CERN and Earth Harmonics “Open SESAME”

CERN and Earth Harmonics “Open SESAME”

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CERN and Earth Harmonics “Open SESAME”

I first dismissed the Occult side of CERN as the ravings of some God bothering freaks.

Being interested in Physics I was wrapped up in the outer part of the Science being done there but something bugged me to check out the Occult side.

What I discovered blew me away and remember you read it here first on LOP!

First some odd things about the project.

CERN was founded 29 September 1954 after Isidor Isaac Rabi PhD (Chief Science advisor to 32 degree mason US President Truman, Rabi is the inventor of the principles of NMR used in medical imaging), authorized the UN agency UNESCO to auspice a European group countries to form a Nuclear Science Study Center.

If you want to measure the tiny signature of particles interacting with strong magnetic fields you need a stable platform.

EMR machines for example in hospitals require additional heavy foundations to stop the machine being disturbed by low frequency rumblings of heavy road traffic.

So why build the device right beside a major city and the LHC itself less than a kilometer from the main runway at Geneva Airport the rumble of Jet traffic and road traffic means additional costs to foundations.

It also was buried deep underground.

Geneva is home of the many of the HQ’s of the United Nations and Red Cross it sits right on the border with France and is the 2nd most populous city after Zurich home to the Illuminatti Bankers known as the “Gnomes of Zurich”!

If you look at Google Earth you’ll see the general aviation parking lot where a fleet of slick billionaire’s jets are lined up right beside the CERN PA8 site, (46°14’29.13″N 6° 5’49.01″E) one leg of the pentagram.

The highest Masonic lodge in Switzerland is the Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia that practices the same Scottish Rite as the US Masons with its 33 degree initiation.

The HQ of the GPIH is in Pregny-Chambésy a commune in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland.

It is located directly north of the city of Geneva, on the south-western shore of Lake Geneva adjacent to another leg of the Pentagram CERN Lab PA6 which is located on 6 degrees 6 minutes 42 seconds Longitude (666) the Illuminati love the spooky numbers!

So the project is sited under some of the most expensive real estate in Europe beside a major UN hub, Switzerland’s Premier Masonic center and Private Jet Fleet Home base.

The Occult Connection.

Check out the layout of the laboratories located solely above the LHC magnetic circuit in figure 1 a very interesting symbol our old friend the Pentagram and even more ancient symbol the equal armed cross.

The equal armed cross within a circle is an occult symbol symbolizing hetero sexual sex, Alisteir Crowley had it drawn on the top of his head during his rituals when erecting the ancient altar with his female adepts.

The vertical arm is the eye of the penis which when pressed home against the horizontal opening of the Os of the womb through the circular wall of the penis engorged vagina during sexual intercourse gives a cross section that shows this symbol.

The Red Cross and Maltese Cross are derivations of this symbol displayed prominently around Geneva and in the Logo of GPIH.

The Pentagram mapped out by the major CERN Labs located only on the LHC Circle form a Pentagram head aligned Geographic North South and an equal armed cross aligned 45 degrees to it, two symbols in one creation and destruction.

Reinforced by the Statue of the dancing Shiva the Hindu God of the dark arts located outside the CERN administration centre.

The laboratories of the Mundane Physics are located in Surface buildings but the actual particle accelerators and enormous detector is located at depths ranging from 50 to 175 metres (164 to 574 ft) underground.

The largest ring the LHC is at the lowest level.

Access to CERN’s underground facilities like the underground facilities at Denver Airport is restricted.

Of course no one would be allowed close to the circuit when it is powered up due to possible radiation exposure.

The mundane science carried out at CERN by a host of dedicated scientists and technicians is world class and CERN is the most powerful Synchrotron based Particle Accelerator in the world after the US and Russian projects to build a bigger one’s were cancelled supposedly due to the end of the cold war.

What makes CERN different to other Synchrotron sites is something I discovered about the relationship to the circumference of the rings of its two sites and the latitude to the center of its rings.

