civil war in america




Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(; 9-4-21)

The ‘Deep State’ is now inciting civil war in America, pitting vaxxers against anti-vaxxers, conservatives against liberals, Democrats v. Republicans, agnostics against religious groups, Blacks vs. Whites, Anglos against Asians, but never the poor against the mega-rich that are imposing, broadcasting, modeling, and socially-engineering the dissonance, chaos, and disease we witness.

These are demonic and treasonous times. The obvious agenda is to incite violence through the “National Security ‘Crime’ Syndicate’ and its propaganda mills.

BigTech is BigPharma, and also BigMilitary, BigEnergy and BigBanking. This crime syndicate is the “Deep State.”

Abuse of their “fake news” media is being administered to destroy America every way possible.

This is required by the global elite to complete their mission to impose totalitarian ‘transhumanist’ rule over everyone who survives, albeit sickened and enslaved.

The obvious overriding objective is to degenerate, damage, and destroy America as a sovereign nation-state in favor of globalization and monopolizing corporate fascism.

How do I know this for sure? Read on . . .

Deep State is Big Pharma

Evidence of Treason

Quoting from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Sion, in Chapter X, verse 19, the elite’s agenda for global conquest is clearly defined. It states:

“But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relationships with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want so that the [SHEEPLE] see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.” [Emphasis in original.]

Accordingly, crucial in this globalist agenda is the politicization of public health, and so-called “science,” for the “INOCULATION OF DISEASES.”

Manufacturing, deploying, and leveraging COVID-19 is key to population control today, and social submission to globalization and multi-national corporate fascism.


“This AP/News media/Gates & Co./Deep State propaganda politicizes the administration of care for needy people nationwide, to the point of coaxing a civil war between the VAXXED and UN-VAXXED.”


The complicit agents and agencies, such as Dr. Anhony Fauci, the CDC, and FDA, are mere instruments of this genocidal imposition.

These agents and agencies, through the corporate-controlled and behaviorally-conditioning media, engineer society using threats of disease and death to “take refuge in [the globalists’] complete sovereignty in money and in all else.”

This demonic overriding of ethics, morals, values, laws, international treaties, and agenda, administers genocide through iatrogenocide (medically-administered mass murder).

This genocide is best evidenced and explained by facts before us, and what is being criminally-concealed.

The political and mass-media concealments preclude dutiful diagnosis and life-saving treatments.

These criminal concealments of crucial facts include:

(1) the AIDS-virus (HIV-1) genes that were spliced into the COVID mutant “spike protein” (“S-protein”) enabling the virus’ hyper-transmissability.

That is, the “gain-of-function” synthetic “dual use” military/commercial bioweapon is actually the antigen, not primarily the virus;

(2) the bio-electronics of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines’ cationic lipid metallic nano-particle hydrogel drug delivery device.

This “payload” transmitting technology, relies on the S-protein antigen to poison cells to cause DNA to mass produce that antigen.

Plus, it has bioelectronic data-mining capabilities that are unprecedented. These include “brain-to-cloud” connectivity.

Following infective-intoxication of the host cell, this antigenic bioweapon is mass produced by poisoned DNA and “shed,” that is spread to potentially others.

This shedding causes more immune-compromising microbe-mutations.

These S-protein antigens, spread via vaccines, are the main reason we are seeing more strains of this plague emerge, such as the “D-variant.”

This genetic technology effectively turns humans into lab-engineered genetically-modified-organisms (GMOs) that administer genocide through antigen shedding and spreading.

(3) the risk-to-benefit science doesn’t exist to prove these vaccines are not killing-and-maiming more people than they are supposedly helping-and-saving.

That is, the foundational data required to establish safety and efficacy for the “INOCULATION OF DISEASES” is being recklessly neglected and criminally concealed by complicit officials; and

charles lieber

(4) the FBI’s misrepresentation and falsification in their indictment of Charles Lieber–the Harvard chemistry professor arrested for transferring secreted science to Chinese military officials in Wuhan.

It wasn’t “car battery” technology Lieber transferred, as the FBI falsely reported.

