The Rothschilds: Methods – Agents – Organizations

The Rothschilds

1. Methods – Agents – Organizations

1e. The principle of FED – Rothschild banks and agent families: Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller

The principle of FED – Rothschild banks and agent families: Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller – What is money? – Bartering – Money and the equivalent: The Gold Coverage with the Gold Standard – The Rothschild Idea: Printing More Money Than Equal Value Exists – and Issuing Government Bonds – Rothschilds Bribing the Entire Politics – Providing Money Printing, Inflation, and Economic Crisis Dissolving debts – the Rothschild empire is secure – The Rothschild FED with the “US” dollar – The FED principle from halfway across the world in 1945 – Half-world debt – 1921: Example of a first provoked FED inflation – Artificially generated panic – Rothschild’s central banks no longer give gold – only paper notes – Gold standard is abolished – The FIAT money of the Rothschilds – the Giga lie with the Vatican saying “fiat lux” (“Let there be light”) – Rothschild agents (agent families Schiff, Warburg, Morgan and Rockefeller) – Rothschild agents to infiltrate the “USA”: Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller – The Schiffs – The agent family Schiff – lives in Frankfurt am Main same house as the Rothschilds – Agent ship: ship’s migration and crossing from 1865 – acquisition of Bank Kuhn Loeb by marriage – Jacob Schiff financed with Rothschild money the “US” railway of Harriman and the steel production of Carnegie – Skull & Bones dominated – – Links Schiff-Warburg-Rothschild – The “Secret Wire” – Two Secret Ship Brothers – The Warburgs – 1798: Moses Marcus Warburg and Gerson Warburg found the bank MM Warburg Co. – from 1814: Warburg connections to London to the Rothschilds – Connection to the diamond family Oppenheim – 5 Warburg sons – distributed to the world – Connection of the banking families Warburg and Loeb – The Warburg Bank wanted to profit in the Boer War – 1905: Japan opened the war against Russia – Rothschilds Issue Bond for Japan – 1930s: Warburg and a Brazil Bond – 1921: Warburgs found the International Acceptance Bank to finance foreign trade deficitsvon Warburg – Warburg + Schiff + Rothschild + Ernest Cassel finance the Empire of the hopelessly indebted Windsor Royals – The spy network of the Warburgs and the ship – the German-Jewish network of the B’nai B’rith mafia – JP Morgan – – Anti-Semitic statements by JP Morgan – anti-Jewish Morgan bank – and yet collaboration with the criminal Rothschilds in a Rothschild economic crisis – 1907: JP Morgan’s next financial crisis – now begins the discussion about an FED and military collusion – Morgan from England-friendly Family, Founding Family of Yale University – Skull & Bones = GB Interests – 1861-1865: Father Junius Spencer Morgan and Peabody for the Northern States – Rothschilds for the Southern – Morgan Thanks to Peabody with Contacts in the City of London – Credits for “US” Industry in the 1870s – JP Morgan = Octopus with Tesla, General Electric, telephone network, 8000km railroad, shipping + Carnegy monopoly – all with Rothschild money – The Eisenbahnkar tell with Morgan + Kuhn Loeb for Rockefeller oil transportation – from 1911: the Rothschild agents dominate Wall Street – Rothschild = unofficial central bank for Europe – Morgan + Kuhn Loeb = unofficial Rothschild central bank for the criminal “USA” – The Fed – The Rockefellers – Standard Oil with loans from the Rothschild Bank National City Bank of Cleveland – Rockefeller Treasuries and Railways with Rothschild Bank loans Kuhn Loeb & Co. with Agent Jacob Schiff – Family Rockefeller origin from Fahr (Neuwied) near Koblenz – Rockefeller family in Cleveland with colonial goods, smuggling – and in Pennsylvania comes Standard Oil of Ohio – discarding railroad secret discounts and rivalry – the Rockefeller cartel – Rothschilds selling Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Co. (Caspian and Black Sea Oil AG) to the oil company Shell – and then become major shareholders in Shell – 1927: Rockefeller buys 50% of the oil fields in the Caucasus – Rockefellers handle the illegal trade with the SU – Chase National Bank with loans to the SU – later Chase Manhattan Bank – Rockefeller in the SU like a national hero – New York: Rockefeller and Rothschild in the same house – the Rockefellers commit the crimes for the Rothschilds – 1. Rockefellers + Rothschild are eugenics fans of racial hygiene – sterilizations – unfortunately they have NEVER sterilized themselves (!) – 2. The fall of Perón in 1955 was a Rockefeller action – the Rockefellers organize heaps of coups – – 3. Rockefellers in Brazil: “US” aid organization “USAID – 90% of Afro women sterilized in Brazil – David Rockefeller in his autobiography: He concedes the world conspiracy

from: Tilman Knechtel: The Rothschilds; 6th edition 4/2015; JKFischer-Verlag, Gelnhausen / Roth, pp. 42-59

presented by Michael Palomino (2015)

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What is money?

