Cardinal Sin (A Pell Smell) By: MrMicktoxic on

​May 26, 2015 

I was watching the news recently and it made me so angry I had to have a little rave on Facebook which led to this song being recorded the same night. The rant went like this;

The Roman Catholic Church is fundamentally and systematically evil. Pell is a psychopath who used to LIVE with Risdale – the worst serial abuser.

He got a gig in the Vatican just after the royal commission was announced – how lucky. 

He’s now working with god’s ‘representative’ on earth – voted in by the likes of pell – how bloody ridiculous. 

They’ve repressed freedom, culture, happiness, equity, access, health, morality, music, art, expression, dance, joy and ruined millions of lives and caused nothing but misery over the last 2 millennia.

Yet they still enjoy tax free status, own trillions in assets, speak with ‘moral authority’ and get taken seriously…. Seriously?

This track was done after someone commented on the Facebook post that they couldn’t wait to hear the song. 

I had my iPad on me so i spent the next 2 hours doing this. 

Done in garageband using the built-in mic for all the vocal tracks. Exported direct from the ipad which has no automation so difficult to turn things and up and down in mix down. Easier to sing the part again a bit closer to the ipad…

Source: Cardinal Sin (A Pell Smell) By: MrMicktoxic on

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