Mossad (Black Cube), will displace the CIA, FSB, MI6, Chinese MMS, and not to mention the CNI and the Civil Guard. Reblogged from source with thanks @

Mossad (Black Cube), will displace the CIA, FSB, MI6, Chinese MMS, and not to mention the CNI and the Civil Guard.

Reblogged from source with thanks @

Mossad (Black Cube), will displace the CIA, FSB, MI6, Chinese MMS, and not to mention the CNI and the Civil Guard.

Agents from around the world are in danger in Spain with this new situation officiated by Pedro Sanchez, Soros and Obama.

Its main mission, to shield the independentistas, excuse with the famous ones.
October 30, 2018

” Black Cube: the most controversial spy agency in the world arrives in Madrid”. the world


They rule over everyone, people and key cells in the sewers of the states.


” Israeli television has admitted that the ‘Kidon’ murder unit, a subsidiary of the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad), was the author of at least 40 operations in different parts of the world, including Iran.”

“According to reports, an Israeli spy firm was hired to unearth former aides of Obama involved in the agreement with Iran.” BLACK CUBE.


Mossad always uses operating units that look like satellites or independent, as the Kidom, or Cube in this case that comes to Spain.

The SOLARIN mobiles of Israeli SIRIN LAB with special properties are already taking shape, and the PASTOR PROJECT to reinforce the independence, and the war in Spain version of the uprising of Nigerian Africans and the Sahel that Soros has given to the independentistas. What a coincidence that they arrive in the same week as the African officers deposited by the French DGSE in the same Irun, to start operations. Some backpackers have already been activated . Israeli technology and agencies such as ICTS organizing Zaventem are going to be fundamental in this electronic biometric war. And attention to women . That many are Sephardic Spaniards or converted Goyims.

“The Mossad of Israel in the world. Terrorism, espionage, control of governments, armies, police, their debt, finances, media, and their borders, airports and streets with ICTS “.
September 15, 2017


Israeli agent with a telecommunications backpack working on the Las Ramblas bombing in Barcelona with the Mossos paid by Madrid. Who can believe that who pays does not send ?.

How were the Israeli student-soldiers who came from London and stayed for a month?

There are more types of backpacks, those that incorporate a submachine gun that is deployed, and those that carry inhibitors of telephone signal, and communications switchboard, or even explosives.


Another version of Israeli parachute backpack.


The main political parties have decided to copy Jordi Pujol and his Mossad escort created and developed by Milchan at Barça and for the chemtrails agency located in Barcelona, as well as protecting the offices in the Agbar tower with Facebook and Open Society, coordinated from the headquarters in Tel Aviv by General Daniel de Rothschild – who meets in Davos with Soros -; it does not matter to share the treason to the state, if with this they believe they can eliminate the citizens and opponents, they come, escorts do not come, they come to liquidate, and the sad thing is that a small and invisible sector of the CNI has been passing them the sensitive information that has already been happening to the unit created by Arnon Milchan for Barça and the Pujol, where there is real money and control of power, there they go. Those who blocked the communication to central the notices of the national police on the movements on Carrero Blanco, and those that made disappear the wagons of the 11-M.

The truth is that many wonder why the existence of the information service of the Guardia Civil and CNI, if Spain is an alternative queue. In the end everything is mounted against the citizen and not for the citizen to whom they make him pay, besides shielding the powers of the state.


She organized everything, and with Jose María and Maurice C -which Teresa Fernández de la Vega had already started with Rubalcaba and Chacón-, and now we have what we have. Including that mysterious office in Barcelona that not only did not solve anything but did them a favor to those others. Everyone knows the whys of Chantilly and Obama-Soros. Flintstones of the Valley only takes advantage of the current of the diversion of the river.


Psoe 2009: “The Government leaves Sanz Roldán free to make changes in the CNI”.

