

New blue beam surprises in Syria?


Multiple ways Pentagon secret models can be purchased.

It seems that the United States is preparing analysts for its Russian-looking aircraft to fabricate a false flag bombing and to blame Russia. A simultaneous bombing in Libya with Tobruk and in Syria is not ruled out. 
The CIA has turned the cards from the other side. 

After supporting and training Al Qaeda in Libya, which has already announced Muammar Gaddafi ‘s danger, they have now taken the coast to prevent leaks of Libyans, Nigerians and Chad.Many of the Nigerians have direct information on the operations of the Glencore army to steal their oil , and they should not pass the coast, which they have commissioned their Al Qaeda troops. 

They have created a double-game training and weaponry that the same genocidal John Kerry made about three years ago and again this year – lifting the arms embargo is a fallacy that is actually to deliver weapons to Al Qaeda as after killing Gaddafi 

(This gentuza is only interpreted in reverse of everything they say), and now they will pursue them once they reach the objectives to use again the NATO navy in the area. 

Russia will not be able to protect more than Syria, with Libya becoming a bombing butchery of Skulls and Bones, which has already begun with the Nigerian emigrants who murder their forces on the shores.

Paolo Gentiloni is the Italian foreign minister of war crimes, who is organizing the delivery of weapons to Al Qaeda and shipments in black army zodiacs. 
Gentiloni is one of those who most claim the assassination of Al Assad as they did with Gaddafi. Gentiloni is an American agent to destabilize Italy and Europe, like Federica Mogherini and as was President Mario Monti, Zionist agent Goldman Sach, or Mario Draghi in the service of the enemy of European sovereignty.


Military NATO Zodiacs handed over to Al Qaeda mafias for shipment of thousands of souls to create chaos and war;And of course the budget increase.


Holot concentration camp for Africans in Saharonim, Israel. No one can be in Israel if it is not in these concentration camps. The rest are pushed into military zodiacs of Israel and NATO into the European Union.

Concentration camp for blacks in Holot , Israel

Mideast Israel African Migrants

In recent weeks, African migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, have staged a series of Demonstrations demanding they be recognized the refugees, a status that would give them residency rights. 

Israel sees many of them as economic migrants and has tried to number the tactics to stop the migrants’ influx or keep their numbers down. 

It has built a fence along the border with Egypt, passed a law that allows the migrants’ detention and offered financial incentives to urge them to leave. (AP Photo / Oded Balilty)

The Holot field is the largest in the world. It is in the middle of the desert, in the Negev.


In this Friday, June 27, 2014 file photo, African migrantsclash with Israeli soldiers after they left Holot detention center in southern Israel and walked towards the Border with Egypt near the southern Israeli Kibbutz of Nitzana. 

In a report issued Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, Human Rights Watch says Israeli authorities have coerced almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese to return totheir homes, where they may face serious abuse.



There are photos like this kind of camouflage to conceal, of the type: we live well, detention center of open doors (which is not true), we cull and pass list three times a day .They are close to urban centers that can be approached whenever they want, maybe with binoculars of some field guard?





Thousands of immigrants demonstrating in Tel Aviv, January 6, 2014 . These have already sent them to the European Union.


The countryside, and supervised housing estates nearby and a few kilometers.

Nearly a thousand African refugees left the barbed wire protected Holot detention camp on their way to the Sahara to protest the ill-treatment by the Israeli authorities.
Forcing them to repeat a Jewish diaspora throughout the desert.

On the other hand, Saudi and American troops have sent Yemen to 750,000 Africans in the Yemen desert.
Others have gone north, reaching the shores of Libya and the Mediterranean in zodiacs handed over to mafias controlled from London buffets like Somali pirates and Al Qaeda. 

The ICO International Organization for Migration states that more than 181,000 migrants have managed to enter the European Union for the Mediterranean, only in 2016.
NGOs and White Helmets of Israel organize the exits to the Mediterranean of the Africans that arrive to Israel and other destinies to send them to the European Union with which they coordinate the false beneficiation, being in fact a plan invasion for the destabilization of Europe ..

Spain is collaborating with the Spanish frigate Queen Sofia in the vicinity posing as a refugee collector. 

The rescue operations of immigrants in the Mediterranean of warships in Spain and Italy , form part of the camouflage framework supporting the invasion and attack on Syria and Russia. 

Italy condemns with hypocrisy a bombing that knows perfectly that it has been realized by its partners of the USA.
The USS Gravely is also nearby ready to make the false flag bombing.
The British Royal Navy sends the destroyer HMS Defenderto support the French bombings from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the area that left Toulon to attack Russia in Syrian territory. 

It is more than likely that there will be a bombing on Syria against imminent Russia from the US, France, England and Spain.

HMS Defender

Up the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle with his support fleet; The destroyer HMS Defender and the Spanish Frigate Reina Sofía prepare to attack the aviation and troops of Russia and Syria.

Italy could have deployed the same navy it did just a year on the coast of Libya next to Tobruk .
Russia has deployed its S-300 air land missiles.

It is more than likely knowing the facts that the F-18s have been bombing Aleppo to blame Al Assad and Syria.

The US will have to be tried for war crimes and falsify the facts, and murder the innocent. The hypocrite Askenazi John Kerry claimed that same thing to the international courts. The level of dirty war achieved by Usa no longer has solution either in the courts but with the war in its territory.

John Kerry askenazi and skull and bones, criminal war.False and hypocrite.



There are people who say that it is not true, namely for whom they work, or where they work.

Even more so, if they take more time, they have been bombarding long time with camouflaged fighters painted like the Russians and accusing Russia.


American hunting with star emblem on tail with Russian painted star as the Russian MIGs. Forward has emblem Usa hidden and lying.

Hunt Uses when not painted as Russian.


From the VFC-12 Squadron: Logo Uses hidden under the cockpit of the pilot and visible Russian star on the rear wing. 

And the hunting number 03 also in red to confuse, as we see in the F-18 above the numbers of the fighters Usa non-camouflage go in gray, not in red. And they do not even have numbers on the hill.


Painter you paint with love . Use paint specialists .

Hunts Usa and Ukraine, pretending to be Russians.


Hunting of Ukraine


Sukhoi Su-30MK2




El Pentágono pintó sus F-18 en Turquía, para ser confundidos en la altura y a velocidad en Aleppo como si fueran cazas rusos. Pillados los pintores y sus botes de pintura.


Cazas norteamericanos escoltando a unidad ovni del Pentágono sobre su base secreta de Izmir en Esmirna, Turquía, fabricado en Los Alamos por McDonnell Douglas. ¿Nuevas sorpresas blue beam en Siria?.


Múltiples formas que pueden adquirir modelos secretos del Pentágono.

Parece que los EEUU están preparando según analistas sus aviones con aspecto ruso para fabricar un bombardeo de falsa bandera e inculpar a Rusia. No es descartable un bombardeo simultáneo en Libia junto a Tobruk y en Siria. A la Cia se le han vuelto las cartas de otro lado. Después de apoyar y entrenar a Al Qaeda en Libia, cosa que ya anunció Muamar Gadafi del peligro, ahora han tomado la costa para impedir fugas de libios, nigerianos…

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