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Exactly Who Are The Hasbara and Sayanim?


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Let me just take a moment to define two important terms I use here a lot, so the newly awakened will understand what kind of creeps we’re dealing with in our lands.

“Hasbara,” or “HasbaRATS” as I like to call them, are Jews who insidiously work to screw up White people in the head, most often for Israel’s “survival,” but you could easily make a strong case for all the other PC “diversity” and “multicultural” crap lefty Jewry in general inflicts on us, too. Some belong to organized Internet groups who actually call themselves “Hasbara” even today; these are traitorous Zionists working to keep the mass population of Israel’s Numero Uno MacDaddy — the USA — under their spell.

“I’hasbir” is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “to explain.” Most often used as a term for secret Israelite spies and agents sent into walled cities belonging to other people in the Levant — the major crossroads area between continents now called Israel (the “Promised Land of milk and honey” BS). The murderous Hebrew cutthroats would gain access through a hidden door or over an unguarded wall — thanks to a paid-off traitor or idiot who had no idea of what terrible horrors were in store for his own people.

Hmmm, parallels with the way these devious Jews operate today are amazing.

Once inside the walled city, the Hebrew desert thugs brutally attacked the sleeping and wine-besotted inhabitants, hacking everyone in sight with stone-sharpened bronze age swords — men, women and children — right along with any slaves and domesticated animals, simply because they all didn’t worship the same YAHWEH as the sacred Jews did. They cared nothing about “converting” anyone since they only wanted the land and property; anyone living there should just die or flee — pretty much like what the modern day Israelis are doing to the Palestinians right the flock now.

Oh, and before I forget, as God’s “sacred” representatives on Earth, the Levite priestly class (my photo illustration above) made sure the Israelite thug soldiers turned over to them the largest share of the gold booty and the most bootylicious virgin babes of the sacked city — for later use back in the tents as slave trollops — if you get my drift. Some things never change.

This is where all the “slew” and “slaying” stuff in the Bible comes from (the five books of Exodus through Deuteronomy were written hundreds of years after the all this supposed hero business of “Moses” and “Joshua”). There’s zero historical evidence for any of it. According to the militant fantasies of these high priests of Israel, it was all on God’s orders, including the later genocide of the sandnigger Midianite tribe who helped Moses survive in the desert after his expulsion from Egypt (Charlton Heston’s wife, played by ’50s hottie Yvonne De Carlo, in the movie “The Ten Commandments” was a Midianite).

Yep, the Israelite scribes bragged they killed off the Arab tribe that helped Moses out. Just like the backstabbers.

Thanks to Jew BS written about in the Old Testament, today’s rat-faced Khazar legions from southern Russia have inherited a long tradition of stabbing people in the back who once helped them. The rats don’t give a rat’s ass.

Hell, it kills me to this day. I even remember asking the priest, Father Brown, about it way back in catechism classes as a precocious young INCOG, that no one in church ever seemed to ask out loud: “Hey everybody, just WTF are we celebrating these murderous desert thugs who slaughtered sandniggers all over the place?”

Of course, I didn’t word it quite like that.

One thing to bear in mind, is all of this “hasbara” tough guy image BS, bandied about by those that today call themselves “Jews,” is little more than a fervently insane belief structure passed down the generations by Eastern European and southern Russian rabbis — nutcase Khazars who have long fancied themselves the physical descendents of ancient Israelites and God’s “Chosen.” Total BS.

HasbaRAT Control Operator #15689, reporting in.

Today, Jewry has tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of these rats across the globe organized on the Internet to confuse the Goyim by flooding chat rooms, blog sites, comments and online polls — writing and acting as if they were just another Goy schmuck. They even have special Israel-supplied software called “Megaphone” to send out alerts to each other.

Many of these Megaphone groups are even financed by the Israeli government and other extremist, Jew racist, Zionist operations. Since money is inherently fungible, the US tax dollars of yourself undoubtedly make it down to Zionist efforts across the planet to control America’s head. Kind of pisses a person off, doesn’t it? It should.

Matter of fact, individual Jews don’t have to belong to any organized group at all or even get paid. Often, they simply work freelance for sheer Jew giggles alone (one is probably eyeballing my site right now). He or she well understands that if enough of us Goyim out here start to “get it,” the Jew’s comfy parasite party in America may well come to a big screeching halt.