Below: the Chinese agents in their new headquarters in the Canary Islands.

photographer-quique-curbelo-37_g (1)

Soraya helped the Chinese to locate their base in the Canary Islands, like the one the CIA has. But at MI6, Black Cube has given them a place not only in Barcelona where they had already fought 12 years ago in casual encounters with common follow-ups as reflected laundress in his day.

Kidon has asked Sanchez and they have succeeded in paralyzing the installation works of the Chinese MMS, -Ministry of State Security – Guojia Anquan Bu (Guoanbu) -, in the Torre España and this has been an excuse without great explanations of the property of the building to paralyze the works.

It is not by chance that they arrive now, the coup president does not trust the Civil Guard or the CNI, that is why he bought Soraya in the State Council and this one must have given him the idea.

Forget the speeches of the official press that will tell milongas that they come to work for celebrities.

His arrival coincides with the necessary shielding of pro-independence forces in Catalonia, Basque, socialist and podemitas. And also with the start of the new blood rituals that they already practiced with the murder of the two pilots of Spanish fighters with DEW electromagnetic weapons that they will also use.

The Civil Guard upset the anti-patriots a lot, and Black Cube comes to shield both independents and Spaniards who want to destroy Spain, from a Roures that finances friends of the head of the club Allen in Catalonia and deep and dark Asturias, to certain offices near Castellana where are the headquarters of the owners of televisions, lotteries, air routes and Aenas before the next bankruptcy of the stock market system and consequently banking.

It is very good to say that Black Cube is a cover of private agency when Kidom himself comes from cleaning.

We are going to see – that we are not going to see them – wars that we hope to lose these protectors of abusers, pedophiles, financial thieves, and independentistas and nationalists.

They have been provided with sensitive and very sensitive information. However, the Chinese are not going to be a problem for the Mossad from the control of the Central Bank of China by the Rothschilds, in turn the owner of Israel. Only two services are going to have to make an effort in a tremendous cold war style that Pedro Sánchez has opened due to the demands of George Soros, as well as Obama’s visit. Simply, Obama can not count on the CIA to overthrow Donald Trump, and Calle Serrano, Bilbao to cover its hotel and port bases in Bilbao and railway infrastructures to Rotterdam from Agoncillo , Barcelona in permanent change of address to protect the putillos of ERC, Pujols and other pro-independence traitors to Spain and also directed from the sewers of Madrid as directed ETA and 11-M, and other centers in other cities are going to have cold activity.

Gentlemen, this is a war of all, we have enemies at home, and paid and reinforced by our own government. Manuela Malasaña is no longer a historical adornment – she asks to return – the ban is opened. And the King already said it in a book published recently, and on the previous occasion in 2017 . There are people who are charging and a lot for the betrayal. Those who are not patriotic or have a very subtly mistaken idea of what it is to serve their nation, they will see. The war has already begun. But everything is known and everything comes, this is the final agony, and we may even lose, unless there is a very fruitful November 11 in Paris and the steamroller works tirelessly to put light where there is none.

Jews to Israel GO HOME.



Black Cube: la agencia de espías más polémica del mundo llega a Madrid”. elmundo


Ellos manda sobre todos, personas y células clave de las cloacas de los estados.


“La televisión israelí ha admitido que la unidad de asesinato ‘Kidon’, una subsidiaria del servicio de inteligencia israelí (Mossad), fue autor de al menos 40 operaciones en diferentes partes del mundo, incluido Irán”.

“Según informes, se contrató a una firma de espionaje israelí para desenterrar a ex ayudantes de Obama involucrados en el acuerdo con Irán”. BLACK CUBE.


Mossad siempre utiliza unidades operativas que parezcan satélites o indenpendientes, como el Kidom, o Cube en este caso que llega a España.

Ya va tomando cuerpo los móviles SOLARIN de SIRIN LAB israelíes con propiedades especiales, y el PROYECTO PASTOR para reforzar la independencia, y la guerra en España versión alzamiento de africanos nigerianos y del Sahel que Soros ha regalado a…

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