FINALSCAPE – holographique : Une fontaine hologramme en Chine

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29 JUNE 2017 By ADMIN
Holographic technology: A hologram fountain in China

Holograms for events and scenography, exhibitions and museums.

How does a hologram work on an event location?

Whether it is holography, 3D holographic projection, holographic technology, holographic video, virtual flutter, relief animation without bezel, 3d pyramid hologram, we speak of a technology without a telescope and without Screen that allows an audience to view a 3D image in a location.

What are the advantages of the hologram during an event?

The hologram is a technology that allows to highlight an object or a 3D image on an event site. The public can turn around the object and discover it in all its facets. The hologram is an event in the event and it allows you to cause a guaranteed “wahou” effect. Whether it is on your booth at a show, for a set design, in a museum or exhibition, during a product presentation, a seminar animation or an event communication, the hologram brings an incomparable Your event.

Who can use a hologram?

The projects around the hologram are aimed at all professionals who work on event projects: event agencies, communication officers, sales managers, product managers, scenographers, museographers. The holograms allow to innovate in the animation of the events and to propose new solutions to impress an audience.

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