Kadafi’s Mom Yaasmyn Fula: OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO OUTLAWZ VLAD Interview

Kadafi’s Mom Yaasmyn Fula:





Message to the Crows, formerly known as The Outlawz

When crows descend upon a carcass or attack the weak or injured of their flock it is called Murder of Crows.

In a pitiful attempt to stay relevant these 3 Crows are doing just that upon the carcass of my deceased son, Yafeu Kadafi Fula, and Tupac Amaru Shakur.

So I have officially renamed the remaining Outlawz to THE CROWS.

At no time did any of them reach out to me and say we are discussing Kadafi in an interview and want you to know that, at no time has Mutah reached out to me to offer anything regarding pain and suffering of my family, any admission of responsibility of his cousin, given the fact that Yafeu is responsible for him having any ounce of credibility.

Instead this continued exploitation and capitalization of his murder,

This despite the fact that I and my son lifted him up from his circumstances.

I responded to his hundred phone calls begging to be a part of Tupac’s group and made sure Tupac met him. I did this.

Not Yafeu, me.

Despite the fact that Mutah has admitted on numerous occasions this was MURDER, he continues to capitalize upon the notoriety that brings accreditation to his Arab handlers and media attention by Amerikkka’s slanderous and corrupt social media .

The same goes for Noble, who knew Tupac for only 2 months IF that much, who thinks he is the spokesperson, the keeper of the flame of the revolutionary Tupac Amaru Shakur and his beloved brother Yafeu.

Ad nauseum he wears a shirt of the revolutionary Che Guevara while bamboozling the fans into thinking he is appointed as representative of our revolutionary legacy.

Not one of these Crows dares to acknowledge the bond of love and devotion between Tupac and Yafeu but instead go on social media discussing Kadafi’s death like they are reading from a script, promoting their own irrelevance and disastrous music.

They are the whores of Hollywood who have made careers deceiving the fans as to their merit and commitment to principles my sons died for.

They creep around in desperation trying to stay relevant commenting on subject matter that they absconded from addressing 20 years ago and now dare to revisit at great harm to myself and my family.

I have asked them repeatedly not to speak my sons name.

Instead they dare to do an interview with the family member whose cousin MURDERED Yafeu.

#1. My son was murdered by Roddy Beale, Mutah’s cousin. Make no mistake it was Murder.

Mutah’s family threatened all the witnesses and folks willing to come forward to testify that Roddy had threatened Yaki.

Roddy even called the house where Yaki was at and told the people he was coming but “don’t tell Yafeu”.

He and his accomplice, Kadir Way, plead guilty to manslaughter and received light sentences because prosecutors had no witnesses.

My son was buried under a shroud of lies which Mutah and his family perpetuated.

He fooled the world by claiming that his cousin made a mistake despite privately admitting he was a notorious pill head, pulling guns on people and unstable.

He chose to support his cousin listening to only his version of what happened.

He made his choice.

You can’t have it both ways.

You either stand for the truth or you stand for the lie.

You supported a murderer and now dare to try encourage interviewing your cousin.

Why to advance your ratings?

Why not make him an Outlaw or Murder of Crow member, that would be quite fitting.

To stay relevant with your Arab handlers?

It required some measure of courage to investigate and not just rely on his cousin.

We investigated.

We know what happened.

Mutah participated in the cover-up, left the group, went to Saudi Arabia leaving all to deal with the fallout of death and pain.

Now he comes back an international hero, claiming rights of respect he does not deserve.

I NEVER blamed him for my sons killing.

My son loved Mutah.

I blame him for participating in the cover-up which resulted in the lies today.

Mutah knows it was murder and has even stated so in his numerous insulting speeches his “life with tupac”. Murder is not the same as accident.

You cannot have it both ways.

As far as the OUTLAWZ or CROWS.

Go get a real job you bottom feeders and stop pimping my son and pimping Tupac.

You both are irrelevant, your music a disaster and disgrace.

Noble would have never been here but for the arrest of Fatal at the House of Blues in 1996 (he filled in).

You were not even a rapper you fell into this role by DEFAULT, cause your rap skills are a joke. I never understood why the Estate didn’t have you go take a seat.

Guess they were preoccupied in silencing the more credible GRIOTS of this legacy, whose stories were not for sale….. ME!

Your skills are mediocre and when I hear you rap I feel like my nails are scraping against a chalkboard.

Had Tupac lived I am sure, BASED on his comments to me, would have eased you out.

It is as if in this interview you cannot say my name. Stop saying “Kadafi’s mom”.

I am the true keeper of the flame of both Kadafi and Tupac.

Say my name. Yaasmyn.

Edi, pretty surprised but not surprised at you.

“Mu didn’t do it”.

When was that ever the issue?

The issue was honor, principle, integrity, and standing up for what really happened.