[ Barter]

Although we use Euros or Dollars as money today, they are not money in the strict sense. For millennia, money has been a medium of exchange in the markets of the cities. Direct bartering was often very cumbersome. Suppose a person needed a particular seed and went to the market to buy that commodity through exchange. He himself had a cow to offer. Now he had to find a dealer on the market who first had the desired seed and secondly a need for a cow. This search could cost a hell of a lot of time and energy. When one finally found a dealer with seeds, he wanted three geese instead of the cow.Of course, the trader could have taken the cow and later exchanged it for three geese, but that would have given the exchange problem only to another person.

[Ge ld and the equivalent: Gold coverage with the gold standard]

Therefore, one came up with the idea to introduce a readily exchangeable good on the market, which should displace the complicated barter. This commodity or commodity was mostly gold or another precious metal because it was 1st valued by most people, 2. was dismantled into almost any human, 3. was easy to transport, 4. did not spoil, became moldy or otherwise lost value in the course of time, 5. could be weighed exactly to determine the exchange value accurately, 6. was not easy to falsify because of its specific gravity and 7. scarce, that is, was not freely reproducible.

[29] Roland Baader: Money, Gold and God-Player: On the eve of the next Great Depression, p.25

If the merchant now had seeds, he was just given gold. The dealer, who did not want a cow anyway, but actually three geese, took the gold and later bought the geese with it. Then it was realized that it was too dangerous to carry the gold all the time, whereupon it was stored at goldsmiths who gave it a shine, confirming that it could be redeemed at any time with the stored gold [with copy at Goldsmith ].Now paper slips on the markets changed hands, but basically nothing changed as these paper slips were gold-based. A century ago, a customer of the Deutsche Reichsbank was able to go to his regular branch office at any time and request that his money be exchanged for gold pieces. Since the value of gold remained the same and the productive power developed, many [42] goods became cheaper and affordable for everyone.

[The Rothschild Idea: Printing More Money, Equivalence Is Present – and Issuing Government Bonds – Rothschild’s Bribery of the Entire Politics]

Despite the gold standard, the Rothschilds came up with the idea in the nineteenth century to print more money than they had gold in their vaults, and to lend this money primarily as government bonds. That was a Va Banque game. For as soon as a state demanded a return in gold, the Rothschilds were in distress. The family’s authorized biographers do not want their work to suggest that the Rothschilds were apparently borrowing bonds that exceeded their official budget by a dozen times. That was only possible by getting the people on board, who could have punished one for this fraud: The agreement of the politicians and crowned heads of Europe to this fraud was bought by generous donations. The rulers were amused by the debts their state took and which eventually had to be repaid plus interest. They knew that they had a maximum of forty years to live in which they would fully live. The mine could later pay the others. At best, they waged wars that, firstly, served the Rothschild agenda and, secondly, demanded new Rothschild government bonds.

[Provoke money printing , inflation and economic crises to resolve debt – the Rothschild empire is secure]

By printing money, the Rothschilds and their banks around the world triggered temporary inflation that led to financial crises and later to economic crises.

The money aristocracy can do nothing better than an inflation. He has all the land and production facilities that artificially increase in value as money is multiplied. The Rothschilds had made tangible assets as safe investments to their corporate philosophy. They bought everything they could get their hands on:

– vineyards,

— Castles,

– Parks,

– art collections,

— Gold,

— Furniture,

– railways,

– museums etc.

Workers who have to shed every bite of their mouth, usually have nothing but cash reserves, which are worthless in an inflation.

[The Rothschild Fed with the “US” Dollar]

Just as Hegelian dialectics demanded, the blame for these crises was blamed not on paper money but on gold. Thus, in the twentieth century, in the United States, a bank was created that was soon to print only worthless [p.43] paper that was used only as money because the state dictated it. The name of the bank was and is Federal Reserve [FED, founded in 1913 shortly before the First World War with wise foresight, then issuing war loans for the First World War] (see pp. 60ff.).

[The FE D principle from 1945 on half the world – half world debt]

After the Second World War, the Federal Reserve had conquered much of the world and the concept of the worthless monetary central bank was transferred to every state. The Soviet Union served as the second world power of the same system (see p.141). Now the money supply in almost all countries of the world could be multiplied from a central place arbitrarily, which meant not more wealth, but exactly the opposite, namely rising prices and horrendous indebtedness.

[1921: Example of a first provoked FED inflation – artificially created panic]

American Congressman Charles Lindbergh understood it in 1921 when he noticed that the central bank had drastically increased the money supply:

“Panic can be created artificially by the Federal Reserve Act, and the current panic is the first artificially induced panic calculated by a mathematical equation.”

