Pédopornographie: les réseaux se portent bien, merci – donde vamos



Child pornography: networks are doing well, thanks

By Ceri
Mini Foreword:

For once, I will evoke a problem that has caught my attention for several years and that can be worth a few sleepless nights to the most seasoned.

This is called a generic term “pedophile networks”. It will take several parts to go – a little – in detail, in order to have a chance to fully understand how things work.

When one says “pedophile networks”, especially in the plural, this often leads to reflections such as “conspiracy theory”.

Yet these networks exist and are innumerable today especially because of the Internet. We remember: Dutroux or Emile Louis were isolated predators, Dominique Baudis was wrongly accused because he is a notable in a case related to the Allègre affair, Outreau’s case was bogus, In short: the network is never heard, except to say that it is “conspiracy theory”.

Without going so far as to speak of “conspiracy”, it must be said: there are many networks of pedophiles, not just on the Internet, since we must provide the “raw material”: children.

And these networks work together. In some of these networks, there are powerful people in politics or economics, and obviously these people are protecting themselves.

Not plots, but networks.

We will first make a sort of state of play in Part I, then we will address the Dutroux affair and the network that was behind in Part II, which will be quite long.

Then we shall see the Allègre affair more closely, that of the disappeared of the Yonne, and some others less known.


The modern network, or pedophile network

To make a network, you must be at least two. On the pedophile side, the old version of the network is an incestuous father (for example), who “lends” his child to the neighbor for free or for some advantage.

The network kept a “local” dimension and more or less confidential.

Today, the incestuous father is connected to the Internet.

And he no longer simply rapes his daughter, he films this rape to broadcast on the web or rather to exchange the film against another film or for money.

At the extreme, it is also possible for pedophiles to order a child rape film, in such and such a way and for such and such a sum, from the other end of the planet.

And the movie, once on the web, can be shared with a lot of people. The network, then, is international and concerns hundreds or even thousands of people.

In Japan, cases of child pornography increased by 60% between the first six months of 2009 and the first six months of 2010.

In part pedophile Because the police are quite serious about it, but also because the supply and demand in this area are constantly growing , training each other.

600 cases were recorded in Japan at the beginning of 2010, concerning 295 children, twice as many as in 2009.

In Belgium, a case concerning child pornography is open every day , but as long as they only look at the images pedophiles Do not risk much: one year’s imprisonment (and again, the first time they will have only a reprieve), and maximum ten if they produce the said images.

There are still old-fashioned networks, where parents simply deliver their children to a neighbor , and almost every time they are financially, socially and culturally disadvantaged families who rent the children to someone who , By definition, has more money than them.

And there are those who also film, many since the time of the VHS, even more since the digital age. Why film?

Some people just watch videos quietly at home, others exchange them for a new video, or resell them.

And it sometimes becomes a quasi-industrial production .

The Belgian Church could also be described as a pedophile network, since the hierarchy systematically arranged to stifle all affairs, as in Ireland or Portugal [ 1] , moreover.

The child porn industry

Today, pedophiles are regularly arrested and thousands of pornographic pornographic images, including entire rape videos, have been stored on their hard drives, even to the most abominable.

Child pornography is linked to the sexual exploitation of children and constitutes a serious violation of human rights .

A pedophile will have 100,000 photos and 200 videos , the other a CD-ROM of 8,000 photos, another (like Mrs. Hissel, the former lawyer of parents of a small victim of Dutroux) will have 7,500 , another will store 600 videos and 4.000 photos, another will have 15,000 ,350,000 (and 1,400 videos) 2] or perhaps 3 million …

The arrests are recurrent and it makes sense: with these techniques of diffusion , the network quickly takes on proportions dantesques.

What we forget, these gentlemen especially, is that behind every photo and video, there is a child who is abused, sometimes babies.

And it really makes a lot of children.

On the Internet, it is now quite simple to get in touch with pedophiles, or simply to fall on a forum where one exchanges pornography pedo.

“Supply” is important, and also motivates an additional demand, as shown in some cases where normal a priori types start looking at thousands of images of child rape, and respond to the judge that “Internet encourages this kind of facts … ”

This is how he joins a criminologist psychologist, Roland Coutanceau, who explains that certain individuals ,” by dint of seeing these images, will drift towards the temptation to take action ”

In 2007, 132 people holding such images had been arrested in France.

