Ipredator Michael Nuccitelli Exposed In Troll Triad

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Sherri Kane, Michael Vara
and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


TrollTriad.com presents a classic case study in how and why Internet trolls operate.

These include agents traditionally known as COINTELPRO (short for “Counter-Intelligence Program”) subversives. With the advent of the Internet they became “trolls.”

Their cyber-gang includes the social media cyber-gangsters exposed here, confusing, diverting and discrediting all intelligent discussions.

These include the “Deep State” hackers that launch “scam bots” to impose commercial crimes on targets and society.

They damage truth, justice and civilization.

“Follow the money.” You will discover “why” these defamatory thugs, online stalkers (i.e., psychologically deranged criminals), post what they will.

Their “Why” demonstrates a perverted mercenary cult, as explained below.

And their “How” gives deep insight into how dangerous the Internet has become.

Its “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) commands lawlessness in the trolls’ hands.

These are modern online racketeers.

They cyber-bully for organized crime, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Energy, Big Military, and Big Banking.

These real parties with concealed interests administer the online virtual reality needed for criminal commerce to grow.

They serve the “Deep State’s” “protection racket” for Big Money industries and industrialists.

They promote and leverage hidden agendas, such as AI and “PSYOPS” (i.e., psychological operations for social engineering).

The trolls are propagandists paid to construct and overtake real reality with virtual reality.

Just as bitcoin advances to overtake physical currency and Watson is overtaking medicine, the COINTELPRO’s cyber-trolls have largely overtaken, and certainly have influenced the “mass mind” and culture.

The Troll Triad exposed here is America’s best studied example of this assault squad aiding-and-abetting the Deep State’s agendas and damaging civilization.

They exemplify moral turpitude underlying the most advanced criminal “mind-control” and “social engineering” in history.

Their affront to society risks especially susceptible women and children–the future of humanity and civility.

These three sick people–Michael Nuccitelli, Alma C. Ott, and Alex McGowin Studer, the “Troll Triad”–have even been identified and vetted by “Anonymous” to no avail.

The video produced by Anonymous, broadcasting below through RevolutionTelevision.net. accurately cites Nuccitelli’s sexual exploits threatening innocent women and children.

Listen, view, read, and learn what the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department officials are too ashamed to address–the rogue Troll Triad they launched has become a monstrous creation.


The “why” is almost always “unfair and deceptive trade.”

That is, trolls are paid to damage targets or muddle intelligence to produce anti-competitive commercial advantage in favor of the companies or organizations paying for the protection.

Internet research has exposed the concealed conflicting commercial interests of infamous trolls.

This is also true in this case study.

Research the “Troll Triad” and you will see the anti-competitive motive of each agent—Alma C. Ott, alias “Dr. A ‘True’ Ott of Mother Earth Minerals Co. allied with thugs who administered a child sex trafficking enterprise; Michael Nuccitelli, alias “Dr. Nuc Love Master–Ejaculoid salesman,” and Alex McGowin Studer- a Hollywood editor not only tied to Ott’s hip, but also to sued-and-settled pedophile Gary Goddard and indicted kiddy porn perv Robert Glenn McDougall.

In this case we’ve lived and suffered the trauma these trolls were financed to inflict, albeit the children they abused suffer now worse.

The Troll Triad that facilitates pedophilia and sexual assaults damage children for life. And they often grow up abusing others.

We survived and studied their attack strategies and organization.

We recorded and evidenced their antics in courts of law.

Their efforts to destroy the reputations and business associations of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Michael Vara have backfired on them time and time again.


The Troll Triad initially targeted the internationally renowned award-winning scholar, author, filmmaker, and producer of Un-Vaxxed: A Docu-Commentary for Robert DeNiro. Dr. Horowitz’s honorable contributions include this “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions in the World International Film Festival.

That credit alone shames the Troll Triad who have done nothing positive with their lives (unless you consider aiding-and-abetting murders, human sex trafficking, and genocides positive).

Horowitz has been the world’s leading thorn-in-the-side of Big Pharma by heralding and opposing “vaccination genocide.”

