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Exposing Lame Anti-Vax Activists


Sherri Kane

I have a justifiable ‘beef’ with so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ that I address here, on a free educational service to which I have contributed often greatly. Most people in the ‘Vaccination Risk Awareness Movement” know that I am Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s partner. We have worked together since 2009, and he has often publicly credited me for awakening him to the ‘double agents’ assigned to ‘neutralize’ him after Barack Obama’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright credited Dr. Horowitz on national television for contributing the monumental HIV/AIDS origin investigation report that became his first national best-selling, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?

The fall-out from Rev. Wright’s honorable endorsement of the doctor’s book was intense.

The book proved (using censored scientific evidence) beyond any reasonable doubt that AIDS and Ebola were lab-viruses. AIDS was spread through Merck’s hepatitis B vaccineto mainly gay men in NYC and Blacks in Central Africa for profitable depopulation, that is, genocide.

Among the ‘infiltrators’ into Dr. Horowitz’s social and business circles were several well known people, such as Ted Gunderson and ‘Dr. ‘True’ Ott” (aka, Alma C. Ott) who claimed to be supportive to Dr. Horowitz’s whistleblowing, only to stab him in the back to undermine his celebrity and opposition to the mounting bio-chemical ‘injecticide.’

I vetted these double-agents who personified COINTELPRO’s “Controlled Opposition.”

Thereafter, it took years for Dr. Horowitz to recover after loosing everything to these demonic ‘Deep State’ agents other than the doctor’s faith in God.

I have experienced the same pattern of infiltration and subversion from “Anti-Vaccination Activists” nationally and locally.

Here, in Hawaii, where we are fighting ‘The Mob’ that stole Dr. Horowitz’s spa property on the Big Island, we see and expose a number of these seemingly ‘good people’ who are actually deadly and demonic.

There are actually two different classes of these demonic agents, as first made known by ex-CIA psychological ops agent-turned-activist, Barbara Hartwell.

‘Barbara,’ who was assigned to work with FBI/CIA ‘Director’ (directly beneath J. Edgar Hoover) Gunderson, learned about the ‘evil operations’ of the ‘Deep State’s’ child sex-trafficking operations and resigned (for her love of Jesus).

Barbara classifies these two groups as: (1) actual agents; and (2) “dumb-wannabes” that admire the principals and form ‘minions’ of supporters.

These ‘minions’ of ‘evil obedient’ fools include the social media ‘trolls’ that people are increasingly recognizing in discussion ‘threads.’

They populate the CIA-controlled Facebook, and have wrecked havoc with the Vaccination Risk Awareness Movement.

Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri’s Heroic Stand Against Hypocrisy

Consequently, it came as a pleasant surprise that Massachusetts scholar, EMAIL inventor, and senatorial candidate, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, published a video that condemns the ‘head of the beast’ that has damaged the movement’s credibility and efficacy in saving lives.

Dr. Shiva clearly explains HERE about being censored by Vaxxed II anti-vax activists, from posting a video exposing AMC and their censorship.

The villains among us are a bunch of lame, pretentious, upper middle class snobs, and cliquey PTA moms, that operate like bureaucrats.

They censor and outcast anyone and everyone that they feel is too controversial or ‘radical’, such as Dr. Horowitz and I. Dr. Horowitz evidences the solid science proving the ‘vaccinecide.’

Controversial as that may be, it is urgent that this whistleblowing be addressed.

And despite Dr. Horowitz’s works being most meritorious in exposing, for example, the suppressed vaccine-cancer links, and the mounting genocide, these evil-doers (activist wannabes and misfits) shun him and me.

Real change does not happen with this mentality, Dr. Ayyadurai lectures.

Look how far that evil-doing got the activists in California and New York, where fascism has prevailed and vaccinecide is “mandated.”

Hypocrisy Further Exemplified in Hawaii

You can’t go and beg bribed politicians to listen to the horror stories of vaccines.

That’s ineffective and not beneficial according to our experience, having learned this lesson ‘the hard way.’

You need to file a complaint against each and every one of the lawmakers who received campaign financing from Big Pharma companies for bribery, or at least ethics violations.

You need to do what we did. Dig up the solid evidence of bribery to evidence and justify your complaints.

We submitted complaints to the Campaign Finance Commission and to the Ethics Commission, to no avail. Why did these law enforcers do nothing?

