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Saturday, January 11, 2014

John Lennon the Satanist

[Editor’s Note: 5/23/2021: In the years since publishing this Chronicle, we have come to believe that Lennon was not assassinated as reported, and that his alleged occult activity was part of British-US intelligence.]

During our research of the controversial Paul Is Dead theory, we came across much evidence demonstrating that John Lennon was a committed Satanist, making him a person of interest in the murder of Paul McCartney (1942-66)

Family history

Several sources of evidence hint that Lennon had early childhood exposure to Satanic teachings and practices possibly from his Uncle Charlie who was a long time member of the Royal and Ancient Order of the Buffaloes, a reference to which appears on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Redwel Trabant, author of the Sgt Pepper Code, found evidence suggesting that Uncle Charlie was introduced to the cult through Lennon’s Uncle Albert, whom we surmise may have been the Uncle Albert of the Admiral Halsey track by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Thus there were at least two Lennon family members who would have introduced John into the occult which he seems to have pursued throughout his life. Now the RAOB is not, contrary to the glib mendacities of its apologists, a harmless organization like the Flintstone’s Water Buffalo fraternity, although it would not surprise us if that club were indeed a reference to the RAOB. The RAOB as we understand it is synonymous with the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, an organization with connections to the Satanist Aleister Crowley (1875-1947).

Friends of Lennon

Lennon moved in the very hip and swinging crowds of 1960s London whose members were devotees of the occult. Trabant identifies some of these persons as Robert Frasier, Anita Pallenberg, John Dunbar, Marianne Faithful, all of whom were avid practitioners of pharmacological and religious teachings advocated by Crowley.

During the 1960s London was possibly the epicenter of the Satanist movement although it undoubtedly had stiff competition from San Francisco.

Sgt Pepper

The Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album represented a re-invention of the Beatles on a massive scale, bringing to the public elements of Eastern mysticism, the drug culture, and the teachings of Crowley. It is difficult to overstate the change in group style and music with this groundbreaking record, the Beatles leading change rather than following it.

The most disturbing aspects of the album are the heroes of the Beatles who appear on the cover, the most arresting of which is Aleister Crowley, the famed British Satanist, who in 1967 was a cipher to most Americans.

But the occultic references do not stop there as many Masonic persons appear on the cover such as Aldous Huxley and H G Wells. According to Trabant, there are 11 such Masonic cues on the sleeve. Hitler and Jesus were left off the cover as being too controversial, but the important point is that anyone having an admiration for Hitler is completely disgusting but very consistent with Satanism. The Beatles stated publicly that, although the cover idea may have been Faul’s, they selected people who were their heroes, Aleister and Adolph included.

Another important feature of the album is the music itself where messages can be heard when playing the record backwards. This is no accident as Crowley urged upon his adepts to read and speak forward and backward. Thus the Beatles were following their mentor in such a practice.

Lennon statements

Lennon made numerous public statements confirming his Satanic beliefs, perhaps the most important being his paraphrasing of Crowley’s dictum, Do what thou wilt, when he said during one television interview that one should do whatever one wants as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Without getting into the details of the semantics of the statement, including its whitewashing, we point out this connection between Lennon and Crowley because Lennon was consciously quoting his mentor.

Lennon portrays the teaching as harmless, but anyone who knows Crowley’s life and his full teachings knows that he was anything but harmless. We quote him as follows:

But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.

Lennon also spoke of demon possession, in which he described channeling music and writing under the influence of forces which can only be described as demonic.

There is much literature casting Lennon as an anti-war activist, to which there is some truth. However, we believe that he was an intellectual gadfly who engaged in a number of publicity stunts to undermine a serious antiwar movement, and to delegitimize it for many Americans by becoming associated with the drug culture.

Those who accept this theory also suspect Yoko Ono as being his intelligence handler.

Lennon gestures

Rob, aka eternalblackproject, an occultist who has produced an extensive documentary on McCartney’s death, argues that a brush or scratch along the right forehead is an illuminati gesture, one of which we see Lennon make in an interview with NBC’s Tom Snyder in 1975.

We also see Lennon in another picture with the Beatles giving the sign of the Baphomet which is also very popular among the so-called Illuminist entertainers.

Yoko Ono

One of Lennon’s more interesting alliances with Satanism comes from Yoko Ono whom many have connected with intelligence operations, in a manner similar to Crowley who was employed by British MI5/6 during World War 1.

The story is that Lennon met Ono in November 1966 by chance at the Indica Art Gallery owned by 3 investors, where the not so mysterious Ian Iachamoe operated a book store of – you guessed it – occultic literature. Other sources claim that Ono wanted to spend the night with McCartney a year earlier meaning that she most certainly knew of The Beatles before 1966. But anyone who thinks that the wealthy, well connected, intelligence operative Yoko Ono did not know who were The Beatles and John Lennon are a few bulbs short of a Christmas tree.

Ono is a self described witch who paid another one in South America 60,000 USD for a consultation shortly before John’s death in 1980 – assuming that John was indeed the victim. It is also interesting that they took up residence in the Dakota apartments where Roman Polanski filmed his notorious Rosemary’s Baby. The apartment building is a known center for occultic and intelligence operations.


It is abundantly clear to us that Lennon was involved in Satanic philosophy since childhood and that he maintained his beliefs in the occult throughout his life. We know that some misguided soul comes along every so often to claim that Lennon really was a Christian but they fail to understand the dual communications of occultic adherents who can talk out of both sides of their mouths with fluency. We filter people through their actions rather than through their words. There is a symbol which always has an innocent explanation, but another one with deeper meaning which only the initiates know, much as the case with the mystery religions of the ancient world.

If Paul did indeed disappear – perhaps through murder – what role and knowledge did John have in the disappearance of Paul?


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Copyright 2014 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

John Lennon the Satanist Reblogged from source with Thanks Via:


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