Attacks against him have only delayed the avalanche of popular support and praise he receives for his quarter century activism to safeguard humanity.

Today, mostly thanks to doctors Horowitz, Robert Mendelsohn, Meyer Eisenstein, Viera Scheibner, and Gary Goldman, a minority of ill-informed people are still vaccinating themselves and their children despite massive media propaganda.

To “neutralize” Horowitz, the Troll Triad attacked Horowitz’s family, friends, and business associates, especially Sherri Kane and Michael Vara.

Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from Fox News in Los

She was attacked for investigating, discovering and exposing the Ott-Gunderson-Aquino child sex trafficking operation part of the Church of Satan.

Kane became Dr. Horowitz’s partner in Medical Veritas International, Inc. to advance the “528LOVERevolution.”

The couple invented online “medicinal music” technologies, including the non-profit 528Records.com music transposition and remastering service; and 528Radio.com freely broadcasting a dozen genres of music transposed into the “528Hz frequency of LOVE.”

These innovations were based on Dr. Horowitz’s revelation of love’s connection to the “Real da Vinci Code,” the original Solfeggio musical scale frequencies, and the Perfect Circle of Sound.

These works have profound implications in physics, biomedical science, electrogenetics, and mathematics.

Ms. Kane wrote the foreword to Dr. Horowitz’s critically-acclaimed book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE that changes readers’ lives forever for better. “The HOROKANE’s” works online, in film, and in the press have “shattered the medical paradigm,” exposed Big Pharma’s demons, and pioneered an irreversible shift in “consciousness” and health science in favor of vaccine-free natural living and healing.

Do these accomplishments really justify troll attacks?

Michael Vara was similarly attacked by the Troll Triad for his heroic broadcasts.

He regularly interviewed The HOROKANE on his radio show—Late Night in the Midlands.

Vara’s nightly broadcast, and his LNM Radio Network, competes directly against the most listened-to show in America, Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, controlled by multi-national corporations heavily invested in drugs, vaccinations, and organized crimes against which Horowitz, Kane and Vara have railed. (1) (

It was Dr. Horowitz’s honorable mention in the national press in 2008 by Rev. Jeremiah Wright that brought out the trolls. Rev. Wright, the religious counsel of Past President Barack Obama, heralded Dr. Horowitz’s book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? before the American news media.

Rev. Wright was forced to defend his position that AIDS was made for genocide against “people of color.”

Horowitz’s monumental award-winning textbook on the origin of these deadly viruses reprinted the National Cancer Institute’s classified contracts under which these kinds of immune-system destroyers were made in labs.

The scientific evidence tied Litton Bionetics to the monkey colony and chimpanzee supply used to grow HIV’s.

The viruses were subsequently spread by the 1972-74 hepatitis B vaccine.

This vaccine was injected into gay men in New York City, Central West Africans, and Willowbrook State School mentally-retarded children on Staten Island, NY.

That publicity put Dr. Horowitz at the heart of presidential election controversy.

And this huge threat caused Big Pharma’s PR firms and secret protection racketeers, like Stanley McCrystal and his group, to hire trolls to damage Horowitz et. al. to protect the vaccine industry and ongoing genocide.

That is the Why the Troll Triad operates.


How the Troll Triad administers online evil goes by several names. Each uses proven behavioral science and social engineering tactics.

These include “military neuroscience,” “psyops,” “persuasion,” “propaganda,” and “counter-intelligence (a.k.a., COINTELPRO).

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald released thousands of pages of “Deep State” intelligence including details on these ever-more-sophisticated protocols for mass mind control.

The “4-Ds” have since become widely known and often observed.

The “4 Ds” for “Online Covert Action” according to Western intelligence leaks, are used by the CIA, FBI, MI6, GCHQ and JTRIG—England’s premier training center and cyber squad.

According to this leaked intelligence, the 4-Ds include:

(1) Denying the target’s free speech and online presence.

