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November 28 at 2:24 PM ·

Malka Leifer has hired a PR consultant, Ronen Tzur to run a dirty campaign against Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked with the purpose of pressuring the Minister not to sign extradition papers!!!

#bringleiferback #justicenow

Who is funding all this!?!?!

English translation by Sol Salbe and Yoni Molad below.

The Justice Minister has also given a response.…

In English;

The plan: Extricating from justice a woman accused of sexual offences by launching a smear campaign against Minister Shaked.

Exclusive: Associates of Malka Leifer, the former head of an ultra-Orthodox girls’ school in Australia, who was charged with sexual offences and fled to Israel, hired media consultant Ronen Tzur to prepare a campaign to prevent her extradition. He formulated the “Rotten Almond (Shaked in Hebrew)” campaign against the justice minister who is supposed to authorise the extradition. A comment on Tzur’s behalf: “We do not talk about our clients”

By Eli Senyor

The goal: preventing the extradition of Malka Leifer, the principal of a Haredi girls’ school in Melbourne, who was charged with sexual offences against dozens of her students. The method: launching a smear campaign against Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who is supposed to sign the extradition papers.

Leifer fled to Israel in August 2014 and found refuge in the Haredi community of Immanuel [in the West Bank-tr]. After settling in Israel, the State Prosecutions Office asked the court to declare her to be extraditable. In June 2016, the extradition process was halted after a psychiatric opinion determined that she was not fit to stand trial.

Later, the psychiatric committee met three times and determined that she was still unfit, until a psychiatric opinion was submitted to the court in March this year determining that Leifer was fit to stand trial. Since then she has been under house arrest.

It can now be revealed that behind the scenes, in parallel to the legal proceedings, various parties, including wealthy individuals, have organised to thwart the extradition proceedings carried out by the Ministry of Justice, which has been working closely with the Australian Attorney-General’s Department. The same parties turned to Lawyer Boaz Ben-Zur to handle all matters relating to the legal process. However, he eventually decided not to represent them.

At the same time, they hired public relations operative Ronen Tzur, who was supposed to promote the Leifer campaign against what they call “the extradition of the 51-year-old grandmother to the Australian authorities.”

For a lengthy period of time the organisers of the campaign held discussions, until at meeting that was held recently, they were presented with the planned course of action.

The plan included a proposal to recruit a psychiatrist to sum up the professional failings of the Leifer’s case and explain that she was not fit for extradition. It was also proposed to hire lawyers who would file a medical malpractice suit against the psychiatrists who treated Leifer.

Another part of the plan was aimed at Justice Minister Shaked.

In a power-point-like presentation of the plan, which was called “Rotten Almond [Shaked],” it was mentioned, among other things: “Since she took office as Minister for Justice, there has been a clear agenda – for every suspect who commits an offence there is a presumption of innocence … provided you are close to her.” The details were presented in the “action plan” proposal against Shaked: “We will expose the despicable conduct of Minister Shaked in the Leifer case, the curious connection between the minister and wealthy and powerful people in Australia, and the staggering failures of the judicial system.”

In addition to the videos that portray the “failures of the legal system” and the personal story of “Granny Malka Leifer”, the campaign’s creators intended to prove, under the heading “Cutting the Almond branch”, that the minister is personally close to the judges discussing the Leifer case. One of the planned actions was to submit a petition to the High Court of Justice through a senior criminal lawyer (Eyal Besserglick, Sassi Gez) and to argue that Shaked was blatantly interfering in the legal process.

Another slide in the presentation claims that the judges seeing to the case were influenced by one of Shaked’s tweets on the topic.

In the meantime, the campaign has not been implemented, and it is unclear whether it was decided to abandon it altogether or postpone it to a later date.

A subsidiary company of media consultant Ronen Tzur, Rosenbaum Communications, said in response: “As part of our work, various ideas are raised to deal with s client, and naturally, not all of them proceed beyond the brainstorming stage. Furthermore, we are not in the habit of discussing our clients and we will stick to this habit in this case.”

Minister of Justice Shaked’s office said that “the justice minister will not be deterred by any tendentious and false campaign against her. Minister Shaked will exercise her authority as is required and does not intend to submit to threats. If and when the court rules that Malka Leifer can be extradited to Australia, Shaked will not hesitate to carry out her extradition in order that the full weight of the law is applied in her case”.

Leifer’s family issued the following statement: “The more we look into this affair, there are more and more question marks about these and other parties that should bother the general public in Israel. As Malka’s family, we are obliged to ask the difficult questions and to understand how it can be that a grandmother has been in custody for nine months, while her health is deteriorating from day to day, without being interrogated even once. This is an inconceivable story that is not happening in Turkey or Iran but in Israel of 2018 ”

Translated by @Yoni Molad for Middle East News Service edited by Sol Salbe, Melbourn

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