Wikileaks are for-hire mercenaries – John Young Founder of Cryptome
Wikileaks are for-hire mercenaries – Cryptome
Private enterprise not public interest

By Andrew Orlowski, 

7 Dec 2010

Wikileaks has always been a commercial enterprise hiding behind a narcissistic “public interest” PR, says Cryptome operator John Young in a scathing critique of the site.

Whistleblower site Cryptome began publishing documents in 1996, 

(Link: Refer: ) incurring the wrath of UK and US governments. 
The archive endures. 

Young was invited to be the “public face” of Wikileaks at the formation of the venture, but declined. 

Now Young believes Wikileaks is selling its secrets for commercial gain. 
Speaking to US talk radio, Young compared Julian Assange to Henry Kissinger, and other “spook insiders” who have turned their insider knowledge into a lucrative sideline.

“What has been released has been much less voluminous than the attention about them,” said Young. 

“The goal is to exaggerate the importance of Wikileaks”.

From the earliest discussions, Young alleges, Wikileaks intended to pimp out the information for funds.
“Well, it only came up in the topic of raising $5 million the first year. 

That was the first red flag that I heard about. 

I thought that they were actually a public interest group up until then, but as soon as I heard that, I know that they were a criminal organisation.
“Assange is a narcissistic individual,” claims Young. 

“Wikileaks is willing to sacrifice Bradley Manning and anyone else to advance their own interests.”

In a posting to the nettime mailing list, Young added:

“The free stuff is meant [to] lure volunteers and promote high-profile public service, lipsticked with risk, with the enterprise funded by selling costly material sold on the black market of worldwide spying in the tradition of public benefit ops, ID, spies and ever more spies. 

No better customers for illicit information that [sic] those with depthless pockets.
“Soros and the Kochs have their lesser-known Internet promoters backing Wikileaks generously. 

And they expect good return on their investment, not just the freebies used to attract attention.”
Writing last month, Young shared his disgust at Wikileaks’ similar tactics to advertising-supported or state-supported media – which Young claims cannot be trusted by definition.

“Wikileaks lies as much as the media, indeed, exactly in the advertising format of the media. Its consumers like it for that very reason. 

It rides the wave of imaginary disgust with MSM and governments, but it has not modified the formula of braggardy and drama essential to capture eyeballs and through eyeballs, minds and hearts.”

But Young includes all advertiser-supported media in the camp of the discredited … and himself.

“Think, think Wikipedia, think Google, think this list and your crafty mangy boil-ridden carcass. Mea culpa,” he adds. ®

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Wikileaks Rigged the Election – ASSANGE MOSSAD PIED PIPER

(Video description included) 

By: Ξẙ≡ШᴧᴙᴎṲḂ4Ξẙ≡8Ṳ

Published on Nov 9, 2016 

WikiLeaks is THEE direct public cointelpro disinfo base for world zionism and Is-real-hell. 

Assange is an MK-ULTRA puppet of MOSSAD and the CIA, deliberately washing and hiding ISIS/MOSSAD’s doo doo behind leaks that are BS of no substance, with carefully ‘seeded’ misdirection and empty ‘easter eggs’. 

Its entire purpose is to ‘wash’ Israel crimes and keep you looking at and looking for NOTHING. 

Assange was the premiere manipulator in this election working in conjunction with TRUMP and the zionist lobbies push to get him in. 

Assange purposely LIED on numerous occasions claiming he wasnt directly going after Clinton admin, but his tweets prove they were distinctly targetted. 

MK-ULTRA because Assange was brought up in THE FAMILY, has a homosexual/pedo past, and like all controlled moles, is BLACKMAILED into being an operative. 

Assange has not made a single ‘leak’ of any great consequence, its mere “fluff” with carefully POINTED tidbits injected TO MANIPULATE THE PUBLIC and in particular making Israel look “clean’. 

Their is droves of dark criminal dirt on TRUMP circulating, yet Assange says ‘they havnt got anything’ (how fucking convenient!). 

Hopefully in the soon future after the smoke clears from this debacle, hes TAKEN OUT of business by the public who wakes up to his TREASONOUS BULLSHIT, and hopefully winds up ‘swiming with da fishes’. 
Right in wikileaks documents lays the real identity of ISIS, but assange and stooges (the now ‘president’ drumpf and moron evangelicals/white nationalists/alt-media and its ‘twoofers’) are going to push the lie the SAUDI’S did 911. 
Assange should be HANGED for high treason!.
Video with thanks; by: Ξẙ≡ШᴧᴙᴎṲḂ4Ξẙ≡8Ṳ

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