It was the aforementioned bio-electronics and vaccine science financed by the U.S. Department of Defense, DARPA, and BARDA, intertwined with MIT’s Langer Lab and Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine research and monoclonal anti-body developments.

Also Dr. Fauci’s NIAID funding of the Wuhan lab through doctors Baric and Daszak, the Univ. of North Carolina, and the EcoHealth Alliance, was fraudulently and criminally concealed by the FBI and intelligence community in favor of the Deep State’s administration of this pan-genocide.

COVID Chaos, Imposed Deaths, and Depopulation

The intentional deployment of sickening and enslaving diseases, and media manipulations to engineer divisions among and between We The People, is clearly-and-convincingly shown by all media that conceals the aforementioned foundational facts.

All the news anchors on FOX for instance, several lawyers, evade the fundamental criminality that the Deep State elite have imposed.

Tucker Carlson and Hannity are not stupid people. Their journalistic jobs require researching and reporting the facts, in depth.

Neglecting this public duty they aid-and-abet genocide.

Their willful blindness of the COVID pandemic being intentionallyimposed to achieve the globalists’ totalitarian monopolistic objective is sinful and unconscionable.

To my knowledge, only Glenn Greenwald, interviewed on FOX News, has identified this Deep State intentional dynamic.

Nevertheless, every FOX News anchor has evaded this matter.

Most have diverted using lame questions, and frivolous and capricious rhetoric.

We The People now witness this treason and complicity in genocide more clearly.

All mainstream media moguls, hosts, and anchors that disregard their paymasters’ fundamental agenda are complicit in committing treason and genocide.

They are instrumental in killing people, administering ‘population control.’

The willfully-blind and silent officials and media celebrities administering this genocide and treason are recklessly neglecting this most important globalist view and geopolitical diagnosis that is essential for effective treatment.

That is, to stop the pandemic and regain “normalcy” this intentional imposition must be vetted and the criminals prosecuted.

Otherwise, new strains of lab viruses and their mutants will be loosed and draconian public health policies imposed.

No diagnosis, and no public disclosure, assures no effective treatment.

This negligence is causing millions of people to be killed.

America, likewise, is dying from this complicity in criminality; by the intent of the global elite.

They all favor or contribute to degenerative chaos.

They leverage communism, capitalism, socialism, and the BigTech/BigPharma/BigEnergy/BigMilitary/BigBanking/’Deep State’ deadly totalitarian monopoly.

The Biden Administration’s Complicity in Genocide

A. History Records a Pattern-and-Practice of ‘Vaccinecide.’

The Biden administration’s actions to dictate mandatory vaccinations, masking people, social distancing, and imposing unconstitutional business restraints, evidence and serve the same globalist agenda.

Given the facts, the pattern-and-practice of fraudulently concealing vital evidence of deadly vaccination risks, and the globalists’ agenda to damage public confidence in our governments, it is no accident that the Afghanistan debacle occurred when it did.

What does Afghanistan have to do with vaccination mandates or the reckless inciting of civil war in America?

The common denominator is the globalist agenda.

Consider the facts. At the same time officials in the media were leveraging the “D variant” as justification for mandatory vaccinations, Biden and complicit military leaders had a “meeting-of-the-minds.”

They agreed to abandon Western interests in the world’s opium capital bordering Russia, China, and the volatile Middle East. Exit Afghanistan.

No one in the “fake news” media revealed the Taliban (who have been ceded control) were established by the CIA during the late 1960s to purportedly defend against Russian invaders.

No one in the “fake news” media made known that Osama bin Laden, blamed for master-minding the 9/11 “terrorist attacks,” was trained and financed by the CIA to oppose the Russians.

No one in the “fake news” media made known the bin Ladens’ invested heavily with the Bush family and complicit insiders in Bioport, LLC–the vaccine maker that produced the infamous poisonous anthrax vaccines that triggered Gulf War Syndrome that sickened and killed tens of thousands of our service men and women.

Get the picture?

These sickening and enslaving events are rooted in the same “swamp.”

