George Soros will travel to Uruguay to support legalization of marijuana

George Soros will travel to Uruguay to support legalization of marijuana
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The President of Uruguay, José Mujica, met in New York with billionaire investor George Soros, philanthropist and supporter of liberal political causes, which confirmed a visit to Uruguay to support the process of legalizing marijuana as considers the country as a “laboratory” whose example can be useful to the world. “We realize that Uruguay will be a laboratory and if experience can succeed, can serve the world. Everyone will be watching the country,” Mujica Soros indicated. “Soros insists that the general policy regarding drug leads does not work”, said Mujica, after his meeting with the billionaire, and added that there must be a “conceptual change” in the United States.

The president has again pointed out that the new regulation Uruguay is “a serious policy” and that there is a “viva la pepa, free love,” but includes a “population control,” the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais . Moreover, Soros has acknowledged that he is aware that changes internationally on the subject of drug legalization depend on the success of Uruguay and its new approach in the field. The billionaire pointed out that the states of Colorado and Washington, in the United States, also try to implement a similar process in the regulation Uruguayan consumption of marijuana. The Open Society Foundation, an organization that Soros founded in 1979 and is headquartered in New York, has followed the situation in Uruguay on drugs for more than two years, when he began to make “some funding” to prolegalización local movements of cannabis. Since then, the Foundation has remained linked with Uruguayan organizations prolegalización.


gotta watch this sneaky prick..there would be something very political about this support..nothing happens by accident..


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