Over 100 people witnessed Elon Musk engage in organized crime, yet federal law enforcement may have been ordered to “look the other way” – THE LONDON WORLDWIDE NEWS


Over 100 people witnessed Elon Musk engage in organized crime, yet federal law enforcement may have been ordered to “look the other way”
Over 100 people witnessed Elon Musk engage in organized crime, yet federal law enforcement may have been ordered to “look the other way”

Over 100 people witnessed Elon Musk engage in organized crime, yet federal law enforcement may have been ordered to “look the other way”

Via The Center For Investigative Digital Journalism

From the personal commentary on the case by D.S., Associate Investigator:

“A large number of recent articles have called Elon Musk the “$6B Man” and “reliant on crony government kick-backs” over the billions of dollars of, suspicious, unique, free, state, and federal, taxpayer hand-outs that keep all of his companies going.

Our reporting team spoke with reporters from The Washington Post, The New York Times, The LA Times, RT, and other journalists, from many other publications, who had their investigations, into the deeper aspects of this, squashed by orders from above.

We spoke with FBI agents, former secret service agents, U.S. Senators, private investigators, former White House aides, Treasury investigators, Department of Energy staff, campaign aides, Congressional program leads, technology executives and more.

We wondered how there could be over 100,000 published articles, reports, news segments and other credible documentation, about the rigging of nearly a trillion dollars of kick-backs, involving taxpayer money, in the notorious Department of Energy funding scandal, associated with Solyndra, Steven Chu, Fisker and all of the other “Cleantech” notoriety, without a single public trial, special prosecutor or public hearing.

Can you spell C-O-V-E-R-U-P?

The bottom line:

Elon Musk got all of his perks, from White House staff, in exchange for acting as a conduit for cash for campaign finance deals. Senior White House staff have been ordering the distribution of state, and federal cash, to Musk as part of a quid-pro-quo kick-back scheme.

Here is the proof :

– We know of over 100 people who will testify, at any legitimate public hearing, to prove this, as fact, if anybody would allow a public hearing to take place. White House staff and Silicon Valley campaign financiers, like John Doerr, have used every bribe, manipulation, threat and delay tactic, in the book, to prevent any public hearing from taking place.

– Type “Solyndra Corruption”, “Steven Chu Corruption”, or “Department of Energy Corruption” into any non-Google (which is controlled by John Doerr) search engine, and reach all of the confirmations.

– Compare the Federal Section 136 law funding requirement details to the non-shredded original submission documents (Yes, they are still around) from Tesla and contrast those with what Tesla did NOT do, and with the actual competing applicants documents. These documents, alone, provide clear evidence of criminality.

– The emails and phone conversations, of the manipulations involved in rigging federal funding for Tesla, are now available via subpoena

– Hacks, leaks and whistle-blower documents have now been published, which prove that Elon Musk engaged in stock, and commodity rigging, organized crime, with a group of Silicon Valley VC’s. This can all be reviewed in a court case, or special prosecutor public review hearing.

– A number of people have left Tesla, and other Musk operations and sued Musk for fraud. Those individuals are fully prepared to come forward in a “legitimate” public hearing. They will not come forward for a fake “monkey trial”, or rigged PR stunt hearing, that does not carry the consequences of prison for Musk and his cronies.

– The only possible explanation for Musk being the largest recipient of taxpayer cash, in history, from the very people who controlled the cash, for the only people who had direct benefit; is corruption.

– In related cases, and investigations, nearly a million pages, of hard evidence, have already been produced, which prove the criminality of the Musk operation. Those documents can easily be forwarded to any legitimate public hearing.

– Current, and former, U.S. Senators will testify to the truth of the charges.

– There is much more…

White House Staff: Axelrod, Carney, Daley, Holder, Gibbs, Chu, Plouffe, Emanual – You F*UCKED up!

You thought you had a clever little campaign finance scam going, but you screwed up big time!

Just take the heat, admit it, take the fall and resolve this.

Federal Government: You F*UCKED up! You let a crime happen and you let many victims suffer because of the results. Fix the damages from this, with each of those people who were victimized, or the families of those who died, and let this be resolved.

Obama: Stop running out, to have a crying jag, on all the golf-courses, because you think this is all about to go public. It’s public. Deal with it. Accept responsibility for your staff. Pay your bills. Move on!

Elon Musk: You thought that having the White House put up a protection screen for you, operated by Eric Holder, Steven Chu and The Fed would allow you to get away with your crimes. What a narcissistic, arrogant, self-aggrandizing fool you turned out to be. “

The commentary, above, reflects the opinions of the author, alone, and is not a formal statement from any particular organization.

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