Because the lame ‘activists’ shunned the opportunity, simply because Dr. Horowitz and I advanced it.

Now they continue to spin their wheels doing nothing substantive to prevent fascism and vaccinecide from damaging families, communities, the economy, children and future generations.

Nevertheless, while the lame ‘activists’ do nothing, we expose the government and industry devil-doers, as well as the pseudo-activists in whatever media we have available to us.

We advise you to do the same against these criminal cohorts, as best you can.

For example, we filed a complaint against Senator Roz Baker here, and not one of the activists in Hawaii came to that hearing, even though they were all alerted, and their presence was urgently requested.

The mainstream media even showed up. But not one activist came. We stood against this genocide alone. If the pseudo-activists had shown up, the mainstream media would have been pressured to run the story.

Baker would have gotten exposed by the mainstream media.But that never happened due to the activists’ mental-illness and non-appearance; so we published the story on a number of websites, and still address the injustice with links such as supplied above.

Did Len and I ever even get a thank you from any of the so-called activists, in solidarity, for filing the complaint?

No. We never even got an apology from any of them who didn’t show up for the hearing.

We got nothing but lame excuses and snubs!

That’s why I am writing this article, and publishing here in solidarity with ‘Dr. Shiva,’ equally annoyed and discouraged by the hypocrisy and inefficacy in the ‘Anti-Vaccination Movement’ most celebrated ‘leaders.’

There is little-to-no solidarity among the celebrated ‘leaders’ in the movement, only self-interest.

The activists in Hawaii are classic examples. They avoid ‘rocking-the-boat’ because they want to protect their fancy lifestyles.

Hypocrisy and Stupidity Exemplified in America

America’s anti-vaccination activists are put to shame by their fellow researchers and protestors in Poland.

Here’s a classic example.

Imagine you have Dr. Leonard Horowitz regularly visiting your state, city, or town to combat corruption from Big Pharma-influenced government.

Imagine you have Horowitz’s availability to lecture as one of only six experts internationally who unearthed the man-made, vaccine-transmitted, solid science sourcing HIV/AIDS that has already killed 40 million people internationally.

(By the way, of the six, only Drs. Horowitz and Cantwell remain alive.)

Imagine your organization, religious congregation, schools and universities would greatly benefit from such a presentation by among the world’s leading pioneers of the ‘vaccine-cancer’ links, having authored several award-winning books and multiple award-winning documentary films.

Imagine this foremost internationally-renowned medical science scholar, outstanding speaker, and popular hero came to your area seeking your support to gather an audience.


That is the ignorant and despicable ‘activism’ repeatedly demonstrated by so-called American ‘activists’ who have worked hard to deny audiences recognition of Dr. Horowitz’s life-saving and ‘consciousness-awakening’ contributions.

Thankfully, this widespread mental illness and social injustice is not shared by ‘real activists’ in countries such as France and Poland, the latter being most effective in combating ‘injecticide.’

Visit countries like Poland to celebrate solidarity with activist groups such as Stop Nop.

Their educational and political gatherings have resulted in a country-wide political movement to oust the ‘BigPharma Whores’ from government.

Isn’t that what we should be experiencing here, in America, in cities such as New York, LA and Honolulu. What’s wrong with this picture?

Lame activists and counter-intelligence trolls.

Mainstream Media Censorship Must Be Overcome by Independent Media Solidarity Not Traitorous Complicity in the Genocide

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai‘s video testimony raises this important issue of mainstream media censorship, and the need for solidarity among activists to sidestep the ongoing censorship! 

For example, activists in the U.S. have censored Dr. Horowitz’s multiple award-winning film Un-Vaxxed: A Docu-Commentary For Robert DeNiro?

That censorship is directly due to the self-serving and jealous producers and backers of the ‘must-see’ films VAXXED and VAXXED II.

Unfortunately, the VAXXED and VAXXED IIproducers snubbed Dr. Horowitz’s good faith correspondence and repeated appeals for collaboration before any of these three films were released.

Dr. Horowitz learned about VAXXED from Dr. Wakefield personally when that film was still being developed under the working title “Injecting Lies.” Prior to Dr. Horowitz’s snubbing by Wakefield and Co-producer, Del Bigtree, Horowitz had remained a strong supporter of Wakefield.