[30] Freethinker TV: The Federal Reserve System: (available in 2015)

[Rothschild’s Central Banks Stop Giving Gold – Paperwork Only – Gold Standard Abolished]

Anyone who goes to the bank today and wants to exchange his money, gets nothing but new money. Money is money because it has value. Our money has no value, so it’s not money. The Rothschilds became the masters of money because they were abolishing money, as absurd as that sounds. The gold standard became the paper standard, and money turned from a barter to an economic weapon of mass destruction. The lending of worthless money does not seem decent to the average person, but harmless compared to a child molester or mass murderer.

The human mind has a hard time grasping that the magnitude of the suffering that banking causes surpasses that of a single mass murderer by a million. A Rothschild is said to have said in 1863:

“The few who understand the system will be so much interested in their profits or so dependent on the favor of the system that there will never be an opposition out of their ranks, but the great mass of people, mentally incompetent, will become theirs Carry load without grumbling, perhaps without speculating that the system is hostile to their interests. “

[31] Michael Morris: What You Should Not Know, p.53-54

The automobile tycoon Henry Ford summarized it even more pointedly:

“If people understood the monetary system, we would have a revolution before tomorrow morning.” [P.44]

[32] Quotes online: Quotations – Literature Quotes – General : (2015 available)

[The FIAT money of the Rothschilds – the Giga lie with the Vatican saying “fiat lux” (“Let there be light”)]

The newly established banking system has been able to produce money from scratch for a century, for which it demands interest that could never be repaid. This worthless paper even got its own name, which could not have made the situation better: Fiat money, which was derived from the Latin “Fiat” (“it’ll be” – “fiat lux”: “It’ll be light”).Mayer Amschel Rothschild knew how to use this almost magic trick for herself. His most famous saying was , “Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I do not care who makes the laws.”

Do not believe the old mantra that the system would not work. It is much more serious: for those who invented it, the system works perfectly. Even if the world economy collapses, the system remains in place [p.45].

Rothschild agents (agent families Schiff, Warburg, Morgan and Rockefeller)

[Rothschild agents infiltrating the “USA”: Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller]

To conceal their power, the Rothschilds hired fusiliers whose funding was secured through secret channels. They all became the richest men in the countries where they worked for the Rothschilds. Since America avoided European bankers like the devil used holy water, it was particularly important to avoid the name “Rothschild”. The four major agents in the United States are:

– the ships,

– the Warburgs,

– the Morgans and

– the Rockefellers.

The agents were replaced in the 20th century by organizations such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs [RIIA] or the Bilderberg Group (see p.70 and p.81).

The ships

[The Schiff family of agents – lives in Frankfurt in the same house as the Rothschild s]

The Rothschilds shared their quarters in Frankfurt by ship in the 18th century. There are hardly any anecdotes or research on the relationship between the two families. Virtually nothing is known about the ships before the nineteenth century. Since the families lived in the same house and the scant number of Frankfurt Jews was then only allowed to marry among themselves, a relationship between the ship and the Rothschilds is very likely. The chance that the ships did not act in the interests of the Rothschilds, if they cooperated closely with each other before the big rise of the family, is extremely small.Business cooperation is also confirmed. Stephen Birmingham writes in his book, “Our Crowd”: “In the 18th century, the ships and Rothschilds shared a twin venture in Frankfurt.”

[Agent ship: ship’s migration and crossing from 1865 – acquisition of Bank Kuhn Loeb by marriage]

Jacob Henry Schiff emigrated to America in 1865 following a meeting with Abraham Kuhn, who invited him to join his New York investment firm. In 1872, however, he returned to Germany and spent his time in Hamburg ([in the Jewish bank] Warburg) and Frankfurt ([in the bank] Rothschild). In 1874 he returned to America and in 1875 he married a [S.46] daughter of Solomon Loeb. The Loebs were the partners of the Kuhns.

After the death of Loeb, Schiff took over the management of the bank named Kuhn Loeb & Company, which became the most important American bank alongside JP Morgan.

[33] Birmingham, Stephen: Our Crowd (on the Rothschild family and Rothschild agents); Quoted in: Jim Marrs: Secret Sovereigns, pp. 80-81

The triumph of Kuhn Loeb & Co. is attributable solely to the debt of the Rothschilds: Only after ship, equipped with Rothschild money, had taken over the leadership of the bank, she was really successful.Ultimately, Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb left little more than their name. An appropriate name for the bank would be “ship & Co.” been.

[Jacob Schiff uses Rothschild money to fund Harriman’s “US” railroad and Carnegie’s steel production – Skull & Bones dominates]

Jacob Schiff financed Edward Harriman [with his Brown Brothers Harriman bank], which spanned a vast rail network that dominated rail transport from much of the US – the other part was controlled by JP Morgan (see p.52ff.). The steel for the railways supplied the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, who had also built up a monopoly with money from the ship and JP Morgan.