This is done by extorting them to cease operating, threatening their lives, blocking their articles, hacking their posts and websites; censoring their videos and search engine presence through complicit Google/YouTube administrators; overwhelming their search engine prominence using competing sites; introducing decoys presenting similar or conflicting information to divert people from the targeted competitor;

(2) Disrupting the target’s organization and presence online. This is done by infiltrating the targeted company or organization with agents; hacking into websites and mail servers to disrupt their administrators and administration; filing false complaints against the targeted person or company; making sham purchases and demanding refunds; invading and overwhelming e-mail accounts with spam, spam bots, and/or scam bots for commercial espionage and sabotage.

(3) Degrading the target, their organization, products, or industry. This is called disparagement, and often involves defamation. The trolls commit wire fraud and deceptive advertising often to gain commercial advantages over their targets. In extreme instances trolls gang stalk their victims, or make it appear opposition is coming from multiple online identities. A single troll can deploy dozens of “socks” to discourage targets, and even make victims feel hated. The cyber-criminals may produce videos to degrade their targets. This is called “libel.”

In this case study, the felony of “revenge pornography” was committed by the Troll Triad after they obtained a private video of Kane scantily dressed. This crime, committed by Studer’s stooges, promoted by Ott and expanded by Nuccitelli, was used to steal Dr. Horowitz’s companies and customers. This crime includes wire fraud since it was done online. The combination of thievery and wire fraud presents a RICO violation–racketeering in organized crime.

(4) Deceiving the target and public is the “ipredators” main mission. This wire fraud is what the Troll Triad spent most of their time doing for many years—publishing false and misleading information to disparage their targets–mainly Dr. Horowitz. And because Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer made money by selling products at the expense of Horowitz, Kane and Vara’s reputations, the Troll Triad gained “unjust enrichment” by deceiving people.

The authors of this report suffered severely from the Troll Triad. Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer committed every one of the 4-Ds aforementioned. As Nuccitelli, the Troll Triad’s main “Provocateur,” explained on his website, his group uses “Internet defamation, libel and slander to control, manipulate and squelch others.” His motive, he explains, is “driven by needs for power and control or personal and financial gain.”

According to Nuccitelli’s own admissions of mental illness to Fox News, he “always had difficulty concentrating on the task at hand or paying attention; often people would ask him why he seemed to be ‘in another world.’”

“Being ADHD and not being diagnosed or receiving treatment made school much harder than it had to be,” said Nuccitelli, 46. “I hated to study, to read, to write, or anything else academic that required focus, sustained attention, and the ability to complete mundane tasks.”

That explains a lot about Nuccitelli’s criminal psychopathology as you will read below. His ADD-related “Napoleon Complex” includes his:
*Low self-esteem
*Poor organization skills
*Low frustration tolerance
*Chronic boredom
*Difficulty concentrating while reading
*Mood swings
*Relationship problems
The medication Nuccitelli admitted taking, Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate), commonly causes”mental/mood/behavior changes (such as agitation, aggression, mood swings, depression, hallucinations, abnormal thoughts or behavior, suicidal thoughts or attempts),[and] frequent or prolonged erections.”

The Troll Triad’s Sex Exploits: From “Ejaculoid” and Child Sex Trafficking, to Gary Goddard Hollywood “Boy-Toy” Abuse

We discovered that Mr. Nuccitelli and his co-conspirators in wire fraud and theft shared a common interest in sex crimes.

To conceal their real vocations and dark histories in sex commerce the Troll Triad operated “fronts.” Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer set up so-called “natural health” stores that competed directly against Dr. Horowitz’s similar stores, aside from penis enlargement products.

Nuccitelli’s criminal enterprise included Goliath Labs for “penis enlargement” commerce. He pushed “Ejaculoid” for “Bigger, Better Orgasms!” Nuccitelli promoted “Maxoderm” and “Hardness Cream.”

Around that same time, the mentally unstable Nuccitelli went limp promoting himself as “Dr. Nuc Love Master.” His advertising promised “10 proven tips for men to arouse women using minimal sexual touch.” Apparently unsuccessful in arousing women, Nuccitelli gave up this “psychology practice” to form his trolling service.

This was not very smart. Nuccitelli disguised his identity as a troll and online sex predator using a service he claimed opposed trolls and cyber-predators called iPredator. His website is still cross linked to his penis enlargement company, as well as to his “Dr. Internet Safety” credentialing organization.