You showed 20 years ago you lacked the balls to ask relevant questions regarding Kadafi’s murder and today you continue to ride the “Tupac gravy-train” trying to stay relevant, sell records.

We know you’re a broke ass.

Get a damn job…… stop throwing up signs. You’re too old.

Tupac was recruiting all of you for the work to build a movement for justice and truth.

To strike a blow against mass incarceration, unemployment, misogyny and build constructs in the community for empowerment of Black People.

He chose international monikers for all because he was a global visionary connected to the world.

Do you know whats going on in Uganda, after all you were named after Edi Amin because you were overweight and obviously adhere to the same corrupt behavior.

I guess 2pac saw more than I, even though I helped pick out the names.


This wasn’t about your personal paychecks which is what you have turned this into.

A damn paycheck.

All of you sycophants feed on his corpse.

Tupac was a revolutionary whose greatest flaw was associating with such losers as you and the other no names too many to mention who ride the Tupac gravy train daily.

Why continue to claim relevance by discussing my Son.

Why couldn’t any of you say “wow we don’t need to broach this subject out of respect for Yaasmyn”.

You couldn’t even say my name till the end.

I am “Kadafi’s Mom” !!

The slap in the face and debacle of not being allowed to perform at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is indicative of your irrelevance.

You and Noble should have sat down long time ago but now you bring shame to our family’s not just mine.

None of you should have been on the stage, not TI, not Snoop, not Mopreme.

You know who should have accepted the award? Joan Baez who was already being inducted. Why?

Because she more than any of you sleazy sloths stood for, the same principles Tupac was taught, anti – imperialism, anti capitalism, loyalty, courage and integrity and Black Peoples Independence. We woman taught him that and he loved women.

This is the subject of my projects – the Circle of Women – who nurtured and raised Tupac and taught him love and respect.

As far as Mutah.

Go back to your handlers in Saudi Arabia or Dubai or wherever your Arabized brand of Islam came from.

How dare you come to Amerikkka preaching anything as you live under the protectorate of an Arab Empire that enslaves and murders Africans daily – the Sudan, etc where women are treated as animals, Saudi Arabia where africans are subjugated.

I am a revolutionary Warrior Woman.

My son was the descendant of a long line of Revolutionaries that fought and died for the liberation of Black people. We know our history.

You are a stain, the antithesis of what my son lived and died for.

You have no right to come and criticize anyone, not the film, not the producers not anyone until the Self accuses the Self.

Your fortune or perceived fortune is off the blood of my sons, both Tupac and Yafeu.

Every blessing you enjoy would not be but for the life of my Son.

Instead of honoring Yafeu, you bring shame and deceit to our homes, forcing me and my family to bury my son yet again under this shroud of lies and dishonor.

You dare to state your “cousin wouldn’t lie”.

A predator known for shooting and robbing people wouldn’t lie?

Why not make him an Outlaw, or better yet MURDER of CROWS, he’d fit right in.

Your pitiful attempt at staying relevant will be aggressively met by me and anyone who believes you push a religious agenda.

Islam is a religion of honor and integrity. You have violated many of the tenets of Islam with your fraud and lies.

I remain as I always have been the speaker of Truth.

I did not need to travel from the shores of the oppressors of Africans to understand my duty as a black being.

Speak about the genocide committed against Africans daily, about the Arab enslavement of Africans that would have more relevance but, judging by your crude comments and this fraudulent tour your motives are self serving.

Do not come to me with a subservient Arabized version of Islam.

Come to me with humility and sorrow at the pain you have caused my family.

Until then you are a fraud, betrayer and liar.

Islam teaches when a life is taken, much is to be done to make amends.

What amends have you made to me, other than to continue to attempt to capitalize off my sons corpse.

Blood In My Eye!

Your social media tour with the irrelevant CROWS is an indication of your fraud, as fans across the globe are enticed into a perverse version of OUTLAW meaning.

The real intent of the group died with the murder of its founding member Yafeu “Kadafi” Fula.

Had Tupac predeceased his beloved brother he would have disbanded these CROWS, and replaced them hopefully with real soldiers.

Anyone who sides with and aids the enemies of black people is a TRAITOR.

You have betrayed our people on so many levels.

Your betrayal of my family is unforgivable Perhaps in the eyes of your handlers, you are doing your job, keeping an indigenous deceived population mesmerized with lies.

But in the eyes of me, my family and Black people you are a traitor.

And by the way.

In your speaking engagement of unknown date and origin where you non-chalantly describe Yafeu’s murder stating : …. “a couple of weeks later the brother that introduced me to Tupac, his half brother, got murdered by my cousin”…

Let me know if you need me to post the video to jolt your memory.

Websters definition of MURDER: unlawful, malicious, premeditated killing of a person.

Websters definition of ACCIDENT: an unexpected or unintended happening.

You can’t have it both ways. Was it an ACCIDENT or was it MURDER?? By your own admission you KNEW.

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