Averell Harriman, the son of Edwards, married Pam Churchill, the widow of Randolph Churchill and stepdaughter Winston Churchill.She had an affair with Elie de Rothschild before the marriage.

[34] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.115

The Harrimans are very close to the Bush family. Prescott Bush, the father of George HW Bush, worked at Brown Brothers Harriman (see p.156ff.). Zapata Oil, George HW Bush’s first oil company, was funded by Brown Brothers Harriman. About a third of the founding members of [the bank] Brown Brothers Harriman were part of the Illuminati secret society Skull and Bones [see page 53].

[Skull and Bones] is the satanic politician lodge of the “USA” headquartered in Yale University with Satanism: numerology, twisting values, mass murder by war is glorified, child murder rituals are daring, etc. Insignificant politicians are there to fight their way through to give the Skull & Bones mafia a political ascent, because the financial power is Rothschild …]

[Ship-Warburg-Rothschild connections – the “secret wire “]

We know a tiny bit about the ship, but both on Wikipedia as well as in a 1936 edition of Newsweek we read that the ships had “important financial ties in Europe” . These links are under warranty the Warburg family (see p. 49ff.) And the Rothschild family. Although Schiff also had connections to influential men such as Sir Ernest Cassel [1852-1921, British banker of German descent – ] in London, the most important connection was undoubtedly the secret line to the Rothschilds. Rothschilds had never spoken publicly about their connection to ship.

George R. Conroy revealed this in Truth Magazine [Truth Magazine] 1912:

“Mr. Schiff is the head of the big banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which represents the Rothschild interests on this side of the Atlantic, and was described as a financial strategist and was for years the finance minister for the big ones A faceless power named Standard Oil, he worked hand-in-hand with the Harrimans, the Goulds and the Rockefellers in all of their railroad operations, and became the dominant power in the railway and finance world America.”

[35] Birmingham, Stephen: Our Crowd (on the Rothschild family and Rothschild agents); Quoted in: Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.21

[Two Secret Ship Brothers]

A 1920 obituary revealed for the first time that Jacob Schiff had two brothers, Philip and Ludwig Schiff, who had been bankers in Frankfurt am Main for the German government. Otherwise there is no information about them.

[362] Wolfgang Eggert: Israel’s Secret Vatican as Enforcer of Biblical Prophecies, Part 3, p.344


The Warburgs

[1798: Moses Marcus Warburg and Gerson Warburg found the bank MM Warburg Co.]

The Warburgs were undoubtedly the middlemen of the Rothschilds in Germany. They were regarded as the second most important banking family in the world behind the Rothschilds. In 1798, the MM Warburg Co. bank in Hamburg was founded by the two brothers Moses Marcus and Gerson Warburg, more or less at the same time as the Rothschilds bank.

They came from Abraham del Banco, the largest banker in Venice, and Simon von Cassel, a sixteenth-century money lender who lived in the Jewish community of Warburg. Warburg is still the name of a city in North Rhine-Westphalia.

[from 1814: Warburg connections to London to the Rothschilds – connection to the diamond family Oppenheim]

In 1814, the Warburgs became one of the first business partners of NM Rothschild in London. Moritz Warburg completed his training with the Rothschilds in Italy and Paris. Later he married Charlotte Oppenheim from the famous Diamond Merchant family, which was also very close to the Rothschilds. His son Max Warburg completed part of his apprenticeship in New Court, the London headquarters of the Rothschilds.

[38] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.285

[5 Warburg sons – distributed to the world]

Like Rothschild’s, they had five sons who, a century later in history, were supposed to cause even more hustle and bustle than the Rothschilds had already done in their five countries (see p.149ff.).

[39] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.116

[Association of banking families Warburg and Loeb]

During a stay in the United States, Paul Warburg married a daughter of Solomon Loeb in 1893, returned to Hamburg, became a partner of the family bank MM Warburg, and returned to America in 1902 with Rothschild money.

[The Warburg Bank wanted to profit from the Boer War ]

Examples of their cooperation are numerous: Although the Germans rejected a war against the Boers, the German bank MM Warburg had no problem with applying for a share in the Transvaal bond.

[40] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p. 467

[1905: Japan opens war against Russia  Rothschild issues bond for Japan]

After Japan had attacked Russia, the then archenemy of the Rothschilds, put the Rothschilds in a consortium with the Warburgs a 5 million-pound bond for Japan.

[41] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p. 471

[In the end, the ship financed Japan and Japan won the war with a rigged “peace treaty” that inflicted huge losses on Russia].

[1930s: Warburg and a Brazil Bond]

Shortly before the First World War [p.49] Max Warburg came to London three times to clarify his company’s participation in a loan to Brazil.