“Dr. Internet Safety” turned out to be the most infamous fraud in the field of “forensics” because it was exclusively certified by Robert O’Block. The Washington Post vetted O’Block as the “Emperor of Junk Science Forensics.” O’Block founded the American College of Forensic Examiners International and vouched for Nuccitelli. He somehow missed the pseudoscience and criminal psychopathology Dr. Nuc brought to the field of penis enlargement.

If we assume Mr. Nuccitelli’s business and professional interests followed his personal interests, as most people’s do, then Mr. Nuccitelli not only suffered from ADHD, but also “small penis syndrome” best explaining his interest in penis enlargement, sexually arousing women at a distance using mind games, and the science of being an Internet predator and “Love Master” in search of personal relief.

A small penis obsessive-compulsive disorder would also best explain “Dr. Nuc’s” relentless attacks against these journalists in the “truth movement” since 2012. “Dr. Nuc’s” small penis apparently drove his “Napoleon Complex”—a fanatical drive to conquer the lives and businesses of his targets.

Michael Vara’s story is especially interesting. Nuccitelli infiltrated Vara’s radio show to pressure Vara to oust Horowitz and Kane as friends, guests on his show, and sponsors. When Vara discovered Nuccitelli’s bad faith, it was almost too late. Nuccitelli had wormed his way into Vara’s business so deeply the hostile takeover caused Vara to have a heart attack. The idea of Vara’s death under intensive care following heart surgery stoked the psychopath “Dr. Love” even more. He attempted to steal the radio network while Vara was still sedated in the ICU.

Credentialed with his online “doctorate” in predatory psychology, Nuccitelli suffered so much angst over his Vara’s survival, that he went crazy thinking of ways to build a cyber-empire around destroying the lives of Vara, Horowitz and Kane. He christened these honorable citizens the “Troll Triad.”

Nuccitelli especially obsessed about Harvard-trained scholar Horowitz. Nuccitelli’s mania, hate, and jealousy became an obvious obsessive-compulsive neurosis. The “nutbag’s” criminal psychopathology showed all over the Internet in dozens of Troll Triad graphics Nuccitelli spent months outputting in the hope of killing his three targets. Nuccitelli built a virtual cyber-empire, hundreds of pages online, built around advertising himself as a “forensic psychologist” and “expert” Internet predator, all claiming Horowitz, Vara and Kane were the “i-predators.” And he not only damaged these targets, Nuccitelli used his web of deceit to attract additional victims. This prompted even Anonymous to produce the featured video broadcasting above.

Projecting Nuccitelli’s ego drive for a larger audience and penis, Nuccitelli labeled Horowitz “delusional” and Kane and Vara the same.

Accordingly, Nuccitelli’s “Troll Triad Archetype” he proudly promotes exclusively evidences his mental illness, obviously not helped by Vyvanse.

The Troll Triad’s Pedophile Racket and Revenge Pornography Circus

TROLL A: Dr. Nuccitelli—the “Love Master” in the Cyber World of Self Promotion

Recent Photo of iPredator Michael Nuccitelli

Dr. Nuccitelli’s commercial interests in sex, apparently driven by his mental illness, Napoleon Complex, “small penis neurosis” also explain his online advertisements to solicit “clients,” as well as his bedfellow trolls. Nuccitelli’s gang of cyber-stalkers” (also called “gang stalkers” in criminal law) targeted children.

Mind you, these are serious “ipredators,”–menaces to society. They are business associates in the sex predator industry.

Nuccitelli’s self-promotions read as follows, with our comments made in brackets:

“Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. consultants are always available, at no cost, to interact with online users and media.”

[Think about that. Why would someone with a supposed “doctor’s degree,” claiming he is an “expert” in “forensics” (i.e, science and law) be “always available” to you “at no cost?” Real “experts” typically charge between $300 to $600 per hour. Shall we suppose the value of Nuccitelli’s services is proportional to the size of his pecker? Is this why Nuccitelli works for free?