They were also accused of having exchanged images, some of which, on a server in France, had been downloaded by more than 10,000 people.

In the end, 1.4 million photos and 27,000 videos were seized in this case. France would be the second European country in terms of child pornography behind Germany, and 4th in the world.

But where do all these children come from?

Some come from here, others from Eastern Europe, where orphanages are very popular with pedophiles, Maghreb and Latin America, where a Brazilian network for the production and distribution of child pornography films has been dismantled. 2009, in fact no country should be spared.

At the end of 2010, a Bulgarian network which had produced several hundred pedophile films, which was then broadcast on the Internet, was dismantled.

In Amsterdam, at the end of 2010, the cops finally got hold of a Latvian who had raped children in crèches, mostly filming the scenes.

His films were watched throughout the United States .

The Belgian news agency said: ” When the suspect was arrested, the police seized several computers, the contents of which were particularly well protected by encryption techniques, according to Commissioner Welten.

It is not known at this time whether there is a network of child pornography “Yes: since the Dutroux affair, the word “network” is taboo in Belgium.

All these movies report, and some put up 500 euros a month to buy movies and photos.Recently, a 29-year-old father who advertised “renting or buying girls” was pinched.

Not by the police: by journalists, who then swung it.But, in short.

The guy asked for 1,500 to 15,000 € for a child from a Romanian or Polish orphanage.

Recently, Australian investigators find on the Internet videos in which girls who speak Flemish are abused by their

And then the trail (Operation Koala ) goes up to their father , a certain Pascal Taveirne, who sold these videos 3] to other pedophiles.

One of them, an Italian, put them online, as well as videos of the rapes of 21 Ukrainian girls aged 9 to 16 “leased” for 30 or 40 euros .

In particular, these videos were found in Mr. Hissel’s computer , as well as in the computers of 2,500 other pedophiles.

While some videos are made by isolated amateurs, this is not always the case, and some people have the main occupation to prostitute children and of course to film them to maximize the gains.

Some of the images that Mr. Hissel looked at were produced by a group of perverts called the “Zandvoort Network”, which we will address just below.

In terms of child pornography, we can talk about industry because of the revenue generated by the sale of images, but also by the provision of the servers that host all the sites concerned.

Unfortunately, no study has been conducted on the financial flows behind this business of the most vile.

It is considered that the leader in this field had already managed to have a turnover of more than 20 million dollars in 2004, worthy of the largest producers of normal porn movies in France.

The leader of the porno porn on the net, who had several websites and also produced some images, was selling at that time about 1,500 access to his catalog every day at $ 40 registration.

And one of the perverse effects of laws like LOPPSI is to favor the specialization of server providers for pedophile sites.

The concealment and techniques to escape the filtering of these sites demand means and have a cost, which directly enriches a mafia essentially installed in Russia for the moment.

The main reason is that pornography in general has been banned for a long time, and that this industry is bypassing censorship on the Internet and elsewhere for a long time.

In short: at every legal and technological barrier, the proponents of this business find parades , such as using spam sent to known pedophiles with a link referring to a pedophile site whose address changes permanently, then send it back to another Hidden site, use a discrete payment system, specially created for this type of transactions, or go through Trojans by infected computers to upload images …

The images, once sold, are quickly worthless since they are broadcast on a large scale and there is no copy right.

As a result, it is always necessary novelty, new kids, new movies and if possible, more and more trash

The so-called “Zandvoort” network

We wondered who produced these images?Well, there are kinds of studios, such as the one that was dismantled in Ukraine in 2004 : a pseudo model agency recruited 8 to 16 year old girls to film pornographic films.

1,500 children would have passed through this agency.

But we also have networks at home, such as the Zandvoort network, which has put online tens of thousands of pedophile images from Holland, some of which are produced in-house.

With this affair, one sinks in the bottom of the glaucous.

To try to be more or less understandable, it is better to take the events in order.

For what is striking in this story, as in many other cases of pedophilia, is the incredible slowness of the judicial machinery, coupled with an obstruction that is unparalleled.