[42] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.512

[1921: Warburgs found the International Acceptance Bank to finance foreign trade deficits – Warburg’s shareholdings]

The Rothschilds of London and Vienna became shareholders of Warburg’s International Acceptance Bank, which was founded in 1921 to finance the huge post-war foreign trade deficit. Later they took part in another project of Warburg, the London-based Industrial Finance and Investment Corporation Limited.

[43] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.545

The Rothschilds sit with the Warburgs in the property syndicate Cofigon, which is led by the French Rothschilds.

[44] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.578

The Rothschilds acted as if the Warburgs were competitors and occasionally fired a broadside at them. Natty Rothschild spoke dismissively of “Warburg in Hamburg, who resembles the frog in the fable and is bloated with vanity and in the belief in his power to control the European markets and to be involved in all major houses and syndicate.”

[45] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.287

[Warburg + Ship + Rothschild + Ernest Cassel finance the Empire of the desperately indebted Windsor Royals]

The Warburgs, like the ships, had a major impact on perhaps the third most important banker of the time, Sir Ernest Cassel – also known as Windsor-Kassel for his good relationship with the English royal family – who, like the Rothschilds, played a vital role in funding the British Empire played and, just like the Rothschilds, was in the immediate circle of King Edward VII.

[x3] Edward VII was heavily indebted to Cassel and the Rothschilds and thus a defenseless puppet of high finance.

The name Cassel suggests that the English banker was also descended from Simon von Cassel and was thus related to the Warburgs. It is clear that his parents also owned a bank in Germany, namely one next to the Oppenheim in Cologne.

[The spy network of the Warburgs and the ship – the German-Jewish network of the B’nai B’rith mafia]

Brian Connell said in a biographical study:

“The small international brotherhood in which he ( perhaps Sir Ernest Cassel) took the lead was made up of men who had a similar background: they were people whom Cassel himself approached in the course of his extended travels was Max Warburg, head of a large and private bank in Hamburg […] and – above all – Jacob Schiff of the company Kuhn Loeb and Co. in New York .Those bonds of race and interest chained these men together. P.50] Connections trembled at the slightest touch, maintaining an incredibly accurate network of economic, political, and financial espionage of the highest order between them, pulling support elsewhere, amassing additional funds elsewhere, at the speed of light and secretly vast sums of money shift from one corner of their financial empire to another, and the political decisions of a whole lot of v influence on states. “

[46] Wolfgang Eggert: Israel’s Secret Vatican as Enforcer of Biblical Prophecies, Part 1, p.249-250

It seems to be the Zionist B’nai B’rith order (see p.112 and p.146ff.). It is also interesting that the ships in the hierarchy of the Order are higher than the Warburgs. Felix Warburg married Frieda Schiff, the daughter of Jakob Schiff.

[47] Gary Allen: The Insiders: Master Builders of the New World Order, p.59

He later took the lead from Kuhn Loeb Co.

At the end of the 19th century, the world’s most important bankers, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Cassels, all came from Germany and were of Jewish descent. Other major bankers of the City of London were:

– The Barings from Bremen,

– the Schröders from Hamburg and

– the Lazards from Alsace.

Not to forget that the royal house SCG [Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which later called itself “the Windsors”].

[48] Virginia Cowles: The Rothschilds, p.254

Forty years before Hitler’s World Take-over Plans, the center of the world, the City of London and Buckingham Palace, had already been conquered by Germans [p.51].

JP Morgan

[Anti-Semitic Statements by JP Morgan – Anti-Jewish Morgan Bank – Yet Collaboration with Criminal Rothschilds in a Rothschild Economic Crisis]

It was entirely in line with the Rothschild plan that banker JP Morgan often spoke anti-Semitic and avoided doing business with other Jewish banks. It was an open secret on Wall Street that anyone who wanted to avoid doing business with Jews turned to JP Morgan. If you wanted a Jewish company, Kuhn Loeb & Co. was at your disposal.

[49] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.20

However, there are more than enough examples to show that JP Morgan worked with the Rothschilds: when the US government came under pressure in 1893, as it was struggling with a drain on its gold reserves as a result of a planned economic intervention in the monetary system, it rescued JP Morgan with Rothschild Gold worth $ 62 million. It is obvious that the crisis had been an idea of the Rothschilds, as then-President Grover Cleveland had been a member of the Democrats, a party infiltrated by Rothschild agents since the mid-nineteenth century and supported by JP Morgan himself has been. The New York Times wrote in October 1864:

“The notorious undisputed leader of the Democratic Party in Chicago (at the party rally) was Rothschild’s agent, and yes, the great Democratic Party has sunk so far that it has to find its leader in an agent of foreign Jewish bankers.”

[50] Niall Ferguson: History of the Rothschilds, Part 2, p.149

Only the inflationary, planned economic policy of the president brought the government in distress and made them dependent on JP Morgan. Just like the Rothschilds at the Bank of England, Morgan made a big impact on the one-stop shop for money by rescuing her.

