Do you love living in a democracy? • Reblogged from Ehden Biber with Thanks and all credit to source • @

Do you love living in a democracy?

Because if you do, and if your executive branch assures in secrecy that it can dismiss the legislative and judiciary branches decisions, YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE.


This is what #PfizerLeak is all about. It is about the betrayal of our executive branch to their commitment for separation of duties.

It used the power that it has taken due to the special situation we are in, the situation IT CREATED, and is doing so by colluding with Pfizer.

This is not about vaccines. The vaccines are just an instrument that allows the government to control us.

We are now being told we need to get vaccinated 3 to 4 times a year.

Omicron is as deadly as the flu.

Did we ever get 3 to 4 flu shots a year, that we MUST TAKE?

And that is from a virus that is now as deadly as the flu is.

Governments don’t want to give us back our power.

They love power.Isn’t it time we would love our freedoms as much as our governments love their power? Everything is written in the contract. See it.


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