And what about the other “consultants” interacting “with online users and media” in his gang? Do the “Love Master’s” associates work for free too? Anytime, day or night?
What is Nuccitelli really selling here?

Here is his pitch for “young children.”] “For tweens and teens, iPredator Inc. created Dr. Internet Safety. For young children, K-5, Cyber Tyger, Troll Man and the Cyber Tyger vs. Troll Man struggle are used to introduce basic internet safety concepts.”

[Nuccitelli launched his “New York State based Information Age Forensics and Internet Safety Company” in September 2011.” That was the exact time fellow Troll Triad cyber-attackers Ott and Studer produced a fake “sex tape,” and claimed it was The HOROKANE engaging in S&M, shortly after being extorted by Gunderson subordinate/Ott associate, predicate felon, Timothy Patrick White to “shut up” or they would release a “sex tape.” The HOROKANE & Vara investigated who was behind producing the fake sex tape and found another Gunderson subordinate/Ott associate, videographer Anthony J. Hilder had produced it. At the same time this cell also output the stolen video showing Kane partially nude, drugged by Ott’s associate, Hampton, and arguing with the doctor on the phone.

This was a felony attack against Kane and Horowitz. In law their video production is called “video voyeurism” or “revenge pornography.” The Troll Triad began attacking Horowitz and his companies by spreading private copyrighted images of Kane in her underwear.

The Troll Triad obtained a stolen copy of Kane’s video showing the couple feuding about shooting a pig on Christmas day in Hawaii. Wow! What hot news! Hawaii is where pigs are shot all the time for Hawaiian luaus and to protect orchards and vegetable gardens. Kane, as an animal rights activist, hoped to save the animals. Big deal, right?

To people with small penises it was made a big deal; but the criminal evidence this saga generated is intriguing.

The doctor’s disgruntled housekeeper, Roxanne Joan Hampton, a total “burnout” and embarrassment to those calling themselves “politicians” on the Big Island of Hawaii, had drugged Kane to obtain that video. Hampton then contacted Ott and Horowitz’s x-wife to distribute the embarrassing video.

And strange bedfellows they made—Ott and Hampton. Ott was best known for promoting KKK-White-Supremacy and Christian Identity propaganda. He and his web host Studer are venomous anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. They promote Israel’s nuclear annihilation.

Can you imagine these menaces who appealed to the anti-government sentiments of Jared Loughner–the Arizona Massacre shooter–working with Hampton, a black lesbian atheist loudmouth drug dealer shunned from political life in Hawaii?

These strange bedfellows made it their mission to repeat their felony called “video voyeurism” and “revenge pornography.” They uploaded Kane’s video over and over again on websites and blogs. At the same time they claimed to “provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying.”

TROLL TRIAD- Alma C. Ott (aka Dr. True Ott, Alex McGowin Studer, Michael Nuccitelli
Here was most compelling evidence of felony-level “cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation, internet addiction,” and Nuccitelli’s field of supposed expertise he called Cybercriminal Psychology & Profiling.”

The Troll Triad’s advertised “goal” was “to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants.”

But that was precisely what they were doing as the assailants committing cyber-crimes.

TROLL B: The Fraud Behind “Dr. ‘True’ Ott”
Like “Dr. Nuc” “A True Ott” (real name Alma C. Ott) directed an online group of Deep State prostitutes—cyber thugs and defamation mercenaries. Ott administered the “protection racket” directed by the FBI’s gross embarrassment—the fired Los Angeles Division 5 Bureau Chief, Theodore “Ted” Gunderson. “Ted’s” child-sex trafficking escapades and affiliation with the Church of Satan became a legendary embarrassment to the covert administrators in the Justice Department.

Gunderson was exposed best before he died by Barbara Hartwell. “Barbara” defected from the CIA as a psychological operations (“psyops”) and mind control specialist. She was blackballed from “The Company” after refusing her assignment under Gunderson’s supervision. Their assignment was to keep a lid on the child sex enterprise serving mainly Washington, DC politicians. More recently, we’ve seen this matter exploding and then quieting in the news relating to “Pizzagate.” The child sex trafficking network involved kidnapped children, several from Boys Town in Nebraska. For Hartwell, working with Ott’s superior would have aided-and-abetted a pedophile and child kidnapping racket. Hartwell honorably opted out and consequently was targeted by all of Gunderson’s cronies, including the Troll Triad.