The case of Zandvoort (named after a Dutch town near Haarlem) broke out in 1998 when Marcel Vervloesem, founder of the Belgian associationMorkhoven 4] presents to the police a CD ROM containing thousands of pornographic photos.

On the CD ROM, 8,700 children, sometimes babies, victims of rape and barbaric acts.

Some children have probably been drugged before undergoing these acts because they do not react, or few, have the look in the vague.

Vervloesem, who was investigating the disappearance of the young Manuel Schadwald in Berlin in 1993, obtained this CD-ROM from Gerrit Ulrich, a Dutch pedophile who had a real workshop for producing pornographic films and CD with eight computers Rotating continuously.

He handed him this CD ROM because he felt threatened and tried to cover himself up by accusing the other members of the network.

After delivering these photos, Ulrich is also murdered in Italy by Robbie Van der Plancken A young man whom he had initiated into prostitution since he was 12 years old.

Vervloesem found himself questioning witnesses in the Dutch child pornography world by investigating the disappearance of a young German, Manuel Schadwald, five years earlier, because he would have been seen in this environment on several occasions.

Disappeared at 12 years 5] , he was taken directly to Holland in a brothel held and frequented by pedophiles.

His parents recognize him on videos taken in Madeira, which lead to the “Temse Madeira” (Thames Madeira) network, where the boss of a pedophile bar in Temse (Thames) organized trips and cruises (notably on the sailboat “Apollo” “), During which they abused young children while filming.

Incidentally, Apollo is also the name of the website through which Ulrich sent his videos.

In this network, there are very undesirable people, such as Norbert de Rijck 6] , Lothar Glandorf 7] , which removed Schadwald [ 8], or
Robbie Van der Plancken (his accomplice), but otherwise we will not get away (we’ll talk later about Glandorf).

Back to Ulrich and the CD ROM: in fact, he had given eight CD ROMS to Vervloesem, with over 93,000 photos, 47,000 of them “unpublished”, all handed over to the Belgian police then to Interpol 9].

In 1999, the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp received the CD ROMS and was quick to file the file [ 10] , then the CDs disappear and Vervloesem is pursued for possession of pornographic material.

Police operations stop some consumers of these videos, but for the rest, business continues, while the Roma CDs disappear from the Antwerp court.

One could also speak at length about the treatment reserved for Marcel Vervloesem , who has updated this network: he spent several years in prison 11] in spite of his diabetes, in want of care, and has to undergo a lot of defamatory attacks and slanderous denunciations.

But in these files, many witnesses are craving for suicide, or die in car accidents.

The so-called Zandvoort network was in fact connected with many other groups of pedophiles, who also had their production system.

The Koala operation, carried out by Europol since 2006 to find the clients of an Italian pedophile site and Pascal Taveirne’s small productions, led to the arrest in France of a certain Dr. Chung (71) and his friend Malgarini (51 ), For having had sex (eg, $ 5 for an 8-year-old child) with under-15s in Thailand and Cambodia between 2003 and 2007.

Of course, both were filming their exploits.

But it must be said that in our country very few pedophiles were harassed (apparently 21), and in total only 92 people were arrested in Europe following Operation Koala.

But, apart from these rare arrests, the case ended in France by a non-place in 2003, causing all the investigation to be trapped.

In fact, some pedophiles have so much provided address books that there are types of other pathways across the country.

Thus, an English pedophile named Warwick Spinks, who took five years in prison in 1994 12) (but was released under conditions, not observed of course in 1997) and liked Madeira and the young boys there, was in contact with members of the Thames-Madeira and Zandvoort networks (like Glandorf ).

Spinks had become a pro in the trade of young children in Dutch brothels and apartments, and child pornography images sold for several at prices such as $ 5,000, a tariff that no longer concerns the proletarians.

He was able to buy many properties around the world with this money.

A young man who knew him well told him that he had seen the video of a child’s rape and death , all filmed by Spinks and his friends while they were in a boat .

Other videos of this type are mentioned by different witnesses in this case: in the end we suspected Spinks of the murders of five boys .

Spinks, like some of his British counterparts, were touring gay bars in Amsterdam, bringing young boys from Cardiff and London, and then from the East after the fall of the USSR.