Yes there is two one in Switzerland we’ve all heard of and a smaller one located in Jordan about 16 km from the Israeli border called “SESAME” under construction.

If you remember your Science classes about reading a map based on a spherical planet you’ll recall that the lines of latitude that run east west numbered from 0 at the equator up to a point 90 degrees at the geographic poles, slice the sphere of the planet into GREAT CIRCLES.

The CERN rings both the 26.981 meter LHC ring, its smaller SPS 6.9 km ring and the SESAME 133.2 km ring in Allaan Jordan are almost exact harmonics to within one decimal place of the great circle of latitude that bisects them.

Their circle natural resonance has a sine wavelength equal to its circumference illustrated in this animation of a sine wave in the wikipedia article.

The harmonic is calculated by halving the circumference of the Great Ring of Latitude until it approximates the circumference of the Synchrotron ring.

For example the centre of CERN’s LHC is 46.26667 degrees that represents a great circle of circumference 27,703,963.69 metres from the formulae Cosine(Latitude) times Earths Equatorial Circumference 40,075,000 meters.

Dividing the 27,703.963.69 metres by 2 raised to the 10th power we get 27,054.65 metres compared to CERNS LHC Circumference of 26,981.32 metres a ratio of 0.997, the closer to ONE the closer the harmonic.

So CERNS LHC Circumference is the 10th Harmonic of the great circle of Latitude at its centre.

The SESAME site ratio is 1.029 from the 18th harmonic (6+6+6) of the great circle of latitude at its centre.

Frances SOLEIL site circumference to latitude ratio calculates out at 0.887.

Australia’s Synchrotron in Melbourne is 0.895.

I haven’t calculated out the entire list of world sites but in music terms the Non CERN sites are several semitones away from the tonic.…facilities

So big deal you say but what does all this mean.

We’ve all heard of Earth’s Magnetic Field but Earth has just as complex electrical field which when using the right hand rule with the thumb pointing in direction of the North pole the fingers curled into a fist represent the direction of the electric field running East West.

This field is complex with ionospheric, atmospheric and telluric components that have a daily and seasonal rhythm strongest at midday and oddly in the Winter months incidentally when CERN is turned off.

It’s the Telluric or underground currents I am the most interested in as the Illuminati temple located beneath the centre of these rings would be the eye in this electrical cyclone and the best place to conduct magic operations and ceremonial initiations.

These high tech Satanists have constructed their own Stonehenge’s hidden beneath centres of peaceful world class research while 99% of the researchers and staff have no idea what is also going on underground.

Telluric currents, also known as ley lines have been the focus of white and black magicians since the dawn of time.

To the skeptic who is tempted to say what a lot of new age bullshit I’ll give you an example of the type of practical magic these dark adepts are capable of.

I refer to the CERN event known as “The Quench” incident.

On 19 September 2008, a magnet quench occurred in about 100 bending magnets in sectors 3 and 4, where an electrical fault led to a loss of approximately six tonnes of liquid helium (the magnets’ cryogenic coolant), which was vented into the tunnel.

The escaping vapour expanded with explosive force, damaging over 50 superconducting magnets and their mountings, and contaminating the vacuum pipe, which also lost vacuum conditions.

Shortly after the incident CERN reported that the most likely cause of the problem was a faulty electrical connection between two magnets, and that – due to the time needed to warm up the affected sectors and then cool them back down to operating temperature – it would take at least two months to fix

At the very same time halfway across the world US Treasurer Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson spoke these prophetic words

“If it doesn’t pass then Heaven help us all!” he was referring to the collapse of Lehman Bros and the financial abyss that was narrowly averted by the bail out of the banks that were too big to be allowed to fail after that event.

Did the Illuminati ceremoney (ceremony) get a blast from some heavenly power that cut short their last attempt at world takeover or what?

More importantly who is going to emerge from the temple like complex at SESAME when finally constructed in 2016 after taking his final initiation to become the “King of the World” on a planet reeling from financial collapse and natural catastrophe.

Source: CERN and Earth Harmonics

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