Jared Kushner who is Jewish  is the son in law  of President Elect Donald Trump He is also the son of Charles Kushner a very interesting character who was CONVICTED for tax fraud and witness tampering


In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Kushner was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie, negotiated a plea agreement and Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison and released after one year.


Now as President Elect Trumps son in law Kushner jnr is making sure Chris Christie is left out in the cold in the new Trump Cabinet

But thats just a small titbit about Kushner Snr

Whats really important is another Kushner tale …… involving the gay Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey and a gay Israel Defence Force Officer Golan Cipel


So WHO was Cipel ?

Cipel served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for five years as a naval officer, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant. Following his service in the Israeli Navy, Cipel held several positions in government. He began his career in 1992 as parliamentary aide in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, where he was responsible for policy formation, as well as the drafting of legislation.

In 1994 he joined the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as chief information officer at the Consulate General of Israel in New York, where he was responsible for presenting the Israeli government perspective to the American media and public.

In 1999 he returned to Israel andwas appointed the spokesperson for the municipality of Rishon LeZion, Israel.

In 2000 gay Mc Greevy went on a (all paid) junket to Israel Such junkets are organized by Jewish associations and it is generally believed that the generous hosts dont just provide bed and breakfast they also provide playmates of all varieties

It was in his 2000 junket to Israel (no media article mentions which group sponsored the junket) gay McGreevey met gay Cipel (ex IDF ex Israel Foreign service and very possibly Mossad) What are the odds of a rising closeted gay  New York politician meeting a gay ex IDF ex Israeli Foreign Office officer??? Practically Nil

What are the odds of this being a Mossad honeytrap? Practically 100%


In 2001 McGreevey (a possibly blackmailed Mossad asset) ran for the governorship again in 2001 and won with 56% of the vote. Cipel returned to the United States to work on the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign of Jim McGreevey. Following the election, Cipel was appointed counselor to the governor, advising McGreevey on issues including political strategy, diplomatic affairs and Jewish community relations. He also served as liaison between the states’s various security and law enforcement agencies and the governor’s office.

Which wouldnt be such a big deal as the USA is crawling with such Mossad assets But heres where things get really interesting and the Kushner family now linked to President Elect Trump comes in

On Jan. 24, 2002, with great fanfare, McGreevey announced the creation of an office of counterterrorism and appointed Kathryn Flicker, a respected assistant attorney general, to the post. But in late February, reporters discovered that there were two Homeland Security officials.

Mr. Cipel, who listed Mr. McGreevey’s largest contributor, the developer Charles Kushner, as the sponsor on his visaapplication, and was paid $30,000 a year for a public relations job with Kushners company in 2000, had actually been hired, with no fanfare, on Jan. 15, a full week before Ms. Flicker. A GOVERNOR RESIGNS: THE OTHER MAN; Details of a Past in Question Are Emerging One by One

Kushner had given McGreevy 1.5 million between 1997 and 2001 Source 

Remember in 2000 he had “accidentally met”McGreevy in Israel and was probably having sex with him Also New Jersey would be an ideal place for a 9/11 followup False Flag With Cipel heading Counterterrorism any “operation” would breeze through


Which means Charles Kushner sponsored a possible Mossad spy ‘s visa and gave him a 30000 a year salary from his companies accounts

Cipels (New Jersey Counterterrorism Government salary) of $80,000 rose after a month and a half to $110,000, one of the highest in the executive branch at a time when the state was facing a $2.9 billion budget shortfall. Source  Its not known if Kushner too kept paying him for “public relations”

Because he was a foreign(Israeli) citizen,  Cipel could not get a federal security clearance and therefore could not sit in on high-level intelligence briefings. When important Republican legislators threatened to hold up other appointments, the governor reassigned Mr. Cipel.

 McGreevey’s  appointment led to an outcry among Republican legislators, and a series of revelations, including this excerpt from a letter to the INS from the governor’s chief counsel, Paul Levinsohn, describing the nature of Cipel’s work on behalf of the Israeli government:

“In particular, his experience as chief information officer, consulate general of Israel, involved responsibility for developing and maintaining the country’s terrorism portfolio, keeping government authorities abreast of terrorist activities and threats, maintaining a database of such activities and coordinating that information with data obtained from other agencies.” Source 

That sounds very much like the work profile of a Mossad spy

A religious Jew, Kushner has funded a variety of Jewish institutions over the years . He’s also donated heavily to Harvard, where Jared and Josh went to college, and to NYU, where Jared attended the JD/MBA program.

Its clear that Cipel had some ties with Israeli intelligence Its also clear Kushner had ties with Cipel before or soon after he met McGreevy

Like many rich religious Jews Charles Kushner too probably has some Mossad links

A few days back Donald Trump Requested Security Clearance for Son-in-Law Jared Kushner

Classified Secured information could go from Kushner Junior to Kushner Senior ………..from which its just a small step towards Mossad

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  1. The walls are closing in around the never really great US of A….Trrrrrump, drain the swamp? Turns out trrrrump IS the swamp and american’s have been had……again!

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  8. SHOCKING Truth About US Election 2016 / Donald Trump Illuminati?

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  14. As Alan Alda declared: 

  15. “There’s plenty of money to be had…But you also lose your soul.”

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