Gerry McCann AND the Stolen Wallet

I can see this find has caused a lot of interest, just to be clear ,I have posted the link to the Police for them to investigate..Hopefully with an officer who cannot be bribed by MURDOCH…ONLY if the police ask me to remove it will I do so.

Quote from blogger:

You can moad all you like, but no moderator has helped sort out imposters all, infact, cause this imposter has access to my personal settings, and if I’m not mistaken, the only person I know that can hack into personal setting on the net that has a problem with me, is Jim Gamble and the McMafia paedophile mob at CEOP.

I aleady exposed his paedophile ass for hacking Gerry McCann’s crime file’s in the Law Enforcment data base using CEOP’s mainframe and emptied out the file of the evidence tha Gerry used his credit card’s to download ilegal child porn off the net and ended up being charged for having over 200,000 indecent images of children and babys beiing sexually abused and murdered and for trafficking his own produced video’s of child abuses and murder, which landed him on the UK National Child Sex Absue Offence Register. 

You can check it out yourself that IS Gerry’s registered as a paedophile and got caught in Operation Ore in 2006 before he took his family to Praia de Luz and faked his daughter Madeleine’s abduction, tjhen tried to make out that he’s had his credit card’s stolen the same month he reported his daughter being abducted in London Heathrow in May 2007 to make people believe he was a victim of credit card fraud if anyone found out he’d been caught downloading ilegal child porn on his own computer!

Leicestershire Police Force
From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES

To: SIO, Operation Task

Department: Main Crime Unit

Date: 16th May 2008


Subject: Background Information- Gerald McCANN

A search of the local section of the child abuse shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system. A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference.

You can believe it or not, but the SIO, Operation Task, Main Crime Unit is where all the UK’s paedophile data files from Operation Ore are kept, the registration of Gerry’s paedophile crime’s reference file exist’s, but Jim Gamble and his McMafia paedophile mob hacked it a couple of month’s pior to Gerry’s family holiday in Praia and removed the evidence, a habit of Jim Gamble’s he’s had since he was in the Serioous Crime Squad in Ireland, of which reports exist to prove this! The hacker who is impersonating my account work’s for Jim Gamble at CEOP, this is their link:
Now wouldn’t it be a laugh if it got round the globe how easy Youtube is to hack and access people’s accounts and impersonate them and Youtube did nothing about it, I think that would be Youtube’s downfall, cause there’s quite a lot of other public site’s that have better hacking security than Youtube does at present!

The ALLEGED paedophilia incident between Gerry McCann and Dr.David Payne

The Portuguese police were told by British police: “The McCanns have no credit or ATM cards”. But their flights to Portugal and hire of a Renault Scenic in Portugal were paid with credit cards. Then Gerry McCann admitted having credit cards, saying they went missing after his wallet was stolen. He gave two different places where his wallet was stolen: Waterloo Station – or ‘near Downing Street’

Extracts from newspaper articles, with relevant sections highlighted in red
The Telegraph 2007.06.21
Gerry McCann had his wallet stolen during a brief trip to London, losing two “irreplaceable” photos of his missing daughter Madeleine.

Mr McCann was returning to Britain for only the second time since the four-year-old was abducted. He returned for a series of meetings about his global campaign to find his daughter.

Around an hour after Mr McCann flew into Gatwick his wallet was stolen from his back pocket at a cash machine at Waterloo station in London.

Philomena McCann, his sister, said that after all the goodwill directed towards Mr McCann and his family in Portugal, the theft in London was a “demoralising” sign of the times.

She said: “He bent down to put something in his rucksack and some dirty animal had the wallet out of his back pocket. We don’t care about the money, but we do care about getting the pictures back.”


The father of Madeleine McCann has had his wallet stolen including cherished pictures of his missing daughter that he kept in it.

Thieves targeted Gerry McCann, a cardiologist, near the Foreign Office in Whitehall, while on a brief visit to London.

Mr McCann had flown from Faro to Gatwick yesterday for a series of meetings about his abducted four-year-old daughter.

Susan Healey, mother of his wife Kate, said it was ‘yet another kick in the teeth’. She added: ‘Gerry is not clear exactly how his wallet was stolen. he did not see them take it. It contained precious photographs which have now been lost forever.

The Times of India

Gerry McCann, father of Madeleine McCann, who went missing from the resort town of Praia da Luz on May 3, had his wallet stolen during a brief visit to the British capital Tuesday, London’s Evening Standard said.

McCann’s wallet was stolen close to Tony Blair’s Downing Streetoffice after he arrived in London to interview candidates to head a campaign aimed at finding his daughter, the newspaper reported. “It contained precious photographs which have now been lost forever,” the newspaper quoted McCann’s mother-in-law Susan Healy.

HOWEVER the London Evening Standard said 

Mr McCann was pickpocketed at a cash machine at Waterloo station in Central London on June 2

Extracts from Gerry McCann’s blog, with relevant sections highlighted in red

Gerry McCann’s blog 2007.06.19 Day 47

Unfortunately shortly after arriving in London I had my wallet stolen which meant I was running late. I did manage to get to all my meetings which ran late into the evening. 

Gerry MCann’s blog 2007.06.29 Day 57 

Early rise this morning dropping off and picking up good friends from the airport. One of our friends from Amsterdam, who has been 

actively campaigning to publicise Madeleine’s disappearance, dropped in to see us for a couple of hours since he is on a golfing trip in the Algarve.

Our friends brought back my wallet which had been returned, needless to say minus the Sterling, although all my cards and €30 were still in it! It is good to have my driving license back and one or two other important things.

COMMENT: What thief returns a wallet containing 30 Euro ? What thief returns the wallet to McCanns home so a friend may return it to him in Portugal ?
McCann did not report the wallet stolen to police nor is there a record of him cancelling credit cards !

Pamela Fenn the lady who lived above McCanns apartment

She also refers to the day of the 1st May 2007, when she was at home alone, at approximately 22.30 she heard a child cry, and that due the tone of the crying seemed to be a young child and not a baby of two years of age or younger.

Apart from the crying that continued for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and which got louder and more expressive, the child shouted ?Daddy, Daddy?, the witness had no doubt that the noise came from the floor below.

At about 23.45, an hour and fifteen minutes after the crying began, she heard the parents arrive, she did not see them, but she heard the patio doors open, she was quite worried as the crying had gone on for more than an hour and had gradually got worse.

SteelMagnolia at 1:33 PM

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Gerry McCann AND the stolen wallet

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