[1907: JP Morgan’s next financial crisis – now the discussion about an FED and war agreements begins]

In 1907 Morgan was to trigger another financial crisis, which should serve as a basis for the foundation of the Federal Reserve. “Trigger financial crisis” is in this case a euphemism for the refusal of Morgan Bank to pay the money of their customers, which actually fulfilled the facts of a theft [p.52].

Shortly before the panic, Morgan had traveled to Paris and London, most likely to take orders from the Rothschilds. Traveling to Europe was not uncommon for the American banker. JP Morgan spent much of his time on his London estate, Prince’s Gate. The New York Times reported:

“In a conversation with the New York Times correspondent, Lord Rothschild JP Morgan paid tribute to his efforts in the current difficult financial phase in New York.” He lives up to his reputation as a great financier and man of wonders, fulfilling his last deed me with admiration and respect. “

Rarely had a Rothschild praised a banker who did not belong to his family.

[51] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.19

[ Morgan from England-Friendly Family, Founding Family of Yale University – Skull & Bones = GB Interests – 1861-1865: Father Junius Spencer Morgan and Peabody for the Northern States – Rothschilds for the Southern]

Morgan was anything but an American original. Morgan’s maternal grandfather had been highly pro-British and was the son of one of the founders of Yale University, which had long been a hub of English banker interests with its notorious secret society, Skull and Bones (see pp. 87 & pp. 186f.) , Junius Spencer Morgan, JP Morgan’s father, had traveled to England in the 1850s, where he had become friends with George Peabody, who normally worked for the Rothschilds in America.

It was typical of every Rothschild agent to travel regularly between London and America to pick up orders in London and implement them in America. For the nineteenth century, however, this was generally more than atypical. You did not just travel across the pond and back again. Such an approach was known only to ambassadors and agents of high finance. Peabody and Morgan merged under the name Peabody, Morgan & Company. While the Rothschilds provided banknotes to the southern states in the American Civil War, Peabody and Morgan negotiated a loan for the northern states, which brought both to great prosperity.

Peabody retired in 1864. Like Jacob Schiff for Kuhn Loeb & Co., he had been the key to the Rothschild money channel. Despite Peabody’s resignation, the money from Europe continued to flow to Morgan. Junius and his son John Pierpont Morgan renamed the company to Morgan and Company [p.53].

[52] Jim Marrs: Secret Sovereigns, p.72

[Morgan thanks to Peabody with contacts in the City of London – loans for “US” industry in the 1870s]

The New Encyclopedia Britannica notes:

“Because of his contacts with Peabody, Morgan had close and very useful connections to London’s financial community, and during the 1870s he was able to provide the fast-growing industrial corporations of the United States with much-needed capital from British bankers.”

[53] Jim Marrs: Secret Sovereigns, p.74

The New York Times wrote in May 1932:

London: NM Victor Rothschild, the twenty-one-year-old nephew of Baron Rothschild, is moving to the United States to accept a position at JP Morgan & Co., as we learned today. It is normal for progressive British bankers to send their young men temporarily to Western countries. “

[54] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.19

The Morgans and Rothschilds could not really be so hostile.

[JP Morgan = Octopus with Tesla, General Electric, telephone network, 8000km railroad, shipping + Carnegy monopoly – all with Rothschild money]

JP Morgan became the largest tycoon in the USA. He financed Nikola Tesla, founded General Electric, built the American telephone network, controlled a 8000 kilometer railway network, dominated Atlantic shipping, and later bought Andrew Carnegie’s steel monopoly.

[x4] He had Titanic built. Ironically, the Rothschild’s Alliance Insurance Company was unwilling to insure the ship.

[55] Virginia Cowles: The Rothschilds, p.197

Although Morgan was called the most powerful banker in the world, he left behind a relatively meager legacy. His fortune after his death was first estimated at $ 75, then $ 50 million. Ultimately, only 19 million remained in securities, of which he owed 7 million to an art dealer. The huge sums of money JP Morgan traded went straight to the Rothschilds. In 1905, the New York Times wrote in its obituary to Baron Alphonse de Rothschild that alone as an individual he had owned sixty million dollars in American securities, although the Rothschilds had never officially invested in America.

[56] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.107

A Senate committee investigating JP Morgan’s corporate structure came to the conclusion that only 9.1 percent of John Pierpont Morgan itself belonged to the bank. 34.2 percent were owned by the New York banker and Rothschild frontman Thomas W. Lamont, who was allowed to attend the 1914 Versailles Conference as a representative of the US Treasury. 36.6 percent were owned by the completely unknown private businessman Charles W. Steele, in which Rothschild connections can not be ruled out.

