Cell antenna base station tower is demolished by activist with a tank

Published on Apr 2, 2012
John Patterson was a successful cell antenna engineer that became ill from over-exposure to the harmful radio waves that are emitted by the towers. He tried to warn the governing authorities about the dangers of living too close to the towers but no one paid attention and he was fired when he started to tell the public.

No one in the media would listen to him, so in July 2007, John Patterson decided to take the extreme measure of driving a friends tank through a number of transmitter installations, and was subsequently arrested, charged and jailed for 20 months. If this reminds you of Greenpeace activism it’s unfortunate that this man had to go to these extremes to get the media to take notice of them. In this case his story made nationwide publicity in Austrailia.

Upon his release John has decided to carry on in the telecommunication industry but now makes a career of bringing awareness to this issue by measuring the harmful electromagnetic fields in peoples homes and offices. Home inspections for EMF.

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