In the news at the time of this writing, private efforts have failed to prompt the release of classified intelligence regarding Saudi Arabia’s claimed involvement in the 9/11 disaster that “changed the world.”

No “fake news media” recalled that Bioport’s principal investor was Saudi business man Fuad El-Hibri–a close friend of the bin Laden family, and a previous merger and acquisitions manager for the Rockefeller-linked Citigroup in New York.

According to some investigators I referenced in past publications, additional Bioport shares were held by The Carlyle Management Group-a leading American defense contractor largely directed by past CIA director Frank Carlucci, James Baker III, George H.W. Bush, and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Further vetting the Deep State’s capture of American intelligence, including the FBI, according to the Associated Press, Past President George H.W. Bush acted as a business agent for the Carlyle Group and wealthy Saudi families including the bin Ladens.

The BBC, and London’s leading Sunday newspaper, The Guardian, reported on Nov. 7, 2001, that the Bush administration, through the CIA, hog-tied the FBI in their investigations linking Bush family and bin Laden family investments, including commonly held stock in the Carlyle Management Group.

This was alleged to have profoundly suppressive implications affecting the investigations of Bioport and Battelle Memorial Labs that produced the deadly mailed anthrax spores.

Today, with the COVID plandemic, we witness the same pattern-of-fraudulent concealment, and racketeering in organized crime.

On September 13, 2021, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R), raised concerns that the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco was intentional.” 

Without vetting or diagnosing this globalist racket, we will only continue to witness compounding damage to people, our country, and the world.


“We The People now witness this treason and complicity in genocide more clearly. All mainstream media moguls, hosts, and anchors that disregard their paymasters’ fundamental agenda are complicit in committing treason and genocide. They are instrumental in killing people, administering ‘population control.’”


B. Media Complicity in ‘Vaccinecide’

Polls are public persuasion or propaganda ploys, as are today’s so-called “science” journals.

Today nearly all medical and scientific journals are controlled by Reed-Elsevier, owned by ChoicePoint.

In 2009, I contested this gross conflicting interests in an open objection to The Lancet‘s rejection of an Op-Ed piece I wrote titled “PHARMAGANDA: A Study in Conflicting Interests.”

I made known that “[t]he merger [of] Reed-Elsevier [created], a virtual monopoly over the entire medical and scientific publishing industry.”

I wrote, “Elsevier alone publishes 250,000 articles annually in 2000 journals.” 

I objected to ChoicePoint having purchased Reed-Elsevier in 2008 for $3.6 billion in cash.

That merger effectively monopolized the medical scientific intelligence industry.

I reviewed online advertisements promoting ChoicePoint.

They describe the monopoly as a “prime intelligence service.”

The conglomerate “supplies governments and multinational corporations with demographic data, including confidential voter records,” I learned and revealed.

“The company is best known for its administration of corrupted records used to certify Past-President George W Bush’s contested 2000 election.”

Yes, you read that right. Reflect on Biden’s “stolen 2020 election.”

According to open sources:

In the aftermath of the [Bush-Gore contested election] vote, ChoicePoint’s subsidiary, DBT Online, was accused of conspiring with Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, in the voter fraud conspiracy involving the central voter file.

ChoicePoint was also accused of having a bias in favor of the Republican Party, for knowingly using inaccurate data, and for racial discrimination.

I concluded that the medical science monopolists controlling the worlds of data-mining and media publishing had captured the electoral process as well, and corrupted both parties equally.

Inciting Violence and Civil War Against the Un-Vaxxed

Accordingly, it is unreasonable and irresponsible, even reckless, to trust what any mainstream media source reports.

This includes the falsely under-estimated “80 million Americans who aren’t yet inoculated.”

Only weeks ago, the un-vaccinated population represented the vast majority of Americans who remain “vaccination hesitant.”

Biden targeted this group unconscionably. His handlers and speech-writers are not dumb.

They certainly knew that civil unrest and retaliatory strikes against the un-vaxxed people might be incited by Biden’s statements.

The President urged everyone to take advantage of the “safe, effective and free” shots to help end what he called “a pandemic of the un-vaccinated.”