And talk about evidence of evil, before Gunderson died Hartwell supplied a copy of Gunderson’s most revealing personal letter on FBI stationary. It was written prior to his termination as Division 5 Bureau Chief. In that letter Gunderson made known he was marrying Diane Rively—the heiress to deceased Church of Satan founder, Anton Lavey. Gunderson and Rively wed for a short time, we learned. And after the FBI terminated Gunderson’s employ he went to work for the CIA, with partner Hartwell.

Gunderson died being exposed by Hartwell, Kane and Horowitz as an infamous Pizzagate-like pedophile protector and rogue FBI/CIA agent who hoodwinked his targets. He, like Nuccitelli, prayed on mainly distressed women whose children had been kidnapped. Like Nuccitelli, Gunderson’s affiliates did much of the dirty-work.

Gunderson’s and the Troll Triad’s affiliates included mainly Americans in the so-called “Conspiracy Industry.” The entire anti-Illuminati and conspiracy genre sourced from Gunderson’s office. The “Patriot Movement” and “Christian Community” were heavily solicited and persuaded into thinking Gunderson and Ott were “good guys.”

The “Christian Right” and “American Patriots” were the COINTELPRO agents’ “markets” and “targets” for mind-control. The unrest generated was profitable. These covert actors fueled anti-government attitudes as double agents. This was the heart of “Controlled Opposition” in America. But because they looked and acted so strange, and were easily discreditable, the real Deep State conspirators could use these misfits to prevent deeper more shocking discoveries about the “Illuminati” (also called “The Octapus”) and child sex trafficking enterprise.

Ott worked under Gunderson as the chief online menace. Kane and Hartwell discovered Ott’s connections to Gunderson by substantial sleuthing. Ott’s links to Gunderson’s gang included Nuccitelli’s close working relationship with the obese “pedophile” hot air issuer Alex McGowin Studer.

Kane, Vara and Hartwell discovered that the Troll Triad—Ott, Nuccitelli, and Studer—enrolled several more criminal psychopaths to their enterprise, including Lee Nevins Bracker. Bracker and Nuccitelli both showed signs of mania. Bracker threatened to kill Dr. Horowitz while planning to visit Hampton in Hawaii. That threat was taken seriously upon discovering Bracker had 19 criminal records. He had been arrested for “severe DUI” several times, larceny, writing bad checks, and indecent exposure. (See: Lee Bracker – Comprehensive Report) Soon after Bracker exposed Nuccitelli and threatened Horowitz, he died mysteriously; after exposing and attacking Nuccitelli in a published audiotape. That blew the lid off of the Troll Triad’s disinformation campaign to destroy Horowitz.


This was America’s leading counter-intelligence “cell” online 24/7/365 for deception. For example, these were the main guys spinning the news about the Arizona Massacre in the “Conspiracy Industry” manufactured for controlling opposition to the Big Banks, Big Energy, Big Pharma, and Big Defense.

Nuccitelli’s manic partner Bracker, at the same time they worked with Studer to publish Kane’s video, wrote a book and produced videos about the Arizona massacre in which Laughner murdered U.S. District Court Judge John Roll and critically wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Ott directed the social PSYOPS surrounding this horrific crime. And Nuccitelli was dispatched to engage the community of witnesses and victims as a “forensic psychologist.” The image above sources from a blog administering their online conspiracy disinformation and advertisements.

In 2015, federal Judge J. Michael Seabright, a George H.W. Bush appointee, struck Dr. Horowitz’s urgent pleading for protection and injunctive relief against Bracker, Nuccitelli, Ott and Paul J Sulla, Jr in Horowitz and Kane v. Sulla and Ott, CIV. NO. 14 00413 JMS/RLP. The murder of Judge Roll and the evidence of the Troll Triad’s intimate involvement in the PSYOPS surrounding the Arizona Massacre was deemed “delusional” by Seabright. The obstruction of justice is arguably treasonous given the fact that Judge Roll and Rep. Giffords had allied to stop the Columbian-Mexican drug cartel from illegally immigrating agents and money laundering through cyber-banking loopholes.

