The CDC ADMITS That PCR Tests Were Used To Harvest People’s DNA Without Consent Reblogged from source with Thanks Via:

If you’ve gotten a Covid test, there’s a change your DNA has been harvested without your consent.

Following a worrisome tweet from the CDC on Wednesday, another widely criticized so-called “conspiracy theory” has become reality: Covid-19 PCR tests have been forwarded to laboratories for mapping “genomic sequencing” without consent.

The procedure of genomic sequencing is used to examine the genetic makeup of viruses. In summary, if you consented to a PCR nose swab, your genetic material may have been transmitted to a facility outside of the United States and utilized for reasons you were unaware of.

The CDC noted in the film that “it’s [PCR tests] being used by scientists all over the world to track the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants.”

The CDC’s disclosure has generated controversy and raised major concerns about human DNA privacy.

People on Twitter questioned the CDC’s motivations on Wednesday, claiming that people’s DNA is being gathered without their consent.

“Did the @CDCgov get permission from people to take their DNA???” tweeted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Many others took advantage of the revelation to claim that “conspiracy theories” about government DNA collection are accurate.

On Twitter, @USRising1776 commented, “OMG they’re admitting they stole your DNA using nose swabs & it’s now being used in labs to study genome sequencing.” “Yet another “conspiracy theory” that turned out to be 100 percent accurate. There’s a class-action case there for laboratories collecting your genes without your permission or pay.”

For years, the US government has been collecting DNA. According to a 2012 story in the Atlantic, the government is collecting and decoding the DNA of international leaders:

“The US government is secretly collecting the DNA of world leaders, and Barack Obama’s DNA is reportedly being protected.” These genetic blueprints, if decoded, might reveal sensitive information. They may also deliver something more in the not-too-distant future—the foundation for the development of tailored bioweapons capable of assassinating a president while leaving no trace.”

Last Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron declined to submit to a PCR test in Russia, citing concerns about handing over his DNA to the Russian government.

According to Harvard Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Albert Ascherio, regular folks need not be concerned about the government obtaining their genetic material.

According to Ascherio, scientists are just looking for variations like Delta and Omicron in the Covid-19 virus’s sequencing, and they aren’t interested in your DNA.

According to Ascherio, the PCR assays used for genomic sequencing assist identify between common viral variations, not human DNA.

However, Ascherio would not rule out the possibility that the government had taken ownership of your genetic material without your permission or compensation.

“Generally, PCR tests do not sequence the entire genome,” Ascherio told Newsweek, “but rather select segments/genes that are more relevant to distinguish the most common variants.”

“Full sequencing, on the other hand, is possible and is used in research to determine the relationship between different variants and the emergence of new variants.”

Newsweek report: Although there may be the chance for human DNA to get sequenced, Ascherio says it’s unlikely.

There is no need to test human DNA, but of course, it will be on the swab so it could be tested, which is probably what people may worry about if they are in [a] conspiracy mood,” Ascherio said.

Law professor and former Chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter says he doesn’t see a problem with the genomic sequencing of the virus because human DNA isn’t being collected. If the CDC were to track how variants from each person’s DNA, then there would be privacy issues.

They take the positive test and they want to look at the strains to see what we have,” Painter told Newsweek.

“And it’s just the DNA of the virus. What privacy interest do I have in the DNA of a virus? Anything that they can do to study the DNA of the virus to help solve this pandemic, they should be doing.”

The CDC ADMITS That PCR Tests Were Used To Harvest People’s DNA Without Consent Reblogged from source with Thanks Via:

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