The Most Powerful Man of World War 1 Worked for the VaticanReblogged from source @

The Most Powerful Man of World War 1 Worked for the Vatican

[Originally Found & Posted by the Great Work of, Eric Bowman: Feb. 13, 2020]

A worthy repost for those who have not seen or forgot, adding more context/details.

Ferdinand Foch, K.O.C.

(1851–1929; French First-Vow Jesuit of the Short-Robe Temporal Coadjutor, Knight of Jesuit Created & Controlled Roman Catholic Military Order of the‘Knights of Columbus’ 1921, Mass-Murdering Genocidal General & ‘Military Theorist,’ Devout Roman Catholic, Jesuit Trained & Educated at Jesuit ‘College Saint-Michel’ Saint-Etienne & Jesuit ‘College Saint-Clement’Metz, Brother of French Jesuit Priest Germain Foch, S.J., Papal ‘Grail Knight,’ ‘Supreme Allied Commander’During the First Phase World War of the Jesuit Order’s‘Second Thirty Years’ War’ 1914-45 the 100th Anniversary of the Reestablishment of the Jesuit Order 1818, ‘An Aggressive, Reckless Commander at the First Marne, Flanders & Artois Campaigns 1914-16,’ ‘Allied Commander-in-Chief’ March 1918 in the All-Out ‘Germ-an Spring Offensive,’ Successfully Coordinated the French, British, & American Efforts Into a Coherent Whole i.e. Catholicism, Caustically Handling Strategic Reserves Alike Sun-Tzu/Lorenzo Ricci, S.J., Stopped the Jesuit Controlled Germ-an Offensive, Accepted the Germ-an Cessation & Present at the Armistice of November 11, 1918, Transferred to Jesuit Newly Created Italy in 1916 Played a Decisive Role in Halting a Renewed Germ-an Advance on Paris in the 2nd Battle of the Marne, Promoted to Jesuit Controlled ‘Marshal of France,’ Completely Selected, Controlled, Advised, & Consulted by Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski, S.J., Considered the Jesuit Created & Controlled ‘Nazi Third Reich’ Cataclysm via the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ Too Lenient on Germ-any & During the Signing Declared: ‘This is Not Peace. It is An Armistice for Twenty Years.’ When the Second Phase World War of the Jesuit Order’s ‘Second Thirty Years’ War’ 1914-45 Began Exactly Twenty Years Later—One Only Wonders Were He Received His ‘Divine’ Intel, Received the Jesuit Order’s Prestigious Military Award of the Golden ‘Sword of Ignatius of Loyola’ & Honorary Doctorate of Roman Catholic ‘Canon & Civil Law’ at Jesuit ‘Georgetown University’ Military War-Room 1921, Died Same Year the Temporal Power/Key of the Papacy Was Restored with the Vatican Becoming a Sovereign City-State Empire 1929 Being the Mortal Head-Wound That Heals Rev. 13:3/12, Buried Alongside His Fellow Jesuit ‘Perinde ac Cadaver’ Temporal Coadjutor Grail Knights of Jesuit ‘Acta Latamorum’King Louis ‘The Sun’ XIV, S.M.O.M. & Jesuit Great-Rebuilder Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Responsible for the Loss of 5,212,000 Lives, 4,200,000 Missing/Prisoners, & 13,000,000 Wounded: 22,166,000 Casualties ‘Allied Powers,’ & Co-Responsible for Loss of 8,600,000 Lives, 7,755,000 Missing/Prisoners, & 21,392,000 Wounded: 37,570,000 Casualties ‘Central Powers’)

“ANY SUCCESS I may have had ATTAINED in life [genocide], I OWE to the JESUIT FATHERS at St. Clement College, Metz, and the principle THEY TAUGHT me—: ‘God and the country.’”

Chizayon (Revelation) 13:3/12 \Emphasis Mine])

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death[Orchestrated Suppression of the Jesuit Order & Destruction: 1773-]; and his deadly wound was healed[Orchestrated Restoration of the Jesuit Order: -1814]: and ALL the world wondered after the Beast. … And he exercises all the power of the first Beast before him, and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first Beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

Knight of Columbus, Ferdinand Foch, K.O.C. & His Jesuit Gods – Jesuit Georgetown University Military War-Room: November 21, 1921

The Most Powerful Man of World War 1 Worked for the VaticanReblogged from source @

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