Shortly after Seabright struck The HOROKANE’s pleading for federal protection, Bracker mysteriously died of a heart attack. He was only 53.

People close to Bracker and Nuccitelli believe Nuccitelli had Bracker killed. The motive? Bracker was seriously unstable and a threat to the Troll Triad. He released a very condemning audiotape implicating Nuccitelli and Studer in the aforementioned organized crimes. The records also show Nuccitelli, Bracker and Ott administered the social psyops used to conceal the real killers behind lone shooter, Jared Laughner.

As mentioned, Nuccitelli was dispatched to advertised his psychology practice in Phoenix to attract the massacre victims. Those who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from the shootings were targeted by Nuccitelli and this cyber crime cell, apparently for the purpose of finding and neutralizing witnesses that threatened to tell concealed details about the massacre. (We saw similar representations after The Las Vegas Deep State Massacre.) (Click to view: Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Available to Discuss Arizona Shooting Suspect – PR.com)

Ott published extensively on the Arizona Massacre too. And for years leading up to that massacre, Ott and Studer heavily published anti-Semitic and anti-government articles that are believed to have incited Laugher to hold these attitudes. A satanic cult, Ott reported, motivated Laughner to shoot the Jewish Congresswoman and Judge Roll.

These two honorable officials had been working together for months prior to the massacre on judicial and legislative changes that would have closed border security gaps and cyber-banking loopholes for drug money laundering through major banks used by the Columbian-Mexican crime families and their friends in the CIA. (How better to fund covert ops than by drugs, illegal arms, and porn?)

Studer and the Pedophile Protection Racket

Studer’s last known address was registered to the alleged pedophile and Hollywood mogul, Gary Goddard, owner of Gary Goddard Entertainment. At the time of Kane’s investigation, the infamous Goddard was embroiled in a lawsuit brought by young actor Michael Egan III. According to court records Goddard and allied filmmakers promised contracts to young boys so long as they submitted to abusive sex rituals. This compounded evidence of the Troll Triad’s ties to pedophiles and kiddie porn industrialists.

Quoting Hartwell, Alex Studer is associated with “a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks running cover-ups of child trafficking. He took it upon himself to advocate for a man arrested in San Francisco on charges of child pornography. Studer appeared in a news segment that he posted on his website, along with several commentaries, all in defense of his fellow porn freak, Robert Glenn McDougall, and in defense of pornography itself.”

Besides competing against Dr. Horowitz’s online health stores, Studer administers Ott’s online presence at “Lab Virus”. This website was created in 2008, right after Dr. Horowitz received international publicity for his work on the true origins of the “lab viruses” AIDS and Ebola. Another propaganda site outputting defamation, this cell is affiliated with, is “Educate-Yourself. ”

In 2014, within weeks of the international Ebola emergency, Google/YouTube censored more than 150 of Dr. Horowitz’s videos, Wikipedia struck Horowitz’s bio, and the Troll Triad published a Hollywood-quality psyops-style movie smearing The HOROKANE and the 528Hz frequency and industry the couple had pioneered. Bracker published scathing libel to promote their film and discredit Dr. Horowitz’s Ebola research in Before Its News titled, “Urgent! Dr. ‘Ebola’ Leonard Horowitz suspected of pedaphelia with his daugher? (Video)” Stills from this video filed with the Seabright Court as evidence is available by clicking: Bracker, Nuccitelli, Ott, Hampton Video Stills.

This Troll Triad’s targeting of Dr. Horowitz and his online stores, and smearing of Kane and the “HOROKANE’s” alliance with Michael Vara, is a criminal violation of more than the Sherman Anti Trust Act. The Internet is legally considered a “wire,” covered under wire fraud laws. Accordingly, The Troll Triad’s publications, and especially iPredator and Lab Virus websites, are criminal violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1343 carrying hefty fines or imprisonment for up to 20 years.