Keeping us “Goyim” from going “Nazi” is a prime motive for every Jew out there. Hitler/Holocaust documentaries and dramatic movies affects little Jews just as much, if not more, as us regular Whites. If you notice, there has a been a distinct uptick in the media brainwashing over the last few years.

Like I said before, you could even make a good case that all Jews working in the “PC” media, left or right, are really nothing but Jewish HasbaRATS in a big, BIG way. They get paid huge sums of Federal Reserve dollars writing Zionist propaganda, or even just lefty, PC ideology in the continual, never-ending Jewish racial and moral destruction of the West. This is where you get the obvious liberal BS you see everywhere in the media, along with the invasion of non-White Third Worlders and terrorist muzzies into White lands that so well pisses you off (pro immigration brainwashing).


“The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.”

— US Navy intelligence analyst and convicted spy for Israel, Jonathan Pollard, during his interrogations. Please note this Jew was born and raised in America, yet the material he handed over to Israel literally put all of us Americans in serious nuclear riskafter Israel traded it to the Soviets (commie Jews are rife everywhere). Because of the Jew-controlled mass media in the US, few even know of this rat and what he did.


Many rat-faced Jews imagine themselves as secret agents working for Global Jewry.

Now Sayanim Jews are a little different. “Sayanim” is simply the plural of “SAYAN.” It means “volunteers.” These are Diaspora Jews living in our countries who have been quietly asked by Israeli MOSSAD controllers called “KATSAS” to help out the Mother country in a some way — small usually, but sometimes very big. 9/11 anyone?

BTW: The Jews went out of their way to get the Wikipedia page on all this deleted. One of the MOSSAD Jews exposing some of it, Victor Ostrovsky, is still there — for now. Of course Israel denies everything and the US media says not a word, even though intel insiders know this is going on but only speak of it in hushed voices.

And it doesn’t have to be a dangerous, active role at all. Let’s say for example, a rich Jew fat cat has a lot of real estate holdings in the Dallas, Texas area. The MOSSAD Katsas will ask him if he can be “on-call” to provide a furnished “safe house,” just in case a MOSSAD operative needs to shack up in his particular area of the city, or simply as base camp for an ongoing MOSSAD operation (details are never told to said real estate Jew for US legality loopholes, so they can say “they had no idea”).

Also, Israel has a special intelligence division dedicated to stealing secret industrial and high tech information from other countries — including the USA. Once called “LAKHAM” (they probably have another name for it by now); stolen info gets turned over to Israeli companies to enrich the Jewish state. Technology companies based over there have plenty of stock owned by Israeli state intel ops, so all the big and little Jews get to “wet their beaks” with profits.

You only hear about when China or Russia does it to us. Jews in America steal proprietary information from companies all the time for Israel. Should the American company find out, they get nowhere in any legal proceedings against Israeli firms. When it comes to Israel, it’s all been a rigged game from day-one.

Of course, so-called “American” Jews recruited by Israeli MOSSAD for Sayanim duties are told to keep the request quiet for the sake of Jewry in general. Better not let the Goyim get too wise! Should the Jew express qualms at being a traitor, or risk being found out by over-zealous Goyim authorities, they are simply told “hey, it’s all cool, just don’t say anything to the Goy about us asking you, bro.” Chances are, most Jews say “yes” right off the bat since they are honored to secretly help the Zionist cause.

The rats probably soon tell their wives or homo boy lovers so they can have some great “secret agent” sex that night. And indeed, this has came out before in break-ups and divorces — you just never hear JACK because the media and the FBI knows well to tread carefully down that path — or risk getting fired from the big bosses.

Just think about what backstabbers these Jews truly are!

Folks: What we got is an immoral, bastard race of Ancient Religious Reenactors who, because of 1300 years of self-delusion (beginning around 740AD), think of themselves as oh-so-great and blessed by God. Believe me, these kinds of subversive rats have ZERO problem stabbing America in the back for the sake of the Jewish or Israeli cause. Or just for buckage, often enough.

The bona fide creeps even have a special term of endearment for their style of outrageous racial arrogance. It’s called “CHUTZPAH” and they love it in each other.

— Phillip Marlowe


Israel Spying on the USA


Reblogged from source @ incogman.net/2017/06/exactly-who-are-the-hasbara-and-sayanim/ INCOG MAN – SICK OF THE BS!

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