[57] George Armstrong: Rothschild Money Trust, p.37

[The railroad cartel with Morgan + Kuhn Loeb for the oil transportation of Rockefeller – from 1911: the Rothschild agents dominate Wall Street]

Since JP Morgan and Kuhn Loeb Co. controlled 95 percent of the US railways, they could offer special discounts to John D. Rockefeller to transport its oil. So he was able to outperform his competition. Both Rockefeller and JP Morgan had called competition “sin.” They were aware that they could not keep their monopoly without the establishment of a US central bank in the long run. John Moody, author of many reference books on the American financial world, wrote in McClure’s magazine in 1911:

“Seven Wall Street men now control much of the US’s most important industries and resources, three of them, JP Morgan, James Stillman, and George F. Baker, the head of the First National Bank of New York. Four of them, John D. and William Rockefeller, James Stillman (brother of the other Stillman), head of the National City Bank, and Jacob H. Schiff of the private banking firm Kuhn Loeb Co., belong to the so-called Standard Oil National City Bank Group.”

[58] John Moody: McClure’s Magazine – Quoted in: Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.282

Wall Street reporter Lincoln Stevens, who interviewed JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, realized that they were just front men. He wrote:

“No one has ever asked the question: who is behind the Morgans and the Rockefellers?”

Although Stevens knew that the money for her operations came from someone else, she could never trace it back.

[59] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.100

[Rothschild = unofficial central bank for Europe – Morgan + Kuhn Loeb = unofficial Rothschild central bank for the criminal “USA” – the FED]

JP Morgan and Kuhn Loeb & Co., like the Rothschilds in Europe, played the role of unofficial US central banks for several decades.With the founding of the Federal Reserve, it officially lost importance, but today they are unofficial shareholders of the bank [p.55]

The Rockefellers

[Standard Oil with loans from the Rothschild Bank National City Bank of Cleveland]

The National City Bank of Cleveland gave John D. Rockefeller the funds to build his oil company Standard Oil. More than a hundred years later, at a congressional hearing in 1976, it emerged that the National City Bank had been a Rothschild bank.

[Rockefeller Treasuries and Railways with Rothschild Bank Credit Kuhn Loeb & Co. with Agent Jacob Schiff]

Kuhn Loeb & Co. acted later as Rockefeller had already made a name for himself as its principal financier. Rockefeller invested with the bank in several foreign government bonds and railway companies. Each Rockefeller investment had to be approved by a partner at Bank Kuhn Loeb Co. That had been agreed upon from the beginning of their business with Jacob Schiff.

[The Rothschild family completely controls Rockefeller’s investment.What is not in his sense will not be granted].

[60] Eustace Mullins: The World Order, p.101

[Origin of the Rockefeller family from Fahr (Neuwied) near Koblenz]

The Rockefellers are surprisingly German origin. they come from Fahr, today Neuwied, an area that was called the Rockenfeld in the sixteenth century [Roggenfeld – analogous to Roosevelt with Rosenfelt from Holland]. The area is now part of Rhineland-Palatinate. The family name Rockenfeller is to be found in Neuwied until today frequently.

[61] Michael Morris: What You Should Not Know, p.198

The Rockefellers also have Hebrew roots. Stephen Birmingham, an acknowledged expert in Jewish history, wrote that the Rockefeller family belonged to the ancient Jewish nobility and was of Sephardic [Palestinian-North African-Spanish] descent.

[62] Wolfgang Eggert: Israel’s Secret Vatican as Enforcer of Biblical Prophecies, p.265

In the seventeenth century, the family emigrated to the United States.

[Rockefeller family in Cleveland with colonial goods, smuggling – and in Pennsylvania comes Standard Oil of Ohio – destroying railroad secret discounts and rivalry – the Rockefeller cartel]

John D. Rockefeller was a general store merchant in Cleveland, which suggests he was actually an illegal smuggler, who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1862 to invest his money in an oil refinery. He quickly became the leading man in the oil business. He founded further refineries and a trading post for export to Europe. That’s what he summed up in 1870 under the Standard Oil of Ohio.

Rockefeller entered into secret contracts with the railway companies controlled by JP Morgan and Kuhn Loeb Co., gave guarantees for large volumes of oil and demanded large discounts, thereby outperforming smaller refineries with Standard Oil. With the remaining major refineries joined [p.56] Rockefeller to a federation in which he owned the majority of shares. Those who did not become part of this cartel soon had no chance on the oil market.

In 1877, John D. Rockefeller controlled 95 percent of the US oil market.

[63] Michael Morris: What You Should Not Know, p.198-200

[Rothschilds sell Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Co. to the oil company Shell – and then become major shareholders in Shell]

The Rothschilds later acted as if Standard Oil was too competitive on the world market and sold their Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company to Royal Dutch Shell in 1906.

[64] Andrew Carrington Hitchcock: Satan’s Banker, p.42

The real reason for the sale was probably, firstly, to shop in the, next to Standard Oil, the largest oil company in the world. And second, to withdraw from the region in anticipation of the Russian Revolution (which the Rothschilds financed (see p.128ff.)). In 1917, the oil fields were nationalized by the Bolsheviks [financed by the Rothschilds and K300s], which brought Royal Dutch Shell a million loss.