What do you get for “free” today?

GENOCIDE! Profitable vaccine side-effects favoring depopulation and stockholders in the globalists’ crime syndicate.

What do you get for believing a compulsive liar and a media with concealed conflicting interests–a president campaign-financed to impose totalitarian “public health” impositions, and a media whose main financiers and advertisers are the complicit globalists?

More disease and death.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” Biden said from the White House, oblivious to the lacking risk-benefit vaccination data and the deadly consequences of this negligence.

“It’s about protecting yourself and those around you – the people you work with, people you care about, people you love.”

“We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden said, accusing “vaccination hesitant” people of what his complicity in the genocide was guilty.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice.

It’s about protecting yourself and those around you.”

But what if those vaccinated are shedding and spreading the poisonous S-protein antigen as is known to occur with dire consequences?

Then what?

Biden’s propaganda and mandates would then be seen as deadly. Mandatory vaccinations would aid-and-abet genocidal depopulation.

(Precisely why these mandates are being imposed.)

As mentioned, the plandemic is being politicized to secure the divisive degenerative globalist monopolistic depopulation agenda.

The globalists are broadcasting programs, and administering MKULTRA-like ‘programming,’ to incite violence and social chaos, because divided populations damaged by violence and chaos are easier to control.

We now witness the media pitting:

– Democrats vs. Republicans;

– the VAXXED vs. UN-VAXXED; or

– the recklessly naive vs. those reasonably cautious.

You can view this increasingly on television.

Riots in the streets; fist-fights between masked vs. un-masked citizens; brawls on airplanes between citizens affected.

This un-civil discord and anti-social behavior results from media programming–the modeling what the global elite intend to have us suffer.

“Monkey-see monkey-do.”

Social and behavioral conditioning, as well as engineering chaos, is promoted, incited, and modeled using the complicit media.

I’ll use the Associated Press (AP) as an example.

Kill the Un-Vaxxed for your Hospital Bed

On September 3, 2021, AP broke a terrorizing story, heralded by news outlets nationwide.

It was titled, “‘Loss of hope’: Idaho hospitals crushed by COVID-19 surge.”

Here the lead-line alleged:

“Intensive care beds are full of un-vaccinated coronavirus patients at a hospital in Boise, Idaho.”

That hospital was St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center (SLBMC).

The AP article by Rebecca Boone neglected to mention substantial intelligence, especially important history about Idaho.

I lived in Idaho for many years, and discovered many facts of relevance here.

I even wrote a book about these discoveries prophetically-titled, Death In The Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare that was published three months before 9/11–in June, 2000.

First, it is public knowledge, as reported by the CIA-monitored/edited/and censored Wikipedia, AP is infamous for “dealing with Nazi Germany.”

I have lectured for the nearly a quarter-century that Nazi Germany is well-represented in today’s Big Pharma.

You can trace the post-Nuremberg trial “decartelization” of IG Farben–Germany’s leading industrial organization, involving concealed partners IBM and the Rockefeller crime family (and Dulles Law Firm), that launched the CIA in IG Farben’s headquarters in Frankfort, Germany.

That huge building was spared allied bombings to protect the partners and their stockholders.

According to public knowledge, AP collaborated with the Nazi propaganda mill and its minister, Josef Goebbels.

AP intermediaries were used to convey “an estimated 40,000 photos” from America’s diplomatic corp, much revealing classified intelligence, to Hitler’s genocidalists.

In brief, AP was complicit in the holocaust of WWII.

APs anti-Semitic genocidal service to the ‘Deep State’ extended to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Wikipedia added.

AP’s Cairo bureau spun facts to make the world believe “the conflict was Israel’s fault and the Arabs and Palestinians were blameless.”

Today, AP neglects chilling facts to generate civil unrest and trigger violence in America.

I have often urged audiences to realize that “hospitals are the modern concentration camps,” and “vaccines are like the gas used to kill holocaust victims who went into the showers for ‘public health’ and ‘disinfection.’”