Dr. Wakefiled had been on the Advisory Board of Medical Veritas International, Inc. and its journal, MedicalVeritas.org, before and after Dr. Horowitz became the Editor-in-Chief of this foremost “anti-vax” educational resource.

I had personally exposed a group of trolls assigned to smear Wakefield on-board the now infamous ‘Conspira-Sea Cruise.’

It was my work, and Dr. Wakefield’s ‘Thank you’ to me for helping to spare his reputation and forthcoming film, VAXXED‘s reputation, by exposing the minion of counter-intelligence agents on-board the ship assigned to smear him and the forthcoming film. My work exposing these devil-doers, and those events, promptedExposing Lame Anti-Vax Activists Dr. Horowitz to produce his award-winning film UN-VAXXED in solidarity with Wakefield, Bigtree, VAXXED, and justice in public health.

But rather than even a simple “Thank you,” Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and their co-producer, Brian Burrowes snubbed and acted to damage Dr. Horowitz and his reputation within the anti-vaccination movment.

Incredibly, and unconscionably, Brian Burrowes, began to falsely advertise that VAXXED had won awards that Dr. Horowitz’s film UN-VAXXED had actually won!

The trio of VAXXED and VAXXED II producers jealously acted to steal the honors exclusively given UN-VAXXED and Dr. Horowitz.

Consequently, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai‘s bold condemnation of these self-serving anti-vax movement ‘leaders’ is compounded by our experiences with these actual traitors.

Dr. Shiva complained about having his information and videos censored by the Cinema Libre producers, precluding Dr. Shiva’s voice in AMC cinemas. Similarly, the same group has censored Dr. Horowitz’s “Best Film 2016” in London and Geneva, World International Film Festival competitions–UN-VAXXED.

And when Dr. Horowitz and I published a videotape that Dr. Wakefield urged us to publish on our (now censored) Vimeo.com/RevolutionTelevision channel, ‘Andy’ later complained to Vimeo to have them block that broadcast!

This shows a ‘pattern and practice’ of bad faith by Wakefield, BigTree and Burrowes, corroborating Dr. Shiva’s outrage.

Subsequently, Vimeo cancelled our contract due to Wakefield’s complaint among two more fraudulent complainants.


These are the reasons the anti-vax movement in America has not organized and defeated vaccinecide, as has been largely accomplished in Poland.

The ongoing genocide is largely attributable to the organized COINTELPRO sponsored by BigPharma and the Deep State, and those such has the Cinema Libre group and their ‘sheeple-like’ fans who have ignorantly and purposely privatized their activism and are both ‘controlled’ and controlling opposition.

These evil-doers, although they are raising awareness and controversy, they are generally damaging by controlling the ‘grassroots’ movement and independent groups and citizens who are most valuable in the movement.

Ultimately, nothing will change, and the vaccinecide will only get deadlier, until there is “general agreement” in society that vaccines pose this deadly risk, and the mantra “vaccines are safe and effective” is generally recognized as fraudulent.

The Stop Nop solidarity movement in Poland serves as the best example at the present time of this good advice and positive political change.The M.O. of COINTELPRO/Controlled Opposition and anti-vaccination movement leaders at present is to isolate activists that they cannot control.Dr. Horowitz and I are classic examples of this pattern and practice, similarly affirmed by Dr. Shiva.

With activists friends like this, who needs enemies! Big Pharma could not have done a better job in suppressing the movement.Not one of the phony activists will touch that subject.

That’s how we know Dr. Shiva is reliable. Instead, lesser intelligent leaders make sure they isolate, exclude, smear, and even gaslight the real activists that dare expose the hypocrisies ongoing in this movement.

People ignore or condemn what the real activists among us say and do, in efforts to make us seem crazy or just “angry.” But when one of their heroes say the same thing, they hear and herald it as gospel.

Are we angry? Yes, deservedly, when it comes to the unrighteousness of genocide and this level of ignorance shared by the complicit agents and organizations acting as “controlled opposition.”There is nothing glamorous about the work we do. We do not care about cliques, parties, fame, fortune and the games these activists want to play. This is about stopping the genocide and saving lives, one child at a time, as necessary in accordance with our ‘public duty.’

Dr. Horowitz and I are the real deal. Dr. Shiva is the real deal. Too bad if we rub you the wrong way. We will always tell you the truth according to our research an

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