[65] Derek Wilson: The Rothschilds: A Story of Glory and Power, p.395

This does not mean, however, that the Rothschilds got out at Royal Dutch Shell, because with the exception of the losses in Russia, the shares of the oil company rose steadily in the following decades.From the money they made with the sale, the Rothschilds major shareholders of the Royal Dutch Shell, they control to this day with the Dutch royal family.

[1927: Rockefeller buys 50% of the oil fields in the Caucasus – Rockefellers deal with the illegal trade with the SU – Chase National Bank with loans to the SU – later Chase Manhattan Bank]

And what does “nationalized” actually mean? In 1927, 50 percent of the nationalized Caucasian oilfields of Standard Oil were bought up, as Rockefeller had good contacts with the Communists. After that, Standard Oil of New York even built a refinery in Russia, becoming the first investor from the United States since the revolution.

[66] Gary Allen: The Insiders: Master Builders of the New World Order, p.136

The Rockefellers cared for the Rothschilds to trade with the Soviet Union, which of course had to proceed in the exclusion of the American public. Rockefeller’s Chase National Bank was at the center of business with Russia. It provided the Soviet government with enormous loans in the 1920s. Later, they merged with the Manhattan Bank of Warburgs to Chase Manhattan Bank.

[Rockefeller in the SU like a national hero]

David Rockefeller was received by Khrushchev during his visits to Russia as a statesman and glorified in the Russian press, so that he was respected and loved by the Russian people, and as a banker he should actually embody the image of the enemy of any Communist.He even spent his “vacation” in the Soviet Union. [P.57]

[New York : Rockefeller and Rothschild in the same house – the Rockefellers commit crimes for the Rothschilds]

The Rothschilds have quartered their American investment firm Rothschild Inc. in the offices of Rockefeller Plaza, New York, where every year the huge decorated Christmas tree is traditionally placed.The families are close friends.

The crimes of the Rockefellers are numerous. The family is still in the strongest criticism of the Rothschilds in public, so it almost seems like they have to do all the dirty work for the Rothschilds.

Here are just three examples:

[1. Rockefellers + Rothschild are eugenics fans of racial hygiene – sterilization – unfortunately they have NEVER sterilized themselves (!)]

The Rockefellers were and are – in the meantime no longer public – supporters of eugenics, ie the sorting out of inferior human material, referred to by the Nazis as racial hygiene. As with the Rothschilds, the concept of pure bloodlines was of the utmost importance to them.From 1911-1940, the Bureau of Social Hygiene carried out experiments to sterilize “imbeciles” and criminals on behalf of Rockefeller’s experiments.

[67] Michael Morris: What You Should Not Know, p.204

“Eugenics” has since been renamed Orwell’s rewrite “population control”.

[2nd The fall of Perón in 1955 was a rockfall action – the Rockefellers organize heaps of coup d’etat]

Under the aegis of Chase Manhattan and then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Argentine President Perón was overthrown by a bloody coup by the US Pentagon and replaced by an even worse military dictatorship. At least 15,000 intellectuals, labor leaders and opposition leaders were executed at Nelson Rockefeller’s command. Argentina was only one of many coups led by the Rockefellers [along with the Zionist-criminal CIA].

[68] William F. Engdahl: Seed of Destruction, pp. 40-41

[3rd Rockefellers in Brazil: US aid organization USAID – 90% of Afro women sterilized in Brazil

The Rockefellers stand behind National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) by Rockefeller protégé Henry Kissinger, a secret government paper sent by Kissinger to select cabinet colleagues in April 1974. It was about US aid programs for “population control”. In this context, programs for birth reduction [p.58] were made a condition for US development aid. Kissinger demanded to increase the mortality rate from 10 million to at least 20 million people per year.After the NSSM 200 was implemented in Brazil, a government investigation commission of the late 1980s was shocked to find that about 44 percent of all Brazilian women between the ages of 14 and 55 had been forcibly sterilized. Everything under the “auxiliary” program USAID of the “US” Foreign Ministry. Newspaper reports said that 90 percent of all Brazilian women of African descent had been sterilized, nearly wiping out an entire ethnic group.

[69] William F. Engdahl: Seed of Destruction, pp. 12-122

[44% is almost half the reduction].

[David Rockefeller in his autobiography: He admits the world conspiracy]

David Rockefeller disarmingly honestly describes in his autobiography what his goals were:

“Some even believe that we are part of a secret conspiracy that opposes US interests, characterizing me and my family as ‘internationalists’ and claiming we conspired with others around the world to create a new, more holistic, global, building a political and economic structure – a new world, if you will – if that’s the case, then I’m guilty, and I’m proud of it. “ [P.59]

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