Nuccitelli has a habit of associating with convicted felons. Besides Bracker, there was Todd M. Knisely. On June 17, 2017, 38 year old Knisely, who referred to himself as a “hacker,” died mysteriously after administering a cyber-war against Nuccitelli.

Apparently, both men were consumed by cyber perils. Knisely initially contacted Nuccitelli to work with “Dr. Nuc Love Master” to oppose Internet predators. Using the handle called “Shadow,” Knisely soon realized Nuccitelli was actually one of the ipredators he claimed to expose.

Knisely soon began posting online intelligence about Nuccitelli. Knisely had gathered signatures and affidavits from people who had been abused by Nuccitelli. He obtained a police report about Nuccitelli’s alleged physical assault and mental abuse of “Dr. Nuc’s” x-wife. One episode of strangulation and attempted murder is alleged to have prompted their divorce. That abuse is detailed on an audio recording of a conversation between Nuccitelli’s ex-wife’s husband and Knisely.

Nuccitell, in a manic retaliatory state, published a website extensively attacking Knisely, similar to what he posted to smear Michael Vara, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, complete with a slurry of graphics that only an ipredator abusing the Internet as a weapon would spend their time creating.

The “Gallery of Troll Triad Art” shown below evidences Nuccitelli’s fanatical fixation on destroying the reputations of his targets. Each have been slightly modified under fair usage permit, public duty doctrine, and anti-crime laws.

Summary and Conclusion

The TROLL TRIAD consists of Alma C. Ott (Dr. True Ott)—the “Cerebral” brains behind the criminal operation; Alex McGowin Studer—the “Crier”; and Michael Nuccitelli, the “Ejaculoider” and “Provocateur.”

Troll Triad, according to “Dr. Nuc Love Master,” is “a cyber psychopathology-profiling construct that introduces a three-pronged archetypal model defining groups of online users who engage in defamation of character, slander & libel.”

Alternatively, the Troll Triad is a counter-intelligence ploy to protect Deep state interests. Whenever the interests of multi-national corporate criminal enterprises require “cover” by diversions and manipulations of targeted people, organizations, or competing corporations, these devildoers are deployed in online covert actions.

As stated above, Troll Triad, according to Nuccitelli, “is not just a facetious term describing three small minded online users who use Information and Communications Technology to defame, manipulate, curry favor and seek support from other like-minded online users. Troll Triad is also a conceptual framework and template describing how future groups of successful iPredators will be partitioned into three archetypal segments.”

As Anonymous correctly diagnosed in the opening video, Nuccitelli’s “conceptual framework” is an “abomination” and insult to the integrity of science and psychology.

Projecting his delusional narcisism, the Master Ejaculator” heralds his Cerebral, Provocateur and the Crier as three elements, when mixed correctly, “the Troll Triad becomes a masterpiece of human predation alchemy . . . relevant to the Information Age.”

In truth, the only relevance the Troll Triad has to the “Information Age” lies in this case study for law enforcers to do more to protect citizens against these sexual deviants committing commercial crimes.


(1) George Noory and his producer (i.e, “handler”) Tom Danheiser conceal their conflicting interest in Hearst Corporation. Their show is financed by iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); Further, iHeartMedia and its $16B (billion) in assets is owned by Bain Capital, whose $75B in assets (2014) largely financed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Hearst partnered with Bain Capital in MedHOK Inc. a “key part” of “one of the largest media and information companies in the world.” That partnership, along with Hearst’s First Drug DataBank (“FDB”) and allied McKresson Company, controls the “brain” and “central nervous system” of American healthcare. This is why Noory and Danhieser choose to cover “Alien Encounters,” restrict Big Pharma exposures, and pair Dr. Horowitz’s interviews with wacky (discreditable) interviews, such as with witches and extraterrestrials. Theirs is late night’s number one PSYOPs for social control. They are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and “PharmaWhores.”

Hearst’s propaganda enterprise, featuring iHeartMedia alone, “owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation’s largest owner of radio stations. This is who broadcasts Coast-to-Coast AM.

Together with MedHOK and FDB, Hearst controls the computer systems of virtually every hospital and doctor’s office in America as well.

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