I based my warnings not only on the aforementioned decartelization of IG Farben, and the Rockefeller Cartel’s investments in Big Pharma.

Also on Kaiser Permanente’s dominance in the hospital industry.

People forget that the wealthy Kaiser family is infamous. 

Kaiser Wilhelm II, exiled with all his wealth intact, secured, and re-invested, endorsed the Rockefeller and Carnegie-financed  eugenics movement.

This encouraged the mass murder of Jews, Christians, and the “feeble minded” during WWiI.

Some historians report that Kaiser Wilhelm II declared his intention to conquer “the United States [that] was proving to be an irritating obstacle to Wilhelm’s goals.”

Considering the current control over healthcare, and COVID’s suspicious origin in (NIH/NIAID/Chinese military-financed) labs, AP’s selection of SLBMC raised serious ‘red flags’ for me.

So I sought to discover who controls the SLBMC.

Bob Lokken is the Chairman of the Board of SLBMC and, according to his hospital bio, he is a computer industry “entrepreneur” specializing in “data and analytics.” 

He is an “intelligence” agent who “joined Microsoft”–Bill Gates’ company. Microsoft is MSNBC’s partner, and also CNN’s financier.

Lokken’s Links to Globalists Advancing Genocide

The COVID vaccines are profitable products developed with financing from Gates, the U.S. military, and business insiders.

Lokken “led the Business Intelligence Product Management Group, driving the development of product and commercial strategies for Microsoft products,” Lokken’s bio revealed.

Bill Gates (along with Jeffrey Epstein’s group of investors) made substantial investments in the development of the COVID vaccines through Harvard and MIT co-inventors (and co-authors) Charles Lieber and Robert Langer.

As mentioned above, Lieber was arrested by the FBI for Chinese espionage, while his Chinese students, one a lieutenant in the PRC military, transferred potential biological weapons in the “student exchange” program.

Langer is Moderna’s leading stockholder and MIT’s most infamous investment “entrepreneur.”

Therefore, conflicting interests abound in the AP/Deep State’s propaganda.

“St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center invited The Associated Press into its restricted ICUs this week in hopes that sharing the dire reality would prompt people to change their behavior,” the AP article stated.


“The Deep State’s propaganda extortionately promotes vaccinations. It sells people on getting vaccinated by disregarding the risks–what the vaccines actually deliver–the S-protein antigen–and other toxic ingredients including bioelectronic devices.”


In other words, the cement SLBMC building telephoned the AP without Lokken’s knowledge, consent, or instigation.

That is ridiculous.

It is public knowledge that Lokken is loyal to Bill Gates (financed largely by Microsoft/IBM/Warren Buffet), and is thus complicit in the damage done by the world’s leading promoter/propagandist and distributor of vaccinations, Gates.

Gates openly urges population reduction, and states 15 percent of civilization can and must die using vaccination programs.

Extending Lokken’s loyalties and conflicting interests, the main COVID vaccine makers, Pfizer and Moderna, share condemning conflicting interests and investments with Hearst Co. and its subsidiary–the First Databank–that partners with the McKesson Corp. that controls the lion’s share of “data mining and analytics” in medicine.

This First Databank/Hearst/McKesson BigPharma/BigTech conglomerate sells the leading computer programs hospitals, such as Lokken’s SLBMC, and doctors use to care for patients. The McKesson Corp. advertises itself and the “Central Nervous System of Healthcare.”

Piercing the Deadly Propaganda

This AP/News media/Gates & Co./Deep State propaganda politicizes the administration of care for needy people nationwide, to the point of coaxing a civil war between the VAXXED and UN-VAXXED.

AP readers are terrorized by threats of death. AP warned that some victims would be excluded from healthcare altogether because the un-vaccinated exclusively took up hospital beds.

In Idaho, where a lot of people carry guns, this propaganda is likely to incite violence targeting the Un-VAXXED.

As aforementioned, this bloody outcome is precisely what the global elite desire to reduce populations, expand their control, and secure one world government. This is how destabilizing nation-states, societies, and the economy, is most efficiently and effectively gained. Bioterroristic threatening and exploiting populations at risk are ploys abused to extort the U.S. and other nations into submission to achieve totalitarian globalization.

At the same time, the Deep State’s propaganda extortionately promotes vaccinations. It sells people on getting vaccinated by disregarding the risks–what the vaccines actually deliver–the S-protein antigen–and other toxic ingredients including bioelectronic devices.

The media’s divisive terror campaign politically mobilizes people to do evil. Those under the influence of this pro-vaccination/mandatory-intoxication agenda are ‘mind-controlled’. They act like zombies. These submissives are ‘evil obedient.’ They act under the influence of a hypno-tronic trance-state. Much like a magic  ‘spell’ cast by the media, these submissives place themselves and others at grave risk.

Care-givers and politicians are especially susceptible to the Deep State’s propaganda. “All of the ICU coronavirus patients were generally healthy people who simply didn’t get vaccinated,” Dr. Bill Dittrich said, neglecting those who had previously been infected, exposed to the S-protein antigen, and hypersensitized to deadly immunogen. “Idaho could enact crisis care standards in days, leaving him to make gut-wrenching decisions about who gets life-saving treatment.”

In other words, doctors will decide who is to live or die based on vaccination history, not immuno-toxicity caused by the S-protein antigen. Doctors will prejudicially infuence outcomes based on the false COVID-19 “science” narrative.

Important Neglected Questions

This situation raises important questions:

What if the “novel” mRNA vaccines are not as “safe and effective” as the propagandists have claimed?

What if the vaccinations, that are spreading their key S-protein antigen (“SPA”) ingredient, are causing the respiratory illnesses falsely attributed to the viru?

What if the “gain-of-function” synthetic “dual use” (i.e., military and commercial) bioweaponized SPA was actually spreading/shedding from those vaccinated, sickening the un-vaxxed, and sending the un-vaxxed in droves to hospitals?

After all, those vaccinated “shed” or spread the intoxicating SPAaccording to Pfizer and Moderna testing protocols. They warn pregnant women and immune compromised people to avoid coronavirus vaccine recipients for this precise concern–about being exposed to the engineered antigen.

What if it is precisely the SPA that enables the germ mutations that make people sick and require critical are? And what if these bacterial and viral mutations are now multiplying worldwide (as the global scientific consensus holds, and the “D-variant” and other mutants evidence(s).)

What if the FDA erred in accepting the vaccine-makers’ arguably defective or tampered safety testing data as I claim in my ongoing lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna. (I am suing Pfizer and Moderna for their unfair competition against my competitive alternative to vaccinations–OxySilverTM with 528 frequency, a powerful anti-oxidant.)

What if the standard of COVID patient care was seriously flawed?

What if the SPA was the main vector transmitting respiratory distress, not the virus, and “The Horowitz COVID Protocol” could better save lives by freeing airways using: (1) natural anti-histamines; (2) natural mucous decongestants and expectorants; (3) life-style changes; (4) good alkalizing hydration; (5) breathing exercises; (6) anti-oxidant vitamin and nutrient supplementation; and (7) other alternatives including bio-electric therapies such as “Rife machines” and oxygenation therapies?

“I don’t think anybody will ever be ready to have the kinds of conversations and make the kinds of decisions that we’re concerned we’re going to have to be making in the next several weeks. I’m really terrified,” the ignorant Dr. Dittrich was reported as telling his AP interviewer.

Many fear their family members, “may be taken off life support if someone with ‘a better chance of survival’ needs the bed. . . . I don’t even want to think about it. … If it comes to crisis standards of care, they’re going to say [their] not showing enough improvement.”

Vaccine Injury Compensation Scam

“Crisis Standards of Care”: Threatening, Predicting, and Imposing Deaths and Civil War

With “critical shortages of hospital beds and staff”, U.S. states with the lowest vaccination rates will be the first to justify “crisis standards of care,” officials are now warning.These conditions “call for giving scarce resources to patients most likely to survive.” The media’s propaganda is now threatening, predicting, and programming the public to fear and accept “crisis” iatrogenocide.

“There is so much loss here, and so much of it is preventable.

I’m not just talking about loss of life. Ultimately, it’s like loss of hope,” said Dr. Jim Souza, chief medical officer at Lokken’s SLBMC.

“When the vaccines came out in December, those of us in health care were like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s like the cavalry coming over the hill.’ … To see now what’s playing out? It’s all so needless.”

AP continued, “Inside the ICUs, Kristen Connelly and fellow nurses frequently gather to turn over each patient, careful to avoid disconnecting the tangle of tubes and wires keeping them alive.

With breathing tubes, feeding tubes and half a dozen hanging bags of medications intended to halt a cascade of organ damage, turning a patient is a dangerous but necessary endeavor that happens twice a day.”

(During my hospitalization over a ten day period, Lee County Hospital staff never turned-me-over once.

Needless to say, severe bed sores developed.

Alarms would go off day-and-night with the slightest shifting of the “tangled tubes.”

The connections precluded me from even going to the bathroom that was only ten feet away from my bed.)

“When Idaho’s hospitals were nearly overwhelmed with coronavirus patients last winter,” AP continued, nurse “Connelly wasn’t fazed, believing she could make a difference.

Now, instead of focusing on one patient at a time, she cares for multiple.

Many colleagues have quit, burned out by the relentless demands of the pandemic.

“At this point, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t have much left,” the 26-year ICU nursing veteran said . . . .“It’s devastating. . . . Where we are right now is avoidable — we didn’t have to go here.”

Rather than blaming the agents and agencies that manufactured the lab virus; the Deep State investors that loosed the pathogen; the media that concealed all the critical facts; or the National Security Crime Syndicate that secrets all the important intelligence, the SLBMC blamed un-vaxxers.

“Most of the ICU patients fell prey to con artists before they fell ill with the virus, said Souza, the chief medical officer. . . .

What we’re left with is organ supportive therapy.

Misinformation is hurting people and killing people,” Souza said. . . .

We don’t have any vaccinated patients here.”

Politicizing these issues, recklessly driving divisions, and inciting violence and civil war, AP added:  “In deep-red Idaho, vaccinations, masks and nearly anything related to the coronavirus marks a de facto borderline between more traditional Republicans and the far-right. . . .

Even families who have witnessed the trauma of COVID-19 firsthand are on opposite sides.



About the Author

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.) is considered a “polymath” by his peers. This award-winning medical science scholar, author, film-maker, consumer health advocate, drug industry critic, and intelligence industry analyst has published twenty-two books (including three American bestsellers), dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, and seven (7) documentary films, including the “Best Film – 2016” at the World International Film Festival in London and Geneva competitions for UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De  Niro).

Dr. Horowitz’s first bestseller, a landmark medical text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intention? is credited by CDC and WHO officials as most influential in exposing vaccination risks and establishing “vaccination hesitancy” worldwide. Nonetheless, the United Nations AIDS Secretariat to the UN Theme Group on AIDS proposed banning the doctor’s research in this field. Similarly, the corporate-controlled media has completely censored or smeared the doctors works.

The doctor’s many videos and lectures can be viewed on

Dr. Horowitz’s second bestseller, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, prompted a revolution in the music industry and the natural healing arts and sciences. His 2007 decryption of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawing revealed the mathematics of LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE; and his follow-up text, the most monumental of his 40-year career, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, reveals “God’s creative technology” available for revolutionizing every industry, especially music and recording artistry, healthcare and medicine, nutrition, environmental protection, natural resource restoration, along with civilization’s transformation as an “enlightened species” choosing peaceful sustainable collaboration versus murderous degenerative competition and lethal consumption.

International acclaim is mounting for the doctor’s works revealing Solfeggio frequency physics, metaphysics, and biophysics that has prompted the “528LOVERevolution” commercialized in the repeatedly hacked ( That pioneering ‘model’ service, decomissioned at the time of this writing by malice, broadcasts “medicinal music” transposed into the “LOVE frequency” of 528Hz, that is the central resonance frequency of chlorophyll, oxygen, and water.


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