The Dutch police estimated that about 250 pedophiles gravitated in these bars.

Strangely enough, the Dutch told Scotland Yard that they would not inquire about it, and the local police in England, for want of means, were said to have done so.

In short, released conditionally after two and a half years in prison, Spinks disappeared from the traffic and it seems that he is still on the run
So we have a kind of nebula of pedophile websites and networks, a multitude of child victims worldwide, and an almost total omerta except on the few guys who get stuck to download these images.

We will see in the following sections that there is also a fierce judicial obstruction in many cases where we refuse to see any network whatsoever despite the evidences.

[1] In the case of the Portuguese orphanages in Casa Pia where pedophiles reigned, which broke out in 2002, it is interesting to note that the children were also taken to isolated individual houses.

It is also important to know that everyone knew for years what was happening, but of course the authorities did not react.

However, in this case, the arrest of a former chauffeur of Casa pia, Carlos Silvino, accused of pedophile acts since 1975 and suspected this time of serving as a matchmaker, led to the arrest of personalities such as An ex-ambassador to UNESCO, a former minister of labor … It took eight years for … six convictions to fall , the heaviest being 18 years in prison for Silvino, the only one to have recognized the facts .

[2] Dutchman arrested in 2009 was caught because he reported a breakdown in the digital photo editor of a supermarket, while he was developing his pedophile photos.

The employees saw that the machine was stuffed by these photos and reported the facts.

[3] Taveirne reportedly received € 3,200 from these videos.

Apparently, some videos were made to order, at a price of 250 € to film the little ones in lingerie, or 750 € to film them or one of their friends being raped by their father, for example.

[4] This Non-Profit Association (like an asso 1901 law) fights for the rights of the person, in prison, in psychiatry, for the rights of the children etc.

As of 1992, the non-profit organization is on the trail of a group of guys who pay children Psychiatric institute of Antwerp to pose on porn pictures in different bars.

And the legal troubles began for Morkhoven.

[5] Shortly before his disappearance, he was reportedly seen at the Zoo station in Berlin, a prostitution center in the German capital.

Manuel Schadwald was young, of course, but it happened that young people who disappeared in these networks were “hooked” by the network some time before their disappearance;

Which did not prevent the police from considering it as an escape.

The Zoo is the station where the trains from Eastern Europe arrive, and about 700 Eastern European boys aged 12 to 17 were prostitutes in the early 2000s.

[6] Following a search at his home in 1992 and the seizure of pedophile photos, De Rijck was sentenced in 2001 to five years in prison for sexual abuse committed on ten boys aged 11 to 16 from families Poor in Madeira in 1991.

[7] Glandorf took only six years in prison in 1995, following the closure of two bars in which children (including Manuel Schadwald) were prostitutes in Rotterdam at the end of 1994.

Glandorf was one of the owners, Been convicted of trafficking in human beings, including the debauchery of minors under 16 years of age.

Yet he had also sold “hundreds” of young boys.

[8] According to the Guardian , it was the police in Rotterdam who saw Schadwald entering a bar with Glandorf in September 1994.

Children who escaped from a brothel in Glandorf in 1993 also told Police that they had recognized Schadwald in the bars.

[9] As a result, various police operations such as the Koala or Hamlet operations have made it possible to challenge buyers of these videos, who are tossed by their online payments.

[10] On the basis of “unknown culprits”. Instead of looking for them, the investigation is abandoned.

[11] Vervloesem is accused of various rapes, following complaints in 1998, fraud, possession of pedophile material (the famous CD ROMs he actually had in his possession for handing over to the police) and (Belgium, for insisting that an investigation be carried out) following a complaint by the father of one of the victims of Dutroux, Jean Denis Lejeune, now politically active, a member of the Child Focus … and defended at the time by Me Hissel.

The world is small, especially Belgium. In the end, Vervloesem took four years in prison by the Antwerp Court of Appeal in 2008 and was provisionally released in August 2010 because of his health problems.

[12] He was convicted of kidnapping and raping a 10-year-old child (whom he most probably murdered) in February 1995.

Released in July